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All articles from Dolomite

  Dolomite aids the development of artificial intelligence for microfluidics

Microfluidic technologies are rapidly becoming the method of choice for micro- and nanoparticle production across a number of sectors, from cell biology research to drug development. This approach offers a number of advantages over traditional batch methods, including precise process control, enhanced reliability, and the ability to easily scale up production...


  Successful collaboration achieves accurate prediction of microfluidic bead production

Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) is a polymer with broad utility, often used for the manufacture of highly monodisperse beads for controlled drug release and targeted drug delivery. Using microfluidic chips – such as those from Dolomite Microfluidics – to produce the beads provides the necessary precise regulation of bead size distribution, a factor that is of critical importance and can have a significant effect on the rate of drug release, as well as other features...


  Microfluidics enables reliable siRNA drug delivery for inflammatory diseases and tumor targeting

Researchers in the Department of Pharmacy at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich are using chips from Dolomite Microfluidics to reliably and consistently produce monodisperse particles for targeted delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA) therapeutics. This microfluidic encapsulation technology is ideal for gene silencing applications in cancer immunology and inflammatory diseases, where siRNA can potentially be used to down-regulate genes associated with these pathologies....


  Dolomite Bio and S2 Genomics Collaborate on a Single Cell Workflow to Process Solid Tissues into Single Cell Libraries

Dolomite Bio, a leading provider of high throughput single cell technology, and S2 Genomics, a manufacturer and provider of automated tissue sample preparation systems, announce a collaboration to combine S2 Genomics’ Singulator™ capabilities with Dolomite Bio’s single cell Nadia platform. Achieving high-quality single cell data from solid tissues relies on consistent and reproducible cell or nuclei dissociation procedures....


  Dolomite Microfluidics offers new microfluidic chips for Telos® system

Dolomite Microfluidics has launched a number of new microfluidic chip options for its innovative Telos® system. The expanded range of high quality glass chips is intended to open up a number of new applications for the high-throughput Telos platform, providing a genuinely scalable option for droplet, particle and flow product generation across a wide range of industries....


  Advancing Motor Neuron Research with Single Nuclei Sequencing

Dolomite Bio’s Nadia InstrumentDolomite Bio’s Nadia Instrument is helping researchers to gain a deeper understanding of motor neuron disease through the use of single nuclei RNA sequencing (sNuc-Seq).This automated, microfluidic droplet-based platform allows flexible encapsulation of up to eight samples in parallel in under 20 minutes, helping to accelerate studies and generate high quality data. Christopher Sibley, a Junior Research Fellow in the Brain Science Division at Imperial College London...


  Dolomite Bio Unveils New scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit at AGBT2019™

Reagent KitDolomite Bio, a leading provider of cutting-edge single cell technologies, announce the launch of a news cRNA-Seq Reagent Kit to expand the Nadia Instrument portfolio. This convenient and cost-effective option was showcased at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology 2019 General Meeting (AGBT 2019) in Marco Island, Florida.The launch of this new reagent kit demonstrates Dolomite Bio’s commitment....


  Fluorescent Biosensors as Tools for Drug Therapeutics

Moussa YayaResearchers in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham have been using Dolomite Microfluidic’s chips to enhance their work on drug encapsulation and therapeutic delivery. Dr Veeren Chauhan, Research Fellow in the Advanced Materials and Healthcare Technologies (AMHT) group, working withDr Jonathan AylottandDr Amjad Selo, explained: “We have been using Dolomite chips since the end of 2017 and, since then...


  Making Liposomal Formulations for the Delivery of RNA Vaccines

A Dolomite Microfluidics’ set-up for high throughput single cell encapsulation is helping researchers at the Department of Medicine at Imperial College, London, to develop novel liposomal formulations for RNA vaccines targeting diseases such as HIV, influenza, rabies and chlamydia. Anna Blakney, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, explained: “Our focus is on vaccine delivery, in particular liposomal formulations for RNA vaccines...


  Dolomite Bio Maintains Rapid Growth Trajectory and Launches Novel Products throughout 2018

Encapsulated cellsDolomite Bio, part of the Blacktrace group, is helping to drive forward the single cell genomics revolution. Single cell analysis promises to transform drug discovery and disease research, enabling scientists to investigate cell diversity and quantify gene expression at the cellular level. This up and coming market sector is forecast to be worth $5.9bn by 2025*, with revenue growth driven by an increasing demand for...


  Cambridge Researchers Developing Self-Healing Concrete

Dr Livia de SousaResearchers at the University of Cambridge are using microencapsulation technologies developed by Dolomite Microfluidics to develop self-healing construction materials. As highlighted in recent BBC News broadcasts, the Department of Engineering’s Geotechnical and Environmental Research Group is developing microcapsules containing ‘healing’ agents – such as minerals, epoxy or polyurethane – which can be...


  Droplet Microfluidics Offers a New Approach for Studying Plant Cell Biomechanics

Dr Phil Lintilhac (L) and PhD student Matt Grasso (R)Researchers in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Vermont are taking advantage of the ease of use and reproducibility of Dolomite Microfluidics’ microfluidic droplet system and glass junction chips to enhance the study of biomechanics. “Sophisticated tools are now available for the investigation of the genetic structure of plants and subcellular processes, but hardly any exist for studying plant biomechanics at the cellular level,” commented Associate Professor Philip M. Lintilhac....


  Dolomite Bio Launches High throughput Single Nuclei Profiling on its Nadia Platform

sNuc-Seq Diagram-WebDolomite Bio, a leading provider of single cell technology, today launched a high throughput single nuclei RNA sequencing (sNuc-Seq) protocol for its Nadia Instrument. This latest addition to the Nadia application portfolio enables researchers to cost-effectively profile both complex and archived tissues with the goal of accelerating disease and drug discovery research in areas such as oncology and neurology...


  Exploring Personalized Treatments for Bladder Cancer with scRNA-seq

Associate Professor Iver NordentoftA Dolomite Bio system is helping researchers in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark to explore the potential of single cell RNA sequencing for personalized treatment of bladder cancer. Associate Professor Iver Nordentoft explained: “Our focus is on translational research to obtain a deeper understanding of bladder cancer....


  New Emulsion Stabilizer for Droplet Microfluidics Prevents Small Molecule Leakage

Fluoro-Phase emulsion stabilizerDolomite Microfluidics, part of the Blacktrace Group, is delighted to launch its new Pickering emulsion stabilizer Fluoro-Phase, a fluorinated continuous phase that has been specially formulated to stabilize aqueous droplets in microfluidic systems. Unlike most emulsion stabilizing oils, which use molecular surfactants, Fluoro‑Phase relies on functionalized silica nanoparticles that support highly...


  Dolomite Bio Introduces the Nadia Product Family for Single Cell Research

Dolomite Bio is delighted to announce the launch of the game-changing Nadia single cell platform, a groundbreaking system set to escalate scRNA-Seq to new heights, offering the fast-growing single cell research sector an innovative solution for a wide range of potential applications.

nadia product familyThe Nadia instrument is a touchscreen-controlled, droplet-based microfluidic platform for single cell research, combining superior microfluidics, automated temperature control and gentle cell/bead agitation to offer a single compact instrument that delivers highly precise and reliable results.


  Rap Parody Wins the MicroTAS Video Competition 2017

The MicroTAS Video Competition 2017, sponsored by Dolomite Microfluidics and Lab on a Chip, and supported by the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society, saw first prize awarded to Anu Kaushik and Alex Trick, PhD candidates in the BioMEMS and Single Molecule Dynamics Lab at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Video Competition award from Mark Gilligan CEO of Blacktrace Holdings and Maria Southall Deputy Editor at Lab on a ChipAnu explained the idea behind their entertaining and creative video: “A few months before the conference, we realized that we both had an interest in hip-hop and rap, as well as playing around with music-making software. We thought a rap parody explaining our research would be a great way to integrate our work with our love of music....


  Dolomite Bio Offers Single-Cell RNA-Seq to Tackle Kidney Research

Scientists at the Epigenetics in Human Health and Disease Laboratory, Monash University, Australia, have adopted Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell RNA-Seq System to further their research into animal models of diabetic nephropathy.

MarkZiemannMark Ziemann, research fellow and next generation sequencing specialist, explained: “Previously, we’ve run bulk RNA sequencing on these animal models, and discovered a lot of variability coming from different cell types in the kidney. Single cell RNA-Seq will help us disentangle the major cell types involved in the disease....


  Dolomite Bio Introduces New Single Nucleus RNA-Seq Chip for DroNc-Seq

Dolomite Bio is pleased to announce the launch of a new chip for DroNc-Seq, enabling high throughput single nucleus RNA-Seq using droplet microfluidics.

dolomiteThe single nucleus RNA-Seq chip – based on the company’s established scRNA-Seq chip – is designed to produce smaller droplets, allowing straightforward, low cost profiling of thousands of nuclei. DroNc-Seq is a novel single cell RNA-Seq methodology which uses isolated nuclei instead of whole cells....


  Single Cell RNA-Sequencing to Offer Miscarriage Hope

A new technique – single cell RNA-sequencing – may offer answers and hope to the 200,000 mothers and partners affected by pregnancy loss in the UK every year.

Emma Lucas with Dolomite Bio Single Cell RNA Seq SystemIn partnership with Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research, scientists at the University of Warwick are currently running preliminary studies using the technique, as Emma Lucas, a postdoctoral researcher in Professor Jan Brosens’ laboratory, explained...


  Pioneers of Miniaturization Lectureship 2017 Winner Announced

The Pioneers of Miniaturization Lectureship 2017, sponsored by Dolomite Microfluidics and Lab on a Chip, has been awarded to Professor Aaron Wheeler in recognition of his contribution to digital microfluidics, a technique which involves manipulating of discrete microfluidic droplets on the surface of an array of electrodes coated with a hydrophobic insulator.

Wheeler_AaronProfessor Wheeler is the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, and has been the Canada Research Chair of Bioanalytical Chemistry at the University of Toronto since 2005. He will receive a certificate, a $2,000 prize and the opportunity to present a short lecture at the 2017 MicroTAS conference, which runs from the 22nd to the 26th of October at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center in Georgia, USA. All registered MicroTAS participants are invited...


  Dolomite Microfluidics’ Mitos P-Pumps Enable Reliable Production of Highly Monodisperse Droplets

Dolomite Microfluidics’ Mitos P-Pumps are proving popular with customers around the globe.

Mitos P-Pump wit hSensor DisplayDesigned specifically for microfluidic systems, this key enabling technology is ideally suited for the production of highly monodisperse droplets in a diverse array of scientific sectors, such as food, cosmetics, agrochemicals, pharma, diagnostics, drug delivery and biomedicine....


  Innovative Drug Delivery Platform Relies on Telos Reagent Chips

Telos® 2 Reagent Chips from Dolomite Microfluidics have helped San Francisco-based ProLynx LLC to develop a novel drug delivery platform.

Jeff Henise in the labJeff Henise, Director of Process Development at ProLynx, explained: “Traditional polymer encapsulation delivery systems rely on diffusion or breakdown of the polymer to release their payload. In contrast, our drug delivery system offers controlled release using self-cleaving linkers to attach the drug to hydrogel microsphere carriers....


  Dolomite Bio’s μEncapsulator System Simplifies T-cell Profiling

The μEncapsulator System from Dolomite Bio is a complete solution for high throughput encapsulation of individual cells into picoliter droplets.

encapsulatorIdeal for profiling natively-paired T-cell receptors (TCRs), this compact, flexible and modular system can process up to 300,000 cells in 15 minutes. T-cells play a vital role in the destruction and subsequent removal of pathogens in the adaptive immune response....


  Dolomite Bio launches Injection Valve and Sample Loop for scRNA-Seq

Dolomite Bio has launched a new Injection Valve and Sample Loop for single cell RNA sequencing workflows.

microscope with rna chip and pumpsThis option enables straightforward, gentle introduction of evenly distributed mRNA capture beads into the company’s RNA-Seq System for individual encapsulation of cells. The Injection Valve and Sample Loop is a complete module allowing barcoded mRNA capture beads in lysis buffer to be efficiently flowed through the RNA-Seq Chip without clustering or blockages....


  Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell RNA-Seq System Accelerating Cancer Research

Researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London, are taking advantage of the single cell encapsulation capabilities of Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell RNA-Seq System to investigate resistance mechanisms in prostate cancer.

Karolina Nowakowska ICR with the Single Cell RNA-Seq SystemKarolina Nowakowska, a PhD student at The Institute of Cancer Research, explained: “Our team is focused on studying treatment resistance in prostate cancer patients, looking at the biochemical mechanisms responsible. My project is based on using single cell sequencing to help identify the specific genes which lead to treatment resistance...


  Dolomite’s Fluidic Factory Recognized with R&D 100 Award

Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidics innovation, is celebrating the success of its Fluidic Factory 3D printer in the ‘Processing and Prototyping’ category this year’s R&D 100 Awards.

Fluidic_Factory_R-D AwardThis innovative system – the first commercially available 3D printer for fluidically-sealed devices – offers rapid, straightforward and reliable prototyping of microfluidic components, including chips, manifolds, connectors and other devices. Using cyclic olefin copolymer (COC) makes it easy and affordable to 3D print devices for almost any application....


  From Microcapsules to Heavy Industry

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) are using a Dolomite Fluidic Factory to help develop a novel carbon capture technology intended for industrial applications.

fluidic-factory-and-novel-carbon-captureMindy Simon, postdoctoral research associate, explained: “Carbon capture is important for power generation and other heavy industries, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Here at LLNL, we have developed an innovative microcapsule technology which consists of a highly permeable polymer shell surrounding a CO2-absorbing liquid core....


  Dolomite Bio Offers Flexible Single Cell Encapsulation for Autoimmune Disease Research

Dolomite Bio’s Single Cell RNA-Seq System is helping researchers at the University of Helsinki to investigate autoimmune diseases.

/Paivi Saavalainen and Dolomite Bio Single Cell RNA Seq SystemFocusing on gastrointestinal conditions – such as coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease – the Molecular Genetics of Immunological Diseases group is using the system to study T-cell activation and response at the single cell level...


  Dolomite and Lab on a Chip Video Competition Winner Cooks Up a Treat

This year's MicroTAS Video Competition has been won by Enrica Rollo from EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland, for her entertaining comparison between cleanrooms and kitchens.

MicroTAS video winnerThe annual competition – run by microfluidics specialist Dolomite and Lab on a Chip, and supported by the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society – embraces the lighter side of life sciences and chemistry, while giving delegates a chance to win €2,500 worth of Dolomite microfluidics equipment. Enrica's winning entry was a recipe for a 'Micropillars Chocolate Cake', providing an imaginative yet informative explanation of how micropillar electrodes...


  Dolomite Lends a Helping Hand to Synthetic Biology Research

Dolomite microfluidic chips are helping researchers from the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University (ASU) to develop novel enzymes capable of polymerising synthetic nucleotides.

dolomiteUsing these chips, the team has created a droplet-based optical polymerase sorting (DrOPS) technique allowing rapid screening for novel polymerase activities in uniform water-in-oil microcompartments. The team’s leader, Professor John C. Chaput – formerly at ASU and currently at the University of California, Irvine – explained: “The creation of synthetic nucleic acids is of great interest to synthetic biologists...


  Blacktrace Focuses on Biology with the Launch of Dolomite Bio

Blacktrace Holdings Limited, a leading group of companies focused on Productizing Science®, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest brand, Dolomite Bio.

RNA Seq with a bead 85umThis biology-focused brand – spun out from sister company Dolomite Microfluidics – is dedicated to the development of innovative products for high throughput single cell research. Dolomite Bio specializes in microfluidic droplet applications, offering a range of microfluidic systems and individual modules, as well as control software and reagents, for cell biology applications. Its core droplet technology is...


  Dolomite Launches 3D Fluidics Printer at Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics 2016

Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidics innovation, unveiled its innovative Fluidic Factory at Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics 2016 in Madrid, Spain, on the 15th of March.

 Fluidic Factory at Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics 2016The first commercially available 3D printer for fluidically-sealed devices, it offers rapid, easy and reliable printing from as little as $1 per device. Using FDA-approved, robust and translucent cyclic olefin copolymer (COC), this makes it easy and affordable to 3D print devices for almost any application. The Fluidic Factory is designed for ultimate ease of use, enabling rapid prototyping of fluidically-sealed...


  Dolomite Offers High Speed Imaging for Microfluidics

Dolomite has developed the Meros High Speed Digital Microscope specifically for microfluidic applications.

Meros High Speed Digital MicroscopeThis high resolution imaging system allows users to conveniently monitor high speed microfluidic events, such as droplet formation, using a built-in stage. The Meros High Speed Digital Microscope features high magnification optics and a zoom lens to ensure that millimetre to micrometre scale features can be visualised clearly, with the added benefit of an extra-long working distance. Coupled with a high speed USB 3.0 camera...


  Dolomite Aids Drug Encapsulation Studies

A Dolomite microfluidic system is helping Dr Samar Damiati, Assistant Professor in the Biochemistry Department at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia, perform drug encapsulation studies.

microfluidic systemShe explained: “My work is mainly focused on using different polymers, particularly PLGA – poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) – for drug encapsulation, generating monodisperse particles for further investigation. I use a Dolomite system for this purpose, preparing particles on an almost daily basis, and find it very straightforward.” “The drugs I am currently working with are hydrophobic and need to be encapsulated in suitable...


  High Throughput Single Cell Applications Set to Benefit from Dolomite’s Novel µEncapsulator 1 System

Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidics innovation, has launched the groundbreaking µEncapsulator 1 System, the only microfluidic product specifically designed to meet the needs of research biologists.

novel Encapsulator 1 SystemThis user-friendly, high throughput system offers simple, straightforward encapsulation of single cells, DNA and/or functionalised beads in high precision, identically-sized picolitre droplets. The launch of the µEncapsulator 1 System is set to benefit scientists working on an array of applications, including characterisation of natively paired T cell receptors, isolation of monoclonal antibody coding sequences from blood samples...


  Dolomite Celebrates 10 Years of Microfluidic Innovation

Dolomite, part of the Blacktrace group of companies, is celebrating a decade of excellence in the design and manufacture of novel, high quality microfluidic products, including individual components such as pumps, chips, connectors, temperature controllers and sensors, software solutions and complete microfluidic systems.

dolomite-10th-anniversaryThe company, based in Royston, UK, was the world’s first microfluidic application centre, and has gone from strength to strength since its formation in 2005, opening offices in the USA, Japan, India and Brazil, and establishing a global distributor network. Today, it serves many thousands of customers in over 50 countries around the world, working in fields as diverse as academia, biotechnology, drug discovery, food and cosmetics...


  Dolomite’s Resealable Chip Interface Offers Easy Access to Microfluidic Chip Surface

Dolomite – the pioneering microfluidics specialist – has launched a Pressure-driven Resealable Chip Interface System designed for applications requiring quick and easy access to the microfluidic chip surface.

 Resealable Chip Interface SystemCompact and robust, this easy-to-use system enables tool-free assembly of glass, quartz or polymer resealable chips, allowing the user to deposit reagents, sensors, biosensors or cells onto the chip base layer for exposure to the fluid stream. The modular, flexible system comprises a Resealable Chip Interface – allowing up to...


  Micro Droplet Systems Provide Seamless Production of Monodispersed Droplets

Dolomite Microfluidics, a sister company to flow chemistry specialist Syrris, has developed an innovative range of Micro Droplet Systems for automatic, seamless production of monodispersed droplets.

micro droplet systemBuilt around Dolomite’s pulseless pressure pumps, connectors and chips, Micro Droplet Systems benefit a wide range of applications, including compartmentalized chemistry, high throughput experiments, polymeric microspheres and the production of emulsions. They are also ideal for droplet-based nanoparticle synthesis, offering tight control over reagent loading and mixing, generating nanoparticles with excellent dispersity and...


  Dolomite and Lab on a Chip launch Productizing Science Competition 2015

Dolomite, a pioneering microfluidics specialist, and Lab on a Chip are challenging entrepreneurial researchers, scientists and engineers to enter the Productizing Science Competition 2015, proposing novel, microfluidics-based concepts with commercial potential.

mitosThe Productizing Science Competition, jointly organized by Dolomite and Lab on a Chip, opens on the 1st of October 2014, aiming to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and commercial success by turning early stage technologies into market-leading products. This exciting competition offers the opportunity to take advantage of Dolomite’s invaluable commercial expertise and in-depth understanding of the international microfluidics market to...


  Dolomite and Lab on a Chip Launch Video Competition to Win $2,500 of Microfluidic Equipment

Microfluidics specialist Dolomite has teamed up with Lab on a Chip and the Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society to create the first ever MicroTAS Video Competition.

619-14 copyNow in its 18th year, MicroTAS (the International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences) runs from the 26th to 30th of October in San Antonio, Texas. This exciting competition will give anyone registered for the event the opportunity to win Dolomite microfluidics equipment worth $2,500 by creating a scientific or educational short film on micro- or nanofluidics. Videos can be fun, artistic, surprising or just...


  Dolomite Launch Meros TCU-100 Temperature Controller at Lab-on-a-Chip & Microarray World Congress

Microfluidics specialist Dolomite have launched the Meros TCU-100 at this year’s Lab-on-a-Chip & Microarray World Congress in San Diego

tcu-twin-chip The first module in the new Meros range of plug-and-play microfluidic products, the compact TCU-100 offers advanced temperature control from 1 to 100°C for microfluidic chips, microscope slides and other third party devices. Just 11cm (4 ¼ inches) wide, the chemically resistant, robust and reliable TCU-100 combines ultimate ease of use and affordability for a wide range of biological and chemical applications, including cell analysis...


  Dolomite’s new microfluidic system showcases droplet merging at nanoliter sample scale

Dolomite have released the Mitos Dropix® Droplet Merging System

Droplet-Pillar-Merger-ChipIt meets the needs of microfluidic applications that benefit from an advanced capability; the ability to combine pairs of droplets in a controlled manner. Applications include automated screening experiments (sample/screen pairing), dose-response testing (sample/diluent pairing to deliver to screen) concentration/stoichiometric testing (variation of mix ratio) and combinatorial chemistry (AnBn reagent pairings)


  Novel microfluidic droplet-in-droplet system offers monodisperse double emulsions

Microfluidic products expert Dolomite have released their Double Emulsion System for creating micron sized emulsion droplets that contain still smaller droplets inside.

Double-Emulsion-Chip-MicroscopicIt enables unrivalled reproducibility and selectivity of droplet size of both outer and inner phases with either oil-in-water-in-oil or water-in-oil-in-water droplets.  The Double Emulsion System is highly beneficial to applications in the food industry, in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics that use double emulsions as delivery vehicles or encapsulation solutions for various active ingredients, or more generally in paints and coatings.


  Dolomite expertise brings microfluidic product to market

Dolomite expertise brings microfluidic product to market


Fledgling spin-out company Drop-Tech has turned to microfluidics specialist Dolomite for its product development and fabrication skills to help productize the advanced and innovative Robo­Drop™ technology into the Mitos Dropix, a droplet-on-demand sampler that is set to make it easy to produce extremely miniaturized droplet compartments with excellent control over their contents. Access to this new high-throughput screening format will prove invaluable in basic research, drug discovery and diagnostics applications...


  Dolomite expertise brings microfluidic product to market

Fledgling spin-out company Drop-Tech has turned to microfluidics specialist Dolomite for its product development and fabrication skills to help productize the advanced and innovative Robo­Drop™ technology into the Mitos Dropix.

Mitos_DropixMitos Dropix is a droplet-on-demand sampler that is set to make it easy to produce extremely miniaturized droplet compartments with excellent control over their contents. The collaboration began when Drop-Tech entered – and won – Dolomite’s Productizing Science® Competition, sparking discussions and exchanges of ideas between the two development teams.


  Epigem and Dolomite join forces

Microfluidics experts Epigem and Dolomite are pleased to announce their collaboration in the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices offering customers more comprehensive product and service solutions

DolomiteThe two companies join forces in the areas of product design and development leveraging specialist capabilities of each corporation, with design and hardware based activities carried out by Dolomite, and polymer process-based manufacturing carried out by Epigem. Epigem, a leading polymer micro engineering company, develops and manufactures multifunctional microfluidic devices (especially for instrument OEMs) both in low and high volume which Dolomite will distribute as part of its standard product range...


  Microfluidics specialist Dolomite celebrates a successful 2012

Microfluidics expert Dolomite has reported an exceptional 20% year-on-year growth in 2012

DolomiteThanks to the launch of a number of novel microfluidic products including the Porous Media Chip specially designed for petrochemical research, a range of compact Electro-Osmotic Pumps for easy integration into microfluidic systems as well as an innovative Closed-Loop Flow Control System which can be used together with Dolomite’s Mitos P-Pump for better control of micro-scale flow rates


  Dolomite launches new Electro-osmotic Pumps for fast and easy integration into microfluidic systems

Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has launched a new range of advanced Electro-osmotic Pumps (EO Pumps) which can significantly reduce the influence of electrochemistry and bubble formation in microfluidic systems compared to conventional EO pumps

DolomiteAs part of Dolomite’s new OEM modules and components, the compact low power pumps are extremely small in size, ideal for easy integration into custom systems and portable instruments where space is at a premium. The range includes two EO Pump Cores, Basic and Bubble Free, as well as an EO Pump Open Interface with 1/4 - 28 outlet offering increased user flexibility.


  Dolomite launches the new Porous Media Chip providing rapid advances in petro-chemical research

Dolomite has introduced the new Porous Media Chip, which enables statistically representative modelling of complex porous sandstone rock structures. The chip will find application in academic research (earth science and engineering), the petrochemical industry, environmental testing and groundwater analysis

DolomiteThe chip features an idealised 2-dimensional net like structure of intersecting 100 µm diameter capillaries, forming pore bodies joined by different types of throats. Pore bodies and throats are assigned standard geometries to simplify structural modelling and analysis. The chip can be used in single and multi-phase fluid (oil, water or gas) flow studies through porous media...


  Dolomite announces microdroplet IP licence arrangements with Japan Science and Technology Agency

Microfluidics expert Dolomite is pleased to announce it is now a licensee of Japan Science and Technology Agency (“JST”) under JST’s microdroplet generation technology. Dolomite is authorised to grant sub-licences under JST’s microdroplet generation technologies

DolomiteDolomite offers a wide range of Droplet-forming devices featuring different junction geometries, channel sizes and surface properties. Droplet based microfluidics is ideal for a wide range of applications, including compartmentalised chemistry, single cell analysis, high throughput screening, droplet PCR and emulsion studies...


  Dolomite given SMART award to develop a “plug and play” microfluidic system Microfluidics expert Dolomite has been awarded a SMART grant from the UK Government to develop a plug and play microfluidic system which will make microfluidics more accessible to a wider market and will increase productivity in research labs.

DolomiteThe project will consist of prototyping a suite of integrated tools, specifically targeted at microfluidics users in research and education, with the ambition of providing a sophisticated suite of intelligently co-ordinated capabilities. The suite will be based around a modern touch-screen interface enabling clear visualisation of data and virtual reconfiguration of the connected hardware such as pumps and valves.


  Dolomite introduces closed-loop control of micro-scale flow rates using pressure for pulse free performance Microfluidics expert Dolomite has enhanced its world leading Mitos P-Pump range with the introduction of intelligent closed-loop Flow Control which provides unparalleled control of flow rates from 70 nl/min to 5 ml/min. 

DolomiteThe improved flow rate precision of the new software benefits the fields of droplet generation, micro process engineering and microreaction kinetics. By connecting a Mitos Flow Rate Sensor in-line between the pump and microfluidic device, users can enter a flow rate target directly on the Mitos P-Pump itself with no need for a PC...


  Dolomite launches new competition offering the chance to productize scientific discoveries Microfluidics expert Dolomite, has launched a Productizing ScienceTM Competition challenging the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of researchers, scientists and engineers by providing them with the opportunity to turn a novel scientific discovery into a commercial product.

Dolomite MicrofluidicsThis competition offers individuals and organisations, who wish to capitalise on a microfluidic scientific discovery or invention the chance to submit a proposal and turn their ideas into a commercial reality. Dolomite has a track record of taking early stage technologies and turning them into market-leading products. As a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic instruments, Dolomite works with partners around the world to develop products on their behalf in order to generate revenues...


  Dolomite launches new microfluidic interface for quick and reliable PDMS chip connection Microfluidics expert Dolomite has extended its world leading Multiflux® range to include an innovative PDMS Chip Interface which provides a flexible and fast solution for PDMS chip connections.

Dolomite MicrofluidicsPDMS chips are frequently used for academic work due to their low cost and short development time. However, it is often difficult and time consuming to make reliable fluidic connections to these devices. Dolomite's PDMS Chip Interface allows users to create reliable, quick and leak-free fluidic connections to PDMS chips. Easy to use, the novel interface provides a flexible, time-efficient and robust solution for chips to be used outside the lab, which widens applications for PDMS chips beyond research as well as the opportunity for greater collaboration between research labs


  Dolomite achieves breakthrough in cell encapsulation Dolomite MicrofluidicsDolomite, a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices, has successfully developed an innovative Droplet System for the encapsulation of single cells or beads into droplets which benefits a wide range of applications including single cell analysis, high throughput screening and droplet PCR. The system represents a major breakthrough in microfluidics by providing users with the tools required to perform assays on individual cells in picolitre volume environments...


  Microfluidic expert Dolomite launches novel surface coating agent for improved droplet microfluidics DolomiteAfter the successful launch of Pico-Surf™ surfactants earlier this year, Dolomite, a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic systems and devices, has announced the release of Pico-Glide™, a novel surface coating agent facilitating advances in droplet microfluidics...


  Connecting the World of Microfluidics DolomiteDolomite's new Multiflux® range proves to be a huge success with over 130 customers using the innovative microfluidic connectors and interfaces since their launch in February 2011. Microfluidic specialist Dolomite has announced that Multiflux® has significantly exceeded all expectations for market take-up with sales in over 30 countries. The novel range of microfluidic connectors and interfaces provides users with fast and reliable multi-way fluidic connections, between chips, pumps, valves and other fluidic modules, increasing user flexibility without disruptions to the fluid flow...


  Dolomite and Gigagen Collaborate to Develop Novel Droplet Merging Technology DolomiteDolomite, a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic systems and devices, is pleased to announce its collaboration with GigaGen Inc. (San Francisco, CA) in the development of a novel Droplet Merger Chip for massively parallel single cell genetic analysis...


  Microfluidic expert Dolomite looks back on successful year 2011 DolomiteDolomite, a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic systems and devices, has had continued exceptional growth in 2011 with the launch of over 15 new products including the Mitos P-Pump Basic, Mitos P-Pump Remote, a novel range of MultifluxTM Connectors and Interfaces as well as various Optical Systems for high quality capture of microfluidic experiments...


  Dolomite launches new microfluidic system enabling Nanoparticle Synthesis DolomiteMicrofluidics expert Dolomite has extended its range of System Solutions to include an innovative Syringe-based Nanoparticle System allowing users to generate polymeric, metal and semi-conductor nanoparticles from 1nm to 100nm in diameter which benefit a wide range of applications including biochemistry, drug delivery, biomolecular sensing and fibre-optics...


  Dolomite launches novel microfluidic device for advanced cell immobilization and observation DolomiteIn collaboration with The Gurdon Institute (University of Cambridge), Dolomite, a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic solutions, has introduced the Embryo Immobilisation Chip ideal for the immobilization and observation of embryos or cell aggregates of up to 150µm in diameter...


  Dolomite and Clearbridge BioMedics develop revolutionary instrument for cancer detection DolomiteMicrofluidics expert, Dolomite, is delighted to announce its collaboration with Clearbridge BioMedics in the development of a novel instrument capable of detecting and isolating Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) from small quantities of whole, unprocessed blood. The innovative ClearCellTM System can isolate, enumerate and most importantly retrieve wholly intact and viable CTCs from patient whole blood. Benefiting a broad range of application areas including molecule analysis, cancer diagnostics and cancer treatment decisions, this revolutionary instrument also paves the way for personalised cancer medication for patients...


  New white paper outlines solution for reliable multi-way fluidic connections DolomiteDolomite, a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices, has launched a new white paper addressing the challenges faced by engineers and scientists when working with microfluidic connections. Traditional solutions for tube-to-tube and tube-to-chip connections, which consist of a selection of unions, take up a lot of space and involve a time consuming set-up and problem of sealing when using multiple unions. Furthermore they only allow the connection of one fluid tube at a time...


  Dolomite launches Mitos P-Pump Basic Providing a simple, reliable and cost effective solution for pulseless liquid flow Dolomite Mitos P-Pump BasicFollowing the global success of the Mitos P-Pump, microfluidics expert Dolomite has launched the Mitos P-Pump Basic offering a flexible and cost effective solution for microfluidic systems operating from nl/min to ml/min...


  Dolomite launches new Interface providing single, fast and reliable multi-way connection between individual tubing DolomiteDolomite, a world leader in the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices, has launched the Circular In-line Interface to provide inline sealing and highly accurate alignment of up to eight high pressure fluid channels. As the latest addition to Dolomite's MultifluxTM connector range, the Circular In-line Interface facilitates a link between two bundles of tubing and enables a reliable and leak-free connection to be made in seconds without disruptions to the fluid flow...


  Dolomite launches new Droplet Chip DolomiteDolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced a new range of Small Droplet Chips, glass microfluidic devices which can be used with the Droplet Advanced System to generate highly monodispersed micro-droplets...


  Dolomite provides precise control over pressure and flow rates Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the new Mitos Sensor Units to provide a flexible system for measuring and displaying pressure and flow rates in microfluidic systems. With a real-time display and low internal volumes, each sensor is designed to minimise interference with the liquid flow.


  Dolomite’s Mitos P-Pump exceeds market leading syringe pump technology As a world leader in microfluidic design, Dolomite is dedicated to providing highly optimised equipment for a range of microfluidic applications. The recently launched Mitos P-Pump provides a pulseless liquid flow, using a precise pressure driven pumping mechanism.


  Dolomite Introduces Advanced Droplet Generation System Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the modular Droplet Advanced System, which enables users to produce more than 10,000 highly monodispersed droplets per second, ranging from Ø 20 to 250µm.


  New Syringe-based Droplet Starter System enables high throughput droplet experimentations Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the modular Syringe-based Droplet Starter System, which enables users to produce more than 10,000 monodispersed droplets per second, ranging from Ø 20 to 250µm.


  Dolomite Introduces Pressure-based Droplet Generation System Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the Pressure-based Droplet Starter System, which is ideal for the initial exploration of droplet microfluidics. It provides a complete solution containing all necessary pumps, connectors and chips, enabling the immediate production of highly monodispersed droplets from Ø 20 to 150µm, with a Ø tolerance of +/- 1 %.


  Dolomite Introduces New Range of Droplet Generation Systems Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the Micro Droplet Systems which enable rapid advances in droplet microfluidics and allow users to produce more than 10,000 monodispersed droplets per second.


  Dolomite leads the way in multi-way fluidic connections Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the new Mitos In-line Connector System. This innovative connector provides a single, fast and reliable multi-way connection, which offers extensive time savings when compared to traditional connections between individual pipes.


  Dolomite excels with unique customization project Dolomite has extensive experience in material processing and is unique in combining traditional manufacturing techniques with micro-engineering expertise. Through an in-depth understanding and innovative exploitation of material properties that are important for micro-scale experimentation, Dolomite has developed and manufactured a range of standard and customized flow cells for chemical analysis.


  Dolomite successfully miniaturises GC equipment Dolomite, in collaboration with the UK's National Centre for Atmospheric Science, has successfully tested the miniaturisation of gas chromatography equipment for environmental testing


  Dolomite and Emerald BioSystems collaborate to produce award winning novel protein crystallography instrument Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, is delighted to announce its collaboration with Emerald BioSystems in the development of the Microcapillary Protein Crystallization System (MPCS) Plug MakerTM


  Dolomite double sales in 2009 Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, reported exceptional growth in 2009, doubling its year on year turnover, with a significant improvement in profitability.


  Dolomite introduces microfluidic chip for multiphase flow Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the glass microfluidic Y-Junction Chip. Enabling liquid-liquid contact of immiscible fluid streams, as well as investigations into the diffusion of molecules between parallel laminar flow streams, the chip has extremely smooth channel surfaces for an uninterrupted flow.


  Dolomite Provides Pulseless Liquid Flow Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the Mitos P-pump to provide a pulseless liquid flow using a precise pressure driven pumping mechanism.


  Dolomite improves control of microfluidic heating Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced the Mitos Hotplate Adapter, enabling exact temperature control of microfluidic chips in conjunction with a range of hotplates.



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