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All articles from Techne

  Cole-Parmer to preview new products at Lab Innovations 2017

Cole-Parmer Ltd, today announced that it will be exhibiting a brand new rotary evaporator and spectrophotometer at Lab Innovations 2017.

coleparmerThe event, taking place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham on 1st-2nd November, is the UK’s only dedicated event for laboratory professionals. Returning to the event with a stand twice the size as previous years, Cole-Parmer will be showcasing many of its products, old and new, from Jenway, Techne, PCRmax, Stuart and Electrothermal


  Cole-Parmer Implements Environmentally-Friendly Packaging across its Key Lab Instrument Products

Cole-Parmer Ltd announced today that as of May, its key brands, including Stuart, Electrothermal, Jenway, Techne, and PCRmax, will be using Kite Packaging’s Wrap and Hold system to pack the majority of their products.

cole-parmerThe Wrap and Hold system offers an environmentally friendly, high-performance and cost-efficient alternative to standard packaging. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to minimise their impact on the environment as factors such as climate change and...


  Bibby Scientific Showcases its Latest PCR, Spectrophotometer and Automatic Melting Point Products at Lab Innovations 2016

Bibby Scientific Ltd is offering an exclusive 10% discount to visitors to their stand, G5, at Lab Innovations.

PCR maxBibby Scientific will showcase the latest products from Jenway, Electrothermal, PCRmax, Stuart and Techne. Lab Innovations 2016 is the UK’s only event dedicated to lab professionals and returns to the NEC, Birmingham, from the 2nd to the 3rd of November after five consecutive years. The new PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2, dual block thermal cycler, will be revealed at the event.....


  Free Techne Water bath

For a limited time only Techne are offering a free water bath with every TE-10D thermoregulator purchased, saving up to £380.  

Techne_ThermoregulatorThe Techne TE-10D thermoregulator can be used to heat and circulate liquids from ambient to 120°C and being a thermoregulator they also offer excellent temperature stability of +/-0.01°C at 40°C. The entire range comes with a bright 4 digit LED temperature display and are ideal for routine laboratory applications. Safety features include an automatic cut-out when low liquid levels are reached and a user adjustable over-temperature cut-out....


  Techne Equipment for the Life Sciences

Confidence, Performance, Value, from Techne®

Techne Equipment for the Life SciencesTechne is a World leader in the manufacture of temperature control equipment, including water baths, Dri-block heaters and molecular biology products such as hybridisation incubators and thermal cyclers. Manufactured in Staffordshire UK, the Techne range is designed to offer the widest choice of value-for-money laboratory equipment with market-leading warranty. See below for special offers.


  Techne PCR Detection Methods for Flavour Spoilage Yeast Could Prevent Large Economic Losses Within the Wine Industry

Bibby Scientific announced today that it has launched a Techne PCR-based method for reliable and highly specific detection of the yeast, Dekkera bruxellensis, which is a major cause of wine spoilage worldwide, causing large economic losses within the global wine industry.

Techne Prime Pro 48 and PCR kit Flavour-spoiling phenolic compounds released from this yeast lead to undesirable aromas, known as ‘Brett’ taints, that are normally associated with aromas of barnyard, burnt plastic, wet animal and horse-sweat. Detection of the yeast through traditional microbiological techniques can be time-consuming, costly and unreliable. In contrast, real-time or quantitative PCR-based detection methods allow for exceptionally rapid and highly...


  Dekkera bruxellensis 26S ribosomal RNA

Dekkera bruxellensis (D. bruxellensis) is a yeast native to the Belgian Senne valley located near Brussels. It is a hemiascomycetes yeast, meaning primitive and morphologically simple, with an absent or poorly developed mycelium and no formation of hyphae.

TechneIts genome size ranges from under 20 to over 30 mega base pairs (Mb). The asexual reproductive form in the life cycle of this organism is known as Brettanomyces bruxellensis (B. bruxellensis), one of several members of the genus Brettanomyces. In the wild this microorganism lives on the skins of fruit and plays a key role in the production of Belgian Lambic style beers. Belgium’s beer and wine tradition is no newcomer to the alcoholic beverage industry. Belgium’s monastic, spontaneously fermenting lambic wheat beer family predates the pitching of yeast by brewers, whilst fermenting of beers with cherry (Kriek) and raspberry (Framboise) and spiced white brews predate the hop....


  New Techne Prime Pro qPCR Reagent kits and Prime Pro 48 qPCR System

Techne now offer over 400 qPCR detection / speciation kits suitable for any qPCR instrument. Techne qPCR reagent kit contents are lyophilised (freeze dried) enabling ambient shipping which reduces shipping costs and freight complexity.

The Prime Pro range of probe-based qPCR kits is the largest available. However, all 400 Techne qPCR kits share only 2 protocols (1 for DNA and 1 for RNA). To use the kits, combine the components and introduce your DNA/RNA before placing into your qPCR instrument. For convenience, each kit is available with and without master mix.


  The Techne Prime Pro 48 qPCR System

Do more with less

Techne Prime Pro 48 qPCR System48 wells makes less waste - Due to patented thermal technology and 5X higher uniformity than a typical 96 well system, Prime Pro 48 has no dependency on unnecessary replicates to mitigate poor system performance. This means less sample waste and more valid experiments than a typical 96 well system – with MIQE compliant data.....


  New Flexi-Block Accessory from Techne Delivers new Efficiency in Sample Heating

Techne, a Bibby Scientific brand, has launched its latest offering to assist biological laboratories tasked with heating biological or chemical laboratory samples.

BIB 067 ImageThe new Flexi-block accessory can heat almost any sample from ambient temperature up to 200?C, including those stored in 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 2.0ml and 5.0ml micro tubes and any diameter test-tube, vial, cuvette or micro plate. This flexibility means laboratories can achieve new levels of efficiency, as researchers are able to heat any sample, regardless of container or type, without having to change or recalibrate instruments...


  Limited Time Sale from Bibby Scientific Offers Savings of up to 15% on all Laboratory Equipment

The Bibby Scientific Web Shop is offering exclusive savings of up to 15% on all products.

bibby saleUntil 28th February 2015, purchasers can take advantage of discounts on products from Bibby Scientific’s Techne, Electrothermal, Stuart and Jenway brands. This unique opportunity allows laboratories to purchase top quality instrumentation at limited prices, including heating mantles, melting point analysers, vortex mixers, pH meters, block heaters and thermal cyclers. As well as money-saving offers and fast delivery, everyone purchasing from...



Techne has extended its Prime range of thermal cyclers with the addition of a new in situ hybridisation adapter.

bibby scientific situ hybridisation adapterThis new innovation allows users to utilise the high performance of the Prime 96 x 0.2ml thermal cycler in an even greater range of applications. By simply inserting the adapter, a standard thermal cycler is instantly converted to an in situ instrument capable of accommodating up to 4 standard size microscope slides with ±0.25?C block uniformity. The in situ adapter is a single piece of precision engineered aluminium and, other than occasional cleaning with a mild laboratory detergent, requires no maintenance, making it convenient for busy multi-user labs....



The new range of digital Dri-block® heaters from Techne offers enhanced levels of choice, flexibility and specification.

 Dri-block® heatersWith a fresh new look and a wide selection of instruments, users can now select two, three and four-block models for high throughput applications, as well as a twin control unit for more complex experiments. The new range offers updated electronics, a brighter, larger LED display, and an innovative count-down timer function with audible alarm, ensuring timely and precise heating of test-tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes, microlitre plates and more....


  Get Prime Thermal Cyclers at a record-breaking low price with latest offer from Techne

Until the end of March 2014, purchasers can save £1,200 (€1,755) on a 3Prime and £1,900 (€2,635) on a Techne Prime gradient thermal cycler from Bibby Scientific.

Get Prime Thermal Cyclers at a record-breaking low price with latest offer from Techne

PCR machines throughout the Prime range are being offered at their lowest ever prices – a 3Prime 48 x 0.2ml personal cycler is only £1,995 (€2,395) and a full size 96 x 0.2ml model is just £2,495 (€2,995). Techne’s extensive range of Prime Thermal Cyclers delivers rapid, effective PCR solutions for institutions of every size and type, from small single laboratories to multi-user organisations....


  Proven Bibby Scientific range delivers instrumentation and support for reliable food testing

With issues of food integrity and safety currently in the spotlight, and demand for testing continuing to rise, only the highest standards are acceptable

Food Safety, Bibby Scientific products here to helpAs an established supplier to the industry, Bibby Scientific offers proven products from the Techne, Electrothermal, Stuart and Jenway brands that provide laboratories with a choice of instrumentation and equipment to support rapid testing and the delivery of consistent, reliable results. Techne Prime thermal cyclers, Stuart homogenisers and microcentrifuges, and Jenway pH probes and meters are all popular choices in the food testing environment...


  New Combi-Block for Techne Prime Thermal Cyclers

Techne has introduced a new Combi-Block for its widely used Prime Thermal Cycler range, providing instrument users with even more flexibility

Combi-BlockThe new Combi-Block has a total capacity of 66 tubes, either 33 x 0.2 ml or 33 x 0.5 ml volume. There is an optional 25°C temperature gradient spread over the 11 columns. Multi-user laboratories and core facilities have a range of cycling requirements, and the use of different sized wells means a selection of consumables can be accommodated in the same instrument...


  New documentation and software updates for PrimeQ real-time PCR system allows users to get the most from their research

Techne is introducing software updates and new documentation for its PrimeQ instrument range, designed to help researchers use their qPCR system in the most efficient and effective way possible

PrimeQNow freely available online is the upgraded version of PrimeQ’s Quansoft software as well as new PCR certificates and declaration of conformity certificates. A selection of useful new technical and application notes can also be downloaded, covering topics ranging from the principle of Absolute Quantification Analysis and High Resolution Melting through to minimising sample volumes and an analysis of different manufacturers’ consumable kits....


  New application leaflets available from Bibby Scientific

Bibby Scientific has produced a series of application leaflets showcasing elite products from the company’s Stuart, Jenway, Electrothermal and Techne brands

New application leaflets available from Bibby ScientificThis completely new set of literature focuses on key areas of expertise, such as pharmaceuticals, food and drink and biochemistry. The leaflets describe the specific benefits and features of the Bibby equipment within each sector. With useful links to videos, technical support and telephone numbers for technical experts, the leaflets are a go-to resource for making informed product choices from Bibby Scientific. The addition of the application leaflets expands Bibby’s already broad range of customer service materials...


  Bibby Scientific brands take centre stage in Singapore Bibby SingaporeFollowing the recent opening of Bibby Scientific's new sales office for Asia, the company's main dealer in Singapore, Advantech, hosted a two-day seminar presenting Jenway®, Stuart® and Techne® products. The first day of the Bibby Scientific event was attended by 19 different dealers covering the Asia region, who were briefed on a wide range of Stuart benchtop science equipment, Jenway analytical instrumentation and Techne products for life science and industrial applications...


  Bibby Scientific Ltd Acquires Electrothermal Engineering Ltd Bibby-ElectrothermalAs of May 17th 2011, Bibby Scientific Ltd., one of the UK's leading broad based manufacturers of laboratory products, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Electrothermal Engineering Ltd. from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science...


  Jenway, Stuart and Techne customers benefit from rapid-response technical support Bibby Scientific LimitedBibby Scientific supports all Jenway, Stuart and Techne equipment with comprehensive technical advice from a specialist team based on the manufacturing site. Whether users require technical advice on a product or an application, a team of trained scientists with many years' laboratory experience in research and industrial environments are on hand. Immediate advice is available by email or phone, and the aim is to respond to all enquiries within one working day...


  Innovative Techne TC-PLUS thermal cyclers save time, space and energy! Techne TC-PLUS range of thermal cyclersTechne offers the TC-PLUS range of thermal cyclers, a feature-packed combination of Server and Satellite units giving complete flexibility to configure any multi-block format. These versatile thermal cyclers feature some of the fastest aluminium blocks available, providing a ramp rate of up to 5°C per second, as well as innovative energy-saving technology and a space-efficient design.


  The world The TC-3000G gradient thermal cyclerPart of the Techne range of personal thermal cyclers from Bibby Scientific, the TC-3000G gradient model offers two interchangeable block options, a gradient of up to 15ºC, an exceptionally wide choice of consumables, fast-track programming and networking capability. All these features and more are contained within a 17 x 33 cm footprint, making this the world's smallest gradient thermal cycler.


  Techne TC-PLUS thermal cycler is ideal for new fast PCR protocols With one of the fastest aluminium blocks on the market, the Techne TC-Plus thermal cycler has been shown to contribute to significant savings in PCR reaction times by using faster ramp rates, modified programs and modified reaction mixes.


  Reducing PCR reaction times by using faster ramp rates, modifying programs and changing the reaction mix In the modern laboratory, speed is often of the essence and any process capable of saving valuable research time is an advantage. One recent advance in this direction is the development of fast PCR protocols which include both specialised PCR reagents and modified thermal cycling steps. The Techne TC-PLUS thermal cycler gives the user all the features required to make best use of these new methodologies by offering flexible programming and rapid block ramp rates of up to 5ºC/s.


  New CEO heads up Bibby Scientific Bibby Scientific makes a major appointment, announcing Dr James Heffernan as the new Chief Executive Officer from 17 May.


  New Techne TC-PLUS thermal cyclers offer speed, flexibility and ease of use March 2010 saw the launch of new Techne thermal cyclers. The feature-packed TC-PLUS can be combined with Satellite units giving complete flexibility to configure any multi-block format.


  New Techne thermal cyclers offer excellent value Techne announces two new thermal cyclers, TC-4000 and TC-5000. Styled to match the latest TC-3000 personal cycler range


  Cool new life science products from Techne ACHEMA 2009 saw the launch of two innovative sample-cooling products from Techne


  Techne catalogues an expanded product range
The new Techne catalogue introduces innovative cooling products and the company's extended thermal cycler range. Over 50 full colour pages illustrate Techne's world-leading temperature control and science equipment for the life sciences, research, clinical and general laboratories



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