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All articles from Granutools

  Extended range of instruments to characterize powders and granular materials in various conditions/geometries

GranuTools now offering its expertise and extended range of instruments to characterize powders and granular materials in various conditions/geometries. It is well known that flow properties of powders are governed by the intrinsic grain properties and forces acting on and between the grains. However, what one often forgets is the dramatic influence of the conditions under which powders are processed (stress state, flow field, relative humidity, and temperature)....


  GRANUTOOLS - All we do is powder flow characterization

The new website of Granutools is now online. On this brand-new website, you can now navigate through the solutions designed especially for your business. Industries such as Additive Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Ceramic, or Minerals are represented through a series of our user cases and application notes that can be accessed freely, without prior login. Visit the new website to discover our line of leading-edge instruments for powder flow characterization...


  Granutools share their knowledge on pharma powders with a series of free online webinars

Webinars presented cover many subjects and aspects of the pharmaceutical industry: from lactose to API, from their flowability to their electrostatics, from the feedstock to the production lines, Granutools’ webinars covered a wide range of subjects. Their expertise in the field is recognized by prestigious clients of the pharma world such as DFE Pharma or the RCPE....


  Granutools adds the Granupack High Temperature to their range

granupack-measure-the-influence-temperature-polymerThe Granupack is helping many industries to understand better their powder behavior! A new instrument is now available in the Granutools products, the Granupack High Temperature which does everything the Granupack does but also enable you to control the temperature of the cell with precision (up to 200°C). You will be surprised to discover how even slight changes in temperature can affect the flowing properties of your powders...


  Electrostatics in Pharmaceutical Powders An Insight from Molecular Level to Manufacturing

In this new webinar, Granutools will join forces with the RCPE to give you new insight on the importance of electrostatics for pharmaceuticals powders. Together they will explain how the material properties, particle properties, and formulation properties will affect the tribo-charging and how it is possible to use the GranuCharge as a proxy of industrial processes like a twin screw feeder....



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