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Whether it's a special offer, product launch, company announcement or industry event, the Lab Bulletin monthly e-Newsletter is a great way to get your message directly to the inbox of over 37,000+ scientists, working in industrial, university, hospital and government laboratories.

Lab Bulletin Monthly Update

Sent out monthly, each e-Newsletter consists of up 15 news slots of up to 500 words accompanied with a colour image along with an email address and up to 3 URL links.

After the mailing of the e-Newsletter a full report containing the details of readers who have clicked though for further information is sent to you.

Over 80% of our community make or influence purchasing decisions so you can be confident that you are reaching the right people.

Our premium e-Newsletter slots are a fantastic, cost effective solution to both raise your company profile and at the same time generate response.

We have a number of options available that can help your company reach our readers including banners ,video presentations, e-Blasts and newsletter promotions.

For further information, request a copy of our Media Kit or contact us +44 (0)1438 871968.

In the 2017 media pack you’ll find a number of options designed to give you the very best ROI.

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2017 Issue Dates
Copy Date Distribution Date
January 20/01/2017 25/01/2017
February 17/02/2017 24/02/2017
March 24/03/2017 29/03/2017
April 21/04/2017 26/04/2017
May 26/05/2017 31/05/2017
June 23/06/2017 28/06/2017
July 21/07/2017 26/07/2017
August 25/08/2017 30/08/2017
September 22/09/2017 27/09/2017
October 20/10/2017 25/10/2017
November 24/11/2017 29/11/2017
December 08/12/2017 13/12/2017