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  Creative Peptides Recently Launches Peptide Modification Services for Science Community

One of the world’s leading peptide suppliers Creative Peptides has announced the launch of Peptide Modification Services. This move was made to further meet researchers’ peptide modification needs in the science community.. To obtain the desired stability and selectivity for the target of interest and to optimize the structures of lead peptide for better activity and potency, multiple modifications are often necessary, including a variety of terminus and internal modifications as well as peptide labeling and conjugations for imaging or detection needs....


  Antimicrobial Peptides Synthesis Service Now Available at Creative Peptides

For scientists who are looking for targeted exploration of new applications in the therapy of microbial and viral infection, cancer, and sepsis, now they can easily find antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) synthesis service at Creative Peptides. With extensive experience in the development, registration, production and post-launch support of peptides during the last two decades and more, Creative Peptides can offer a wide range of AMPs to fully support scientists’ projects. High quality and flexible scale are ensured....