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BGI Tech Offers More Cost-Effective Sequencing with Time-Limited Promotions on RNA-Seq Services

publication date: Apr 16, 2014
author/source: BGI

RNA sequencing

BGI, one of the world’s leading genomics services providers, has announced a range of RNA sequencing services offered at reduced prices, available until 30 June 2014.

The total RNA sequencing service, which covers the whole transcriptome (long non-coding RNA and mRNA) as well as miRNA, allows researchers to save up to $1800/sample. For RNA-Seq transcriptome analysis (mRNA) and RNA-Seq quantification (mRNA) services, the time-limited offers start at only $450/sample. All offers are available in Europe and the Americas.

BGI offers a well-proven service with strict QC at every step so researchers can be sure of the data they get, which is why BGI has sequenced over 60,000 RNA-Seq samples to date. With over 1000 bioinformaticians on hand, the company also offers the strongest analytical support, with customized analysis available on request.

For researchers who need data from the entire transcriptome for an in-depth understanding of an RNA-level regulation network, the total RNA sequencing service provides comprehensive analysis covering all transcripts. In addition to the normal analysis of miRNA and mRNA, the BGI service also provides analysis of long non-coding RNA assembly, quantification and function prediction. The offer is valid for a minimum of five samples, with a turnaround time of 8 weeks.

BGI’s offer on the RNA-Seq quantification (mRNA) service covers 50 bp single-end sequencing on the HiSeq 2000 or Ion Proton, and is available for 10M to 40M clean reads including library construction and sequencing. In-depth bioinformatics analysis is also available at only $125/sample, including data filtering and QC, gene expression quantification, differential gene expression analysis, gene ontology and pathway analysis. Group differential expression analysis is also performed at no extra cost.

The RNA-Seq transcriptome analysis (mRNA) offer is available for 10M to 40M clean reads including library construction and sequencing, and involves 100 bp paired-end sequencing on the HiSeq 2000. Comprehensive bioinformatics analysis can be provided from only $200/sample, including data filtering and QC, gene expression quantification, differential gene expression analysis, gene ontology and pathway analysis, identification of alternatively spliced and novel transcripts, SNP calling and annotation, and gene fusion analysis.

For both RNA-Seq quantification and RNA-Seq transcriptome analysis, BGI can complete library construction, sequencing and standard bioinformatics analysis within 6-8 weeks for up to 400 samples, with a minimum order of 20 samples.

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About BGI Tech

BGI Tech, established in 2012, is a subsidiary of BGI, the world’s biggest genomics research institute. By providing superior scientific and technological services, BGI Tech aims to be the Premier Scientific Partner to researchers around the world. 

Based on BGI’s rich research experience, advanced technology platforms and world-class researchers and bioinformaticians, BGI Tech provides One Stop and Total Solution services for its global biomedical, agricultural, and environmental customers.  We excel in next-generation and Sanger sequencing services, bioinformatics analysis, protein mass spectrometry analysis, bio-cloud computing, and personalized consulting services, etc. 

BGI Tech is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with more than 1,500 employees. We provide products and services globally, with facilities in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific area. To date, BGI Tech has provided premier services to more than 7,000 research institutes and 20,000 scientific partners, which has resulted in more than 600 publications, with over 100 of them in top-tier journals such as Nature and Science.  



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