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All articles from Tomocube

  Tomocube launches World

Ground-breaking technology unlocks label-free 3D and 4D live cell imaging on standard imaging plates for higher-throughput and automated screening applications. A novel optical microscope utilizing incoherent light to generate holographic images of unlabelled live cells is now available from Tomocube. Called HT-X1, the new microscope is ideally suited to higher-throughput and automated screening applications with its ability to image multi-well plate formats, large field-of-view, laser autofocus system, and very high performance 0.95NA objective...


  Tomocube Label-free Holotomography Microscope opens up Advanced Platelet Research

Tomocube’s cutting-edge 3D quantitative phase imaging is set to play a crucial role in platelet research according to a new paper from scientists at the University of York. Using holotomography images generated by the Tomocube HT-2H microscope, the team were able to identify and quantify in single unlabelled, live platelets clear disparities in activation status and potential functional ability in disease states without experimental interference, such as from fixation or labelling...


  Tomocube microscope quantifies effectiveness of experimental nanodrugs against biggest killer in westernised societies

Label-free holotomography enables quantitative morphological and biophysical analysis of Atherosclerosis foam cells and precise measurement of targeted nanodrug effectiveness at single-cell level. Treatment of Atherosclerosis, the disease responsible for approximately half of all deaths in westernised societies, is a step closer following correlative studies using Tomocube’s HT-2 microscope....


  Cephalopod + Tomocube = New Formula for Molecular Probes

The seemingly effortless and instantaneous colour and iridescence changes displayed by octopuses, squid and cuttlefish is one of Nature’s most amazing sights. Now, researchers have discovered how to use the cephalopod proteins responsible for these changes to manipulate the optical refractive index (RI) of mammalian cellular compartments. By changing this intrinsic physical property of the cell, microscopists could soon be using the RIs of live cells as molecular probes...


  Holotomography Microscopy reveals Novel Cholesterol Membrane Transport System in Erythrocytes infected with Fatal Malaria Parasite

3D label-free imaging identifies real-time cholesterol sorting mechanism in Plasmodium falciparum-infected human erythrocytes. The first study to elucidate the sequential dynamics of membrane cholesterol transport in erythrocytes infected with live Plasmodium falciparum parasites has been successfully concluded using the 3D label-free imaging capability of holotomography microscopy....


  Tomocube Holotomography Microscopy makes Cell Division breakthrough

Governing molecular mechanism for chromosome condensation identified 140 years after mitosis first described. The molecular mechanism underlying chromosome condensation, one of the key steps in cell division, has been discovered from three-dimensional (3-D) refractive index (RI) reconstructions of individual mitotic cells. Writing in Nature Communications1, the authors describe using the Tomocube HT-1S holotomographic microscope to quantify the structural and biochemical parameters of the cytoplasm and chromosomes within the individual mitotic cells...


  Tomocube Holotomography Microscopy drives forward rapid diagnosis of blood cancers

Uniquely shaped red blood cells observed for the first time in patient blood could be breakthrough in diagnosis of Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS). Although the three-dimensional (3-D) shape of erythrocytes is strongly associated with various malignant blood disorders, conventional optical imaging approaches only provide information on two-dimensional morphology. Now, a Korean research team has used the Tomocube holotomography microscope to observe uniquely shaped red blood cells (RBCs) for the first time....


  Tomocube Holotomography Microscopy enables Label-free, Non-invasive Study of individual Spermatozoon

Rapid 3D imaging and in-depth structural analysis opens up quality monitoring and spermatozoa selection for artificial insemination in humans and animals. A key determinant for success in artificial insemination for humans and animals is the quality of the spermatozoa. However, current 2D label-free imaging methods can only detect abnormal spermatozoa with significant morphological changes or incomplete structures and are unable to provide information on their internal structure or composition....


  Tomocube wins Innovation Award for HT-2 microscope

Development of the world’s first holotomographic microscope with 3D fluorescence recognised as photonics breakthrough by the 2019 Microscopy Today Innovation Award. Disruptive technology that combines the quantitative phase imaging (QPI) approach of label-free 3D refractive index (RI) tomography with fluorescence imaging to reveal the structure, volume, surface area, concentration, and dry matter mass of individual live cells in real-time....


  Tomocube Microscope advances Malaria Research

Recently, a number of studies have been published demonstrating that label-free, 3-D imaging using holotomography (HT) microscopy enables researchers to observe morphological and chemical alterations of host cells due to the parasite infection without any transfection or dye staining. This powerful new tool allows parasites to be easily and quickly detected and monitored within the host cells and permits the intricacies of parasite infection mechanisms and the host cell/parasite life cycle to be studied....


  Tomocube 3D Microscope Delivers Breakthrough in Label-Free Quantification of Intracellular Lipids

In a breakthrough for research fields as diverse as diabetes, atherosclerosis and biofuels, the mass, concentration, volume, and surface area of individual lipid droplets have been measured in live, unstained cells for the first time using a Tomocube Holotomography (HT) microscope. The elimination of any preparative or staining steps, and the 110nm lateral resolution of the Tomocube HT...


  Tomocube 3D Microscope Captures Key Cellular Dynamic Responses to Parkinson Drug Treatment
Quantitative characterization of SH-SY5Y cells in the presence of MPP+. Red, Apoptotic cells; Green, Dividing cells; Blue, Normal cells

Holotomography (HT) technology enables rapid, high-resolution, label-free, quantitative 3D imaging of healthy and dying cells. Although Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a relatively common neurodegenerative disease, therapeutic treatments are still limited due to its complex pathophysiology. Now, a Korean research team led by Su-A Yang and Jonghee Yoon of the KAIST Institute of Health Science and Technology in Daejeon, has demonstrated...


  Tomocube HT-Holotomography Microscopes a Game-changer for Live Cell Imaging

Motorized stage and custom-designed stitching software implemented across the range deliver large 4D images to advance long term live cell imaging studies. Long-term studies of live cells are set to take a significant leap forward with the introduction of a motorized stage and custom-designed stitching software for Tomocube’s holotomography microscopes. The automated combination can be fitted to every microscope model in the company’s range and produces large field-of-view images and time-lapse videos....


  Tomocube adds 3D Fluorescence Imaging to Holotomography Microscopy for World First


HT-2 microscope facilitates three-dimensional fluorescence and optical diffraction tomography of live cells with minimal stress on cells. The HT-2 from Tomocube is the world’s first microscope to combine both holotomography and 3D fluorescence imaging into one unit. Capable of simultaneously capturing high resolution 3D optical diffraction tomography and 3D fluorescence images, the new microscope enables long-term tracking of specific targets in live cells while...


  Tomocube Launches 23-Strong Distributor Network

Tomocube HT-1 holotomography microscopeGlobal support for Holotomography Microscopy as company prepares for introduction of second microscope model. A comprehensive network of specialist imaging companies has been unveiled to support the sales and maintenance of Tomocube’s holotomography microscopes around the world. Covering North America, Europe and Asia, the 23-strong group is being launched as Tomocube prepares to introduce its second microscope model in less than three months....


  Tomocube Launches Novel High-Resolution Holotomography Microscope

tomocubeGround-breaking technology unlocks rapid and simple label-free 3D and 4D live cell imaging. A novel optical microscope utilizing diffraction tomography to generate 3D holographic images of unlabelled live cells is now available from Tomocube. Called HT-1, the new microscope delivers quantitative nanoscale, real-time, dynamic images of individual living cells quickly and simply without any sample preparation...


  Ground-Breaking Microscope Technology unlocks New Era for Label-Free Live Cell Imaging

Tomocube’s revolutionary holotomography technique delivers 3D structural and chemical information quickly and simply without any labelling or pre-preparation. A spin-out company from the renowned Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon has been established to commercialize the revolutionary Holotomography (HT) microscopy developed...



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