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JEOL Introduces New FIB-SEM for Fast, Atomic Resolution STEM Sample Preparation

publication date: Feb 13, 2023
author/source: JEOL


JEOL has developed a new Focused Ion Beam (FIB) solution for preparation of specimens prior to observation in the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM).

The new JIB-PS500i is a multipurpose FIB-SEM that delivers the synergy of fast sample preparation, SEM imaging and EDS analysis in a single instrument.


High Quality Fast TEM Sample Preparation

The new FIB sample stage offers fast transitioning between processing and imaging, allowing for real-time feedback of specimen quality. With the ability to prepare samples thinner than 30nm, the FIB-SEM produces a sample suitable for superior atomic resolution imaging and analysis with STEM (Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope). A retractable STEM detector enables easy acquisition of bright field and dark field images during processing to precisely evaluate preparation of the TEM sample. The operator can easily prepare TEM specimens using the STEMPLING2 automatic TEM specimen preparation system, which allows unattended preparation of multiple samples. 

A specially designed double-tilt sample holder, TEM-Linkage, enables seamless transfer from the FIB-SEM directly to the TEM.


New Large Chamber/Stage for Ultimate Sample Preparation Flexibility

A key advantage of the JIB-PS500i FIB is the large specimen chamber with an easy-access door. This design supports an efficient workflow and flexibility for a variety of samples and processes. The 5-axis full-eucentric large motor stage is designed to transport both large and multiple samples in the XY direction, and at a wide stage tilt and rotation range.


New FIB Column with higher current and superior performance at low kV

A new high current (up to 100 nA) FIB column is especially effective for large-area processing and analysis, which is ideal for semiconductor samples. The new FIB has high performance fine milling capabilities essential for quality lamella preparation imaging, EDS analysis, and 3D microscopy. The new JIB-PS500i has superior performance in the low kV range, as low as 0.5kV, essential for beam sensitive materials.


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About JEOL

JEOL is the global leader in the development of cutting-edge Electron Microscopes for characterization and analysis of materials. Core product groups include SEM, TEM, and EPMA, Ion Beam Milling Systems, E-Beam Lithography tools, Mass Spectrometers, NMRs and ESRs, and E-Beam Melting 3D printers for Additive Manufacturing.

JEOL USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of JEOL, Ltd., Japan, was incorporated in the United States in 1962.  The company has 13 regional service centers that offer unlimited emergency service and support in the U.S. 


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