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  Tomocube adds 3D Fluorescence Imaging to Holotomography Microscopy for World First


HT-2 microscope facilitates three-dimensional fluorescence and optical diffraction tomography of live cells with minimal stress on cells. The HT-2 from Tomocube is the world’s first microscope to combine both holotomography and 3D fluorescence imaging into one unit. Capable of simultaneously capturing high resolution 3D optical diffraction tomography and 3D fluorescence images, the new microscope enables long-term tracking of specific targets in live cells while...


  Tomocube Launches 23-Strong Distributor Network

Tomocube HT-1 holotomography microscopeGlobal support for Holotomography Microscopy as company prepares for introduction of second microscope model. A comprehensive network of specialist imaging companies has been unveiled to support the sales and maintenance of Tomocube’s holotomography microscopes around the world. Covering North America, Europe and Asia, the 23-strong group is being launched as Tomocube prepares to introduce its second microscope model in less than three months....


  Tomocube Launches Novel High-Resolution Holotomography Microscope

tomocubeGround-breaking technology unlocks rapid and simple label-free 3D and 4D live cell imaging. A novel optical microscope utilizing diffraction tomography to generate 3D holographic images of unlabelled live cells is now available from Tomocube. Called HT-1, the new microscope delivers quantitative nanoscale, real-time, dynamic images of individual living cells quickly and simply without any sample preparation...


  Ground-Breaking Microscope Technology unlocks New Era for Label-Free Live Cell Imaging

Tomocube’s revolutionary holotomography technique delivers 3D structural and chemical information quickly and simply without any labelling or pre-preparation. A spin-out company from the renowned Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon has been established to commercialize the revolutionary Holotomography (HT) microscopy developed...



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