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New LCMS-TQ RX Series of triple quadrupole (TQ) high performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometers (LC-MS)

publication date: Jun 7, 2024
author/source: Shimadzu Corporation
LCMS-8060RX triple quadrupole high-performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer (top); LCMS-8050RX and LCMS-8045RX (bottom from the left)


Better data with streamlined stability and sensitivity

  • Improved spray mechanism increases stability
  • Automatic calibration reduces downtime
  • Optimization lowers energy consumption by 31%

Shimadzu, a global leader in analytical instrumentation and testing equipment, announces the worldwide release of the LCMS-TQ RX Series of triple quadrupole (TQ) high performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometers (LC-MS). The three models of the series – LCMS-8060RX, LCMS-8050RX and LCMS-8045RX – enhance the expected high-quality performance of Shimadzu with even greater sensitivity and stability, and easier operation. The launch of this series aims at manufacturers and contract analysis organizations in the pharmaceutical, environmental and food product sectors.


Assisting industry to meet stricter regulations

Regulations in the pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries are becoming stricter, resulting in a growing need for more accurate data and highly stable equipment. In particular, the global market for TQ LC-MS instruments is expected to grow by at least 8% annually, and the objectives and sectors where they are applied have diversified. In routine analysis applications, which account for 40% of the TQ LC-MS market, a number of samples are measured consecutively, so data reliability and shortened downtime are important.

TQ-type LC-MS offers the high sensitivity and selectivity required to meet this need, and the demand is increasing annually as the fields and purposes of its use multiply. With the LCMS-TQ RX Series, the data reliability has been heightened by stabling the sample ionization with the ion source improved. This series is equipped with functions that check the instrument status prior to measurements and automatically implement calibration (tuning) as well as ecology mode for minimizing standby power consumption, thereby achieving high-efficiency laboratory operations with a low environmental impact.


Features of the LCMS-TQ RX Series

  • Improving data reliability with high stability and measurement sensitivity
    In mass spectrometers that ionize samples by spraying them, the uniformity of the spray affects the stability of measurements. The LCMS-TQ RX Series uses a newly developed CoreSpray nozzle in the ion source to make the spray uniform, thus improving the stability of analytical data. In addition, IonFocus* utilizes fluid analysis and electric field analysis technology to efficiently introduce ions into the MS, removing contaminant components and achieving a higher measurement sensitivity.
  • Streamlines lab operations through automatic calibration
    The PERFORMANCE CONCIERGE function automatically checks the device status (e.g. mass accuracy, spectral intensity) before measurement begins and fine-tunes the device as needed. Optimal performance is thereby assured and downtime reduced.
  • Optimizes power consumption to reduce energy use and cost
    In ecology mode, the instrument monitors its status and automatically shuts down when the device is not in use. Conventionally, the inside of the instrument continues to be heated even after measurements are finished. By minimizing this, power consumption is reduced by approximately 31 %.


* This proprietary Shimadzu ion source provides high sensitivity and durability by eliminating contaminant components. It does so through the efficient intake of ions to the mass spectrometer, utilizing the techniques of fluid and electric field analysis. Conventionally, only the LCMS-8060NX was equipped with this.


Streamlined sensitivity – with Shimadzu

The LCMS-TQ RX Series models are the latest in Shimadzu’s tireless development of precision instruments that increase analytic performance while reducing the time, cost, complexity and environmental impact of the essential lab work at the heart of modern science and industry. Through this series, Shimadzu will heighten the efficiency of laboratory work related to pharmaceuticals, food product development and environmental inspection, contributing to the growth of research and development in healthcare, green transformation and other sectors.


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