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The ChemoLum multi-imaging system from Herolab just got even better

publication date: Jun 30, 2016
author/source: Herolab

A gel documentation system that just got better

ChemoLumHerolab, the German manufacturer of equipment for life science, have upgraded the ChemoLum multi-imaging system which guarantees excellent results for chemiluminescence as well as fluorescence applications.

The major advance has been the introduction of a new high quality f0.95 lens which has enabled the overall size of the system to be reduced. This now makes the ChemoLum much easier to sit on any bench space. Of course the improved lens specification further guarantees superb image quality.

The ChemoLum C1R features a 16 bit CCD camera which has 8.3m pixels. Importantly is the large pixel size of 5.4 µm x 5.4 µm which ensures a high sensitivity. Several binning levels are possible which further increases the overall sensitivity of the system which enables it to quickly capture images of any faint blot. The extended cooling to ∆T= -40 °C ensure noise free images at all exposure settings.

The key to the outstanding performance of the ChemoLum systems is the use of light sensitive fixed angle objective lenses instead of a zoom objective lens. Naturally the lens is fully motorised but a zoom function is made possible through the variable positioning of the camera distance from the gel or blot. The camera height and of course sample area and hence focusing are all controlled by the software of the system. There are 4 presets for different sample sizes which are focussed automatically.

A five position motorised filter wheel is also controlled by the system software to ensure the correct selection for each application. In addition to chemiluminescence the ChemoLum can therefore be used for a range of other applications. The system is supplied with a choice of 2 filters from the Herolab range.

The ChemoLum systems are designed for high performance imaging. The impressive specification and superior build quality ensure outstanding results.

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