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analytica presents biotechnology highlights

publication date: Mar 28, 2012
author/source: Messe M

Analytica 2012From molecular-biology techniques to forensic DNA analysis: from April 17 – 20 analytica features in-depth information about the latest methods and techniques in laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology. One of the five halls, hall A3, is devoted entirely to the biotech industry. The topic will also be covered in the new Live Labs – three completely equipped laboratories – and in the program of related events.

Approximately 1,000 exhibitors are presenting their new products at analytica 2012. Leading biotechnology greats such as Beckmann Coulter, Becton Dickinson, GE Healthcare, Quiagen, Sartorius, as well as several start-ups will be gathered in Hall A3. They will present their latest solutions and techniques such as those in the rapidly developing sectors for genetic analysis, protein analysis, cell cultivation and imaging. Classic chemical-analysis techniques such as chromatography with new features will also be on display. The trend: equipment and techniques are becoming increasingly efficient and precise.

Katja Stolle, Exhibition Director of analytica, underscores the importance of the fair to this branch of industry: “The biotechnology sector at analytica has been gaining strength for years. This is reflected in all of the areas at the fair, i.e. from the exhibition itself to the lectures at the analytica Conference and in the Biotech Forum and the brand new Live Labs.“

Analysis is the key element for a number of discoveries, especially in toxicology, but also in medical diagnostics. At the Live Lab on Forensics & Clinical Diagnostics in Hall A3, experts will present new methods and techniques live: from specific sampling procedures and typical trace analysis to select coupling techniques and PCR technologies. The Live Lab on the first day of the fair promises to be a special highlight. Dr. Mark Benecke will explain the role that modern DNA analysis plays in criminal investigations and when identifying perpetrators. There will also be lectures on quality assurance in forensic DNA analysis, forensic-medicine aspects of searching for biological evidence, new aspects of doping analysis and the status quo and future of respiratory gas analysis for diagnosing lung cancer.

The Live Lab on Food and Water Analysis in Hall B2 will also feature topics of interest to biotechnology experts such as modern molecular-biology methods in food analysis. This analysis technique in particular is indispensable in the characterization and quantitative assessment of toxic ingredients that pertain to quality.

The analytica Conference, whose 20 sessions and approximately 115 lectures make in the most important analysis conference in Europe, will also examine progress in genetic analysis and genetic sequencing, proteomics and bioanalytical chemistry as well as bioinformatics and autoimmune and rheumatism diagnostics. For example, on the third day of the conference, scientists will introduce new mass spectroscopy and genetic analysis techniques for identifying metabolism disorders. On Wednesday, the session on genomic sequencing – featuring prominent genetic researchers from Germany and abroad – will take a look at the next generation of sequencing techniques. Participants will also be able to gain additional insights into the rapid pace of development in bioanalysis in sessions on lipidomics and proteomics on Tuesday, on metallomics on Wednesday and on bioinformatics on Thursday.

Practice-oriented lectures on bioanalysis, diagnostic techniques, immune analysis and bioprocess technology are on the agenda at the Biotech Forum in Hall A3. For example, LGC Genomics is presenting high-throughput techniques for sequencing, SNP genotyping and PCR analyses. And bioreagent manufacturer Bioline is introducing monitoring tools for the quality assurance of real-time PCR assays. On Friday, Finance Day will give interested visitors a chance to gathering information about the latest financing trends and models in the biotechnology sector.

Besides the Biotech Forum, more than 60 new companies, organizations, universities and colleges will be exhibiting in the “Bayern Innovativ” and “Life Sciences in Central Germany” clusters, at the “Made in Germany” joint exhibit of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology (BMWi) and in the Innovation Area. Among other things, the new companies include siRNA specialists BianoScience, NMR analysis supplier LipFIT, and InSCREENnex, a start-up that develops customized cells for pharma research.

The entire program of events at analytica 2012 is available online at


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