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All articles from Cambio Ltd

  Achieve New Heights with SMOBIO

Cambio, the Cambridge, UK-based supplier of world-class molecular biology reagents and consumables, has added the SMOBIO Technology range to its impressive portfolio.

cambioSMOBIO tools optimise research in molecular biology and protein science by providing high quality protein markers, DNA ladders, and cloning reagents. These innovative products enjoy fantastic feedback from researchers across both industry and academia. SMOBIO enjoys an impressive market share, manufacturing for customers under OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreements. Their growing reputation for...


  The Smaller the Better with miniPCR

Naming a lab product can be tricky – looking for a short, snappy and memorable tag that tells potential customers what a product does isn’t always easy.

miniPCRBut whoever had to name this product had it very easy indeed. miniPCR – A PCR thermal cycler that fits in the palm of your hand! miniPCR thermal cyclers deliver the same high-end performance as established PCR platforms. But the advantages of being this small are huge.  You can carry them anywhere, they’re incredibly easy to use, and – just in case this interests you – they cost a lot less. miniPCR could save you a small fortune. A traditional PCR...


  Ribosomal RNA Removal

Microarray and sequencing specialists Arraystar, based in Rockville, Maryland, are taking RNA analysis to new heights.

cambioTheir cutting-edge technologies focus on regulatory non-coding RNAs – Long non-coding RNAs (LncRNAs) and LncRNA pathways, microRNAs and their target mRNAs, circular RNAs, piwi-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) and more. These non-coding RNAs have shown tissue and development-specific expression patterns along with diverse cellular functions. They are attracting intense research interest with the possibility that they could offer...


  About Blooming Time

It is now more important than ever to monitor cyanobacteria levels in drinking and recreational water.

cambioBiotechnology company Zeulab, based in Zaragoza, Spain, offers MicroCystest, an enzymatic test that detects a group of hepatotoxins, called microcystins, produced by cyanobacteria during and after algal blooms. Zeulab products are distributed in the UK by Cambio, which offers a range of world-class products for monitoring water quality and safety. Climate change and intensified land use have been linked to an unprecedented expansion in...


  Move Over Antibodies, Here Come the Aptamers

If you use antibodies for research or diagnostics you could be better served by switching to aptamers. Base Pair Biotechnologies, based in Pearland, Texas, USA, offers a total solution for developing aptamer-based technologies.

cambioTheir continually expanding range of products and services is now available in Europe through Cambio. Aptamers, like antibodies, are molecules that bind to pre-selected targets including small molecules, proteins and peptides with high affinity and specificity. They are not proteins, but formed of single stranded DNA or RNA. The specificity and characteristics of aptamers are not determined by their primary sequence, but by their...


  Cambio to Sell Matrix Innovation

Matrix Innovation, a world leader in the development of speciality resins, offers a wide variety of resins and polymers for organic and peptide synthesis.

cambioTheir diverse range, covering both standard and custom synthesis products, is now distributed in the UK by Cambio. With a strong emphasis on innovation and research in the field of polymer development, supported by a highly skilled team of chemists at the company’s R&D facility in Quebec, Canada, Matrix Innovation is ready to meet your custom needs. Matrix Innovation manufactures several hundred chemical products for research at...


  Cambio to Sell BioPointe Scientific

Cambio, the Cambridge-based supplier of world-class molecular biology reagents and consumables, has become the UK distributor for BioPointe Scientific, a global leader in consumable lab products.

cambioBioPointe offers a new standard of excellence across its range of lab products – from pipette tips and PCR plastics, to deep well plates and microcentrifuge tubes. BioPointe’s ultra-premium pipette tips, including Total Defense tips, combine several advanced features to produce the ultimate in sample protection, sample retrieval, and contamination prevention. Total Defense tips incorporate a filter that seals on contact, preventing the risk of...


  Cambio to distribute for Biomatrica

Free up freezer space and safeguard shipping of nucleic acids with the introduction of Biomatrica products from Cambio

biomatrica logo

Biomatrica, the global leader in biostability, develops innovative tools to collect, transport and store biological samples and assays at room temperature. Their exciting product range is now distributed in the UK by Cambio. Biomatrica’s room temperature stabilisation technology will revolutionise current sample storage and shipping practices that rely exclusively on energy-consuming cold storage environments.....


  New PowerViral Environmental RNA/DNA Isolation Kit for the extraction of viral and bacterial nucleic acids

The new PowerViral Environmental RNA/DNA Isolation Kit is the latest addition to the MO BIO range of molecular biology tools, distributed exclusively in the UK by Cambio.

PowerViral Environmental RNA and DNA Isolation Kit

MO BIO™s kits specialise in nucleic acid extraction from difficult samples, and the new kit is no exception. It extracts viral and bacterial DNA and RNA from samples such as waste water, stool, biosolids and gut material. The patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® (IRT) in the kit allows users to produce pure nucleic acids for use in downstream applications including PCR, cDNA synthesis and more. IRT works by eliminating inhibitory substances, such as undigested plant material in the gut or heme compounds from lysed red blood cells, and produces high yields of exceptionally pure product...


  New from MO BIO the NoviPure Soil Protein Extraction Kit

New from MO BIO, the NoviPure™ Soil Protein Extraction Kit helps match microbe with function 

Mo Bio NoviPure Soil Protein Extraction KitMolecular biology specialist Cambio is introducing the NoviPure™ Soil Protein Extraction Kit, developed and manufactured by MO BIO, to the UK market. Developed for the clean extraction of extracellular and intracellular microbial protein from a wide range of soil types, the new kit delivers total protein with significantly fewer impurities, and higher yields, than using traditional methods...


  UK specialist Cambio provides Microzone PCR and DNA reagents to life science market

Cambio, distributor of high-quality life science products in the UK, is able to supply its customers with a selection of reagents by Microzone. Microzone PCR and DNA Reagents

MegaMix, microLYSIS® and MicroCLEAN are each specifically designed as convenient and efficient solutions for PCR, DNA release and DNA clean-up respectively. By incorporating these reagents into their procedures, life scientists can save time that would otherwise be spent creating their own mixes, as well as reducing risk of contamination. Thanks to their standardised formulation, the Microzone reagents also dramatically increase the reproducibility of DNA amplification, giving researchers the upmost confidence in their methods, and therefore their results...


  TotalScript RNA-Seq kits, supplied by Cambio, create libraries from 5 ng total RNA

Supplied in the UK by Cambio and produced by Epicentre® (an Illumina company), the TotalScript™ RNA-Seq kit is a low-input library preparation kit. 

TotalScript RNA Seq kit

This kit enables researchers to quickly create high complexity RNA-seq libraries from as little as 1 – 5 ng of intact total RNA, without the need for ribosome RNA removal or Poly(A) encrichment. The rapid, 5-hour procedure dramatically reduces the amount of time spent creating sample libraries, and the flexible protocol can be adapted to match researchers’ desired rRNA content and transcript coverage...


  Cambio provides Microzone PCR and DNA reagents to life science market

Cambio, distributor of high-quality life science products in the UK, is able to supply its customers with a selection of reagents by Microzone.

CAB 015MegaMix, microLYSIS® and MicroCLEAN are each specifically designed as convenient and efficient solutions for PCR, DNA release and DNA clean-up respectively. By incorporating these reagents into their procedures, life scientists can save time that would otherwise be spent creating their own mixes, as well as reducing risk of contamination. Thanks to their standardised formulation, the Microzone reagents also dramatically increase the reproducibility of DNA amplification, giving researchers the upmost confidence in their methods, and therefore their results....


  Sequence deeper and discover more!

Cambio now supplies UK life scientists with the new Globin-Zero™ Gold Kit from Epicentre. This innovative product is used to clean up excess globin mRNA and rRNA in total blood RNA samples, allowing improved identification and sequencing of the target RNA components

Sequence deeper and discover more!Globin-Zero™ Gold Kits efficiently remove abundant globin RNAs from both intact and degraded human, mouse and rat total blood RNA samples. In these samples, as much as 70% of the mRNA can be globin mRNA, and this would account for a large majority of sequencing reads in RNA-Seq experiments. By removing excess RNA, the Globin-Zero™ Gold Kit enables deeper sequencing into blood RNA samples and improved identification of less abundant RNA types, including viral RNA. Complete in just 90 minutes, the rapid, single-pass process saves time and reduces sample waste compared to common multi-step procedures, which require the use of various kits to complete the same task....


  Cambio now supplies Epicentre

Cambio, distributor of molecular biology reagents and consumables to scientific research laboratories within the UK, has added an innovative new product to its portfolio

CambioARTseq™ (Active mRNA Translation) ribosome profiling kits, produced by Epicentre, enable users to create RNA sequence libraries from ribosome-protected mRNA. This novel technique is used to investigate translational control, measure gene expression, identify translation start sites and predict protein abundance, making them ideal for use in life science laboratories...


  Extract high quality DNA and RNA from complex samples with the new PowerMag Microbiome RNA/DNA isolation kit from Cambio

The new PowerMag™ Microbiome RNA/DNA isolation kit is the latest addition to the MO BIO PowerMag™ range, distributed exclusively in the UK by Cambio

PowerMag™ Microbiome RNA/DNA isolation kitDesigned for the automated isolation of RNA and DNA from stool, biosolids and gut material, the kit includes patented Inhibitor Removal Technology® to remove PCR-inhibiting compounds, such as polysaccharides, heme and lipids. When combined with the optimised lysis and bead beating technology, the PowerMag™ Microbiome kit ensures a high yield and exceptional purity of nucleic acids from even the most difficult and complex samples...


  Next Generation Sequencing: The power of two

Cambio, the exclusive distributors of Epicentre products in the UK and Ireland, have added a new range of products to their portfolio

ribosomal RNA removal and directional library generation in one packageThe ScriptSeq™ Complete kits seamlessly combine Epicentre’s powerful Ribo-Zero™ technology and rapid ScriptSeq™ v2 procedure for end-to-end preparation of RNA Sequence libraries in just one day. The kits enable life scientists to quickly produce directional, paired-end RNA-Seq libraries, typically containing less than 3% rRNA reads, from as little as 100 ng total RNA. 48 ScriptSeqTM Index PCR Primers are available separately for preparing barcoded libraries...


  Durham University researchers cut DNA extraction time from days to hours with the PowerPlant Pro DNA Isolation kit distributed by Cambio

New case study published

PowerPlant Pro DNA Isolation kitA new case study on the Cambio website shows how the PowerPlant® Pro DNA Isolation kit has cut DNA extraction time from days to hours for one Durham University researcher. The MoBio kit, part of Cambio’s expanding range of molecular biology products, is being used in a study of arctic forest patches. These are self-contained areas of forest, separated by arctic tundra. Their shape and arrangement can play a role in how the tree line expands, for example under the effects of global warming, making this an important field of study...


  Market-leading contamination control products and clinical diagnostic kits from Cambio Cambio Minerva Mycoplasma WipesCambio is the exclusive UK distributor of Minerva Biolabs products for detecting, eliminating and preventing cell culture contamination and identifying Legionella in water samples. A range of clinical diagnostic kits focusing on detection of pathogenic bacteria (including MRSA, chlamydia, bordetella, and some responsible for causing pneumonia) is also available...


  New kits from Cambio take Ribosomal RNA to virtually zero Cambio-Epicentre rz-goldAvailable exclusively in the UK from Cambio, Epicentre's species-specific Ribo-Zero kits remove virtually all small RNA subunits from total RNA preparations in a single extraction. The latest product developments - Ribo-Zero rRNA Removal Kit (Meta-Bacteria) and Ribo-Zero Gold Kit (Human/Mouse/Rat) - remove cytoplasmic and mitochondrial RNA, setting even higher standards, and delivering enhanced profiles of RNA-seq libraries...


  Time-saving DNA and RNA isolation kits from Cambio DNA and RNA isolation kits from CambioAs the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for MO BIO products, Cambio offers some of the world's fastest kits with highest yield for nucleic acid isolation and purification, for use in environmental, clinical, public health and forensic science applications. These include the only kits on the market developed specifically for use with biofilms. MO BIO's full range of nucleic acid isolation and purification products in mini, midi, maxi and 96-well formats is available from Cambio and typical yield for these kits is over 95% which makes them the most efficient on the market...


  Time-saving Smart products added to Cambio portfolio Cambio SmartBuffers and SmartReagents SmartBuffers and SmartReagents are among the Medicago products now distributed in the UK exclusively by Cambio. Founded in Uppsala, Sweden, Medicago AB specialises in the design, development and manufacture of high quality research bio-reagents as well as diagnostic and biochemical kits. Cambio also offers Medicago Absolute Lectins, Immuno Reagents and Bioactive Proteins...


  New Ames tests now available from Cambio XenometrixDistributed in the UK exclusively by Cambio, Xenometrix products include today's most advanced Ames mutagenicity assays and cytotoxicity screening kits. These have been specially designed to reduce the amount of test compounds and consumables used, and to require less hands-on time. Xenometrix is particularly proud of its excellent pre- and post-sale customer support which allows new customers to get started quickly and successfully...


  New PCR reagent kit accelerates next-generation sequencing Cambio HaloPlexAvailable exclusively in the UK from Cambio, the new HaloPlex Target Enrichment Kit revolutionises next-generation sequencing, reducing costs and saving up to 80 per cent in sample preparation time compared to many other kits. HaloPlex Target Enrichment Kit introduces a dramatically improved PCR technology that enables millions of PCR reactions in a single tube. Following fragmentation using specifically selected restriction endonucleases, and denaturing of the DNA sample, a Selector Probe library is added...


  Cambio celebrates 25 years of excellence and looks to Next Generation CambioAchieving 25 years at the forefront of Molecular Biology is a significant milestone for Cambio, a leading supplier of reagents and consumables for research. The company's constant focus on the future continues with the addition of new products designed for Next Generation DNA and RNA sequencing...



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