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SPE Methods Development Made Easy

Microlute™ Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) microplate Porvair Sciences has introduced a version of its popular MicroluteTM Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) microplate which provides a wide assortment of phase chemistries and sorbent loadings in a single plate making it ideally suited for method development. The mix of phase chemistries and sorbent loadings available in the Development MicroluteTM allows you to simply and rapidly screen for the optimal retention and selectivity required to achieve your sample preparation objectives.

The Development MicroluteTM uniquely offers the user a choice of up to 12 different phases and sorbent loadings (10 -100mg) in a standard format 96-well plate. By providing a complete SPE methods development solution that does not need to be constructed by the user, the Development MicroluteTM delivers considerable savings in valuable laboratory time.

The novel design of the Development MicroluteTM offers all the advantages of automated and high throughput SPE sample preparation in a convenient microplate format capable of rapidly processing 96 samples in one go repeatedly and precisely.  Constructed from a single piece of moulded high quality polypropylene, a Development MicroluteTM plate will not bend or distort because individual SPE cartridges do not have to be repeatedly plugged in and out.  Using a proprietary sorbent slurry loading technique, Porvair has eliminated the channeling effects often limiting the performance of dry powder loaded SPE columns.  Each well on a Development MicroluteTM plate has an individual drain spout ensuring 100% sample transfer and zero crossover contamination.
Working closely with the leading automated liquid handling companies has ensured that Porvair Development MicroluteTM plates deliver high productivity, trouble-free operation with all robotic sample handling and preparation systems.

Porvair Sciences Ltd has specialised in the manufacture of microplates since its formation in 1992. Via its global distributor network, Porvair Sciences serves Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology laboratories with microplate solutions for all applications, from sample preparation to high throughput screening.  Porvair Sciences is a subsidiary of Porvair plc, a world leader in microporous materials.

For further information on the Development MicroluteTM please contact Porvair Sciences on on telephone +44-1372-824290, email or visit the website at

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