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  Master your Flow with Anton Paar Viscometers and Rheometers

Get instruments from the full-range supplier for viscometers and rheometers. Determine the flow and deformation behaviour of various samples with viscometers and rheometers from Anton Paar. Whether you want to characterize viscous liquids or solids – the market leader in rheometry is your full-range supplier for all possible devices to see if your sample is in the right flow....


  Know the Unknown – with Cora Raman Spectrometers from Anton Paar

Get your FREE Raman Cora 100 Test Trial.

The Cora Raman spectrometer family from Anton Paar is perfectly suited for the chemical identification or characterization of molecular structures. Cora stands for Compact Raman Analyzer. And that’s what they are: The fast and robust Cora 100 handheld Raman analyzer is ideal for on-the-spot identification of explosives, narcotics, and hazardous materials and for verification measurements on incoming goods....


  Density Measurement Redefined

In 1967 Anton Paar built and presented the first-ever digital density meter. Now, after more than 50 years of incremental improvements, Anton Paar has redefined digital density measurement by inventing a groundbreaking new measuring principle, the Pulsed Excitation Method (PEM), and launching an entire new portfolio of digital density meters. A new heart, a new start - The measuring principle – Pulsed Excitation Method – provides unmatched sensitivity regarding bubbles, particles, and sample homogeneity....


  The New Rotational Viscometer ViscoQC 300 by Anton Paar

ViscoQC 300Only half a year after the launch of the entry-level rotational viscometer ViscoQC 100, Anton Paar releases the next rotational viscometer, ViscoQC 300: a true all-rounder in multi-point viscosity determination and analysis. The only touch-screen viscometer ready for immediate start-up right out of the box. Measurements with ViscoQC 300 can be started right away as the instrument is already assembled when delivered...


  Multiwave 7000 Microwave Digestion at its Best

Multiwave 7000The new Multiwave 7000 microwave digestion system combines the well-known concept of Anton Paar’s HPA-S with modern microwave technology, representing the best way of acid digestion. Multiwave 7000 stands for complete digestions, a streamlined workflow, lightweight accessories, budget-friendly easy-to-handle vials, budget-friendly upgrades, ready-to-use methods and automated cleaning procedures.....


  Anton Paar Announces New Software Product: Tosca Analysis for Industrial AFM Users

Powered by Digital Surf’s Mountains® technology platform

nanolithographyFollowing the recent launch of the Tosca™ 400 atomic force microscope, the leading scientific equipment manufacturing company Anton Paar is today announcing the launch of Tosca™ analysis software, based on Digital Surf’s Mountains® surface analysis technology. Specially designed for industrial users, the Tosca™ 400 comes with ToscaTM Control...


  Order the PNR 12 Before the 31st Dec 2017 and Receive a Pharma Qualification Package for FREE

Penetration testing is a fast and accurate measure of the consistency of fluids, gels and pastes.

penetrometerOintments with a low consistency for example can be more thoroughly applied on the skin and more easily absorbed. On the other hand, a substance with a high consistency can be used to cover a wound effectively.Using small sample quantities the  PNR 12 penetrometer from Anton Paar provides quick and easy measurements of sample consistency....


  High-Tech in a Nutshell - Anton Paar Introduces a Compact Abbemat Refractometer

Technology leader Anton Paar has launched three new compact refractometer models: Abbemat 3200, 3100, and 3000.

anton paarThese instruments are available with or without temperature control in different temperature and measuring ranges. They ensure fast, easy, and precise refractive index and concentration measurements. In the daily laboratory routine many tasks and responsibilities need to be handled....


  Come and Visit Anton Paar at Lab Innovations for a Chance to Win a Kindle Fire!

Anton Paar will be exhibiting a Lab Innovations at stand C13. Take part in our prize draw for a chance to win a Kindle Fire. Simply drop your business card and one lucky winner will be selected.

Anton Paar will be exhibiting a Lab Innovations at stand C13Anton Paar produces high-end measuring and laboratory instruments for industry and research. World leaders in the measurement of Density, Concentration, CO2 and Rheometry, other areas of specialty are: Petroleum Testing, Microwave Synthesis, Viscometry, Polarimetry, Refractometry, X-Ray Scattering, Sample Preparation, Indentation Testing and Surface Characterization....


  Are Your Pastes and Gels Consistent? Anton Paar Shows You.

Penetration testing is a fast and accurate measure of the consistency of fluids, gels and pastes.

PNR 12 penetrometerOintments with a low consistency for example can be more thoroughly applied on the skin and more easily absorbed. On the other hand, a substance with a high consistency can be used to cover a wound effectively. Using small sample quantities the PNR 12 penetrometer from Anton Paar provides quick and easy measurements of sample consistency. A variety of test kits are available for different pharmaceutical products and standards such as the official WHO...


  Free Test Cone Set Offer for Consistency Measurement Using the PNR 12 Penetrometer from Anton Paar

One of the leading measurement methods used for quality monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry is consistency measurement by means of the Anton Paar PNR 12 penetrometer.

PNR 12Using this method, involving small sample quantities and short analysis times, precise statements can be made as to the quality of the measured sample. The resulting penetration depth is a measurement for the consistency of the substance. Ointments with a low consistency, for example, can be more thoroughly applied on the skin and more easily absorbed. On the other hand, a substance with a high consistency can be...


  1 Reactor, 1 Vial, 1 Cap: Synthesis is that Simple

Chemical synthesis has never been so easy!

all-new Monowave 50With the all-new Monowave 50, students and teachers in educational laboratories as well as R&D laboratories will benefit from a modern, rapid and simplified way of doing chemical synthesis under elevated temperature and pressure conditions. Monowave 50's small footprint allows you to find a place for the reactor even in a crowded lab. You really can simply "plug and play". Fill the vial, close it with the reusable caps and...


  TruGap now standard in all Anton Paar MCR rheometers with air bearing drives Anton Paar GmbH developed TruGap™, a unique system to measure the actual gap in cone-and-plate and parallel-plate rheometry. Based on an induction principle, TruGap™ keeps the gap constant during the test no matter which temperature profiles are running.


  Monowave 300 – A New Dimension of Microwave Synthesis Anton Paar presents the new Monowave 300 - a smart, powerful monomode microwave synthesis reactor. Featuring revolutionary new techniques, Monowave 300 provides unrivaled reliability and the most extended operation limits for method development and optimization.


  Every Sample Has a Refractive Index Anton Paar GmbH offers two models of Abbemat refractometers to cover the whole range of laboratory applications. The Abbemat HP is ideal for food, beverage and petrochemical industries, as well as for technical and medical applications. For substances of high refractive index such as flavors, fragrances, chemicals and pharmaceuticals the Abbemat WR is recommended.


  New DMA Generation M density meters with Plug and Play sample changers DMA Generation M density meters provide Anton Paar’s renowned high accuracy. Unique features for documenting the filling quality and automatically detecting filling errors in the measuring cell ensure reliable results and traceable measurement processes.


  SVM 3000: A viscometer steps into the future The SVM 3000 Stabinger Viscometer by Anton Paar has already moved from fascinating novelty to a recognized and standardized solution. A great number of users equip their laboratory with SVM 3000 due to its countless advantages over conventional capillary viscometers.


  SAXSess mc2 – Genius Meets Sample The leading supplier of small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) equipment Anton Paar GmbH introduces the new SAXSess mc2 system (including software) for nanostructure analysis - the complete answer to the needs of nano-materials research.


  Microwave-induced Oxygen Combustion, Faster than any traditional method. Anton Paar introduces new accessories for the combustion of organic samples in closed, pressurized quartz vessels. The powerful Microwave-induced Oxygen Combustion System delivers comparable results in less time than standard techniques in sample preparation for ion chromatography.


  SurPASS - New possibilities in the solid surface characterization of biomaterial samples Research in the field of biomaterial samples introduces new challenges for the measurement of zeta potential. The sample size is usually small, with a sensitive surface and unpredictable stability upon exposure to an aqueous environment. The new Adjustable Gap Cell of the SurPASS streaming potential analyzer takes into account these special requirements.


  Density measurement on-site, on spec and on the move: new DMA 35 Anton Paar launches a new portable density meter, well ahead of the present state of the art. The new DMA 35 measures the density and density-related values of your sample in the density range from 0 to 3 g/cm3.


  Robotic Rheometry: The Rheo-Robot That Does It All For You Anton Paar presents the High Throughput Rheometer (HTR) - a fully automated, robotically operated rheometer. Not losing an ounce of MCR 301’s world-renowned accuracy – yet giving customers back their entire working day



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