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All articles from BINDER GmbH

  The BINDER Anti-Contamination Concept for CO2 Incubators

Copper accessories as a safety feature in addition to the BINDER anti-contamination concept. 

BINDER_Incubatot_copper_anncessoriesThe cultivation of animal cells provides valuable findings in medical research. Contamination is certainly the biggest, and most-feared, problem in cell cultivation. The humid heat in the incubator does not only offer the ideal growth conditions for cells – mycoplasma, bacteria, and fungi also thrive and often grow much faster than the actual cell culture....


  Rotating Shaker for Suspension Cell Cultures in the CO2 Incubator

Since April 1, bespoke shakers have been available as an accessory for BINDER CO2 incubators. These are required to ensure optimum incubation of non-adherent cells.

rotating_shaker-CO2Since April 1, BINDER has offered CO2 shakers as an optional accessory for CO2 incubators with a capacity of 150 L and greater. These shakers are used to incubate non-adherent cells – also known as suspension cell cultures....


  LED Strip Lights for Research Work Requiring Reduced Luminous Intensity

The new BINDER LED strip lights are available now as optional accessories for all incubators, including cooling incubators, and climate chambers.

BINDER_LED-strip_lightsThey can be used for biological applications requiring reduced luminous intensities. All BINDER incubators, including cooling incubators, and climate chambers are now available with LED strip lights as optional accessories that can be used with flexibility....


  Food Additives Under Observation

Accelerated shelf-life testing in constant climate chambers determines the stability of foods

Shelf-life testing of natural additivesThe variety of foods available in our supermarkets has now reached gigantic proportions. The food industry brings new products to market at ever-decreasing intervals. What's more, the trend away from artificial additives and toward natural ones is a topic that food laboratories have been working on for many years....


  BINDER Launches a new CO2 Incubator on the Market

BINDER´s new C 170 CO2 incubator with an interior volume of 170 liters has been designed for standard applications in the cell culture laboratory.

BINDER CO2 incubatorWhen stacked, it offers maximum usable space with a minimal footprint, which makes working in a laboratory not only safe, but also convenient and efficient. CO2 incubators have a fundamental role to play whenever cell cultures are involved in scientific, medical, and even industrial research laboratories. BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, has designed a unit for all...


  The BINDER UF V Series Ultralow Temperature Freezer is an Expert in the Reliable Long-Term Storage of Biological Samples

In pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology, valuable medical and biological samples and materials often have to be preserved at extremely low temperatures for anything from several weeks to a few years.

binder imageThe cooling system used in an application of this nature must be absolutely safe and reliable. Something going wrong may not only lead to the loss of valuable samples, expensive reagents, or entire research results but also significant amounts of time and money. Reputations can also suffer. The UF V series ultralow temperature freezer by BINDER, the world's largest specialist manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, has been designed for the safe long-term...


  World's Only Thermoelectric Cooling Incubator with 170 Liters of Interior Volume

BINDER's range of cooling incubators with thermoelectric cooling is getting a new member that is set to offer outstanding performance: the KT 170.

binderThis cooling incubator, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world and features an interior volume of 170 liters, has the same footprint as the next model down – the KT 115 – but provides 65 percent more usable space and can be used extremely flexibly. Cooling incubators are used for incubating microbiological cultures in many areas of basic research, microbiology, and the food industry. BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist in simulation...


  BINDER-Innovation Prize 2013 awarded to Dr. Stephan Grill of the Max Planck Institute in Dresden, Germany

The German Society for Cell Biology (DGZ) in Heidelberg has recognized outstanding research in the field of basic cell biology this year with the BINDER Innovation Prize with a 4,000 Euro endowment

Innovation Prize 21st MarchAmong the many scientific papers, the work from Dr. Stephan Grill of the Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems (MPI-PKS) and Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBF) in Dresden, Germany stood above the rest. The scientist impressed the independent jury with his article on the interaction of mechanical and biochemical signals for the biological process of cell polarization....


  New member added to KT series of refrigerated incubators

BINDER adds new KT 53 to product family of refrigerated incubators with Peltier module

BINDER_KT53Refrigerated incubators create a constant microclimate for the development and growth processes of microorganisms and cell cultures. They are part of every laboratory where cell biology, microbiology or molecular biology methods are used in biology, medicine, pharmaceutical research or the food industry. BINDER also has refrigerated incubators with innovative Peltier technology in addition to traditional refrigerated incubators with compressor technology...


  SPD Chairman Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits BINDER GmbH SPD Chairman Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier visits BINDER GmbHPeter M. Binder greeted his guest at the Research & Development Center. Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier allowed Dr. Holger von Boht, Director of R&D, to show him around the Research & Development Center and to explain about the innovative technology of the BINDER simulation chambers. Accompanied by representatives of the press, plant manager Jörg Nauel then took the group on a tour of the production facilities. BINDER is the largest specialty manufacturer of simulation chambers for science and industry in the world...


  BINDER refrigerated incubator helps Lake Constance Water Supply Authority ensure the quality of the drinking water BINDER KB 240 refrigerated incubatorIf we're thirsty, we can turn on the tap in this country and drink without thinking. We've become accustomed to doing so and easily forget that we only share this privilege with a fraction of the world's population. The high quality of the drinking water in Germany is ensured by the Drinking Water Ordinance that among other things prescribes regular microbiological monitoring. The Lake Constance Water Supply (BWV) Authority that supplies 320 communities with about 4 million residents with drinking water from Lake Constance uses a BINDER KB 240 refrigerated incubator...


  BINDER ultra low temperature freezers efficiently equipped Ideal interior volume BINDER ultra low temperature freezers Apart from safety, reliability and environmental efficiency, the performance of an ultra low temperature freezer depends on the optimum utilization of the interior volume. BINDER ultra low temperature freezers of the UF V series have efficient hardware for storing samples in addition to a 4-zone safety concept, SECURE.GUARD access control and modern energy management.


  New -86 BINDER Ultra low temperature freezer Ultra safe: BINDER Ultra low temperature freezer Ultra innovative, personalized access control with RFID technology, convenient RFID read-out of all door opening events, 24-hour exchange service in case of unit failure (UK, Germany & France only)...


  Environmental simulation chamber for low temperature alternating climate profiles BINDER MKFTThe BINDER MKFT series environmental simulation chamber for low temperature alternating climate profiles is the specialist for dynamic alternating climate change between -70 °C and 180 °C. Large performance reserves and rapid cooling make the MKFT the high-end product for complex standards-based climate tests...


  Improved processes for biogas production with BF 115 incubators from BINDER GmbH Improved processes for biogas production with BF 115 incubators from BINDER Biogas production is becoming increasingly more important in the course of the current energy discussion. It is far from reaching its full achievement potential. Especially in the area of accelerated fermentation processes, there are many opportunities for improvement as shown by recent research. Incubators from BINDER GmbH form the reliable basis of high-quality laboratory...


  BINDER GmbH invests in the Tuttlingen site BINDER GmbH invests in the Tuttlingen siteBINDER GmbH has ambitious plans for growth. With construction of new hall 11, the family business now has the necessary room to expand its production. This step ensures that production capacities will increase to 33,000 units per year by 2016.


  ModiQuest Research and BINDER: successful together ModiQuest Research is a young and dynamic biotechnology company that is based in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. ModiQuest Research discovers, develops, and markets new tools and technologies for use in human diagnostics and therapeutics.


  A BINDER Constant Climate Chamber detects every weak point Whether food packaging or tablets: if there is a flaw in a test sample, BINDER will find it. We are unparalleled as a manufacturer in providing for continual advancement in the environmental simulation market with our equipment.


  The Future is in Cells

Joint cartilage transplants to improve quality of life

Never say never again. This James Bond movie title certainly applies to medical research. Only a few years ago, cultivating joint cartilage tissue for transplants as a way of using the body’s own tissues to heal cartilage damage caused by sports injuries in knee and ankle joints was thought to be impossible.


  MKx series - Climatic Test Chambers A new dimension in natural simulation BINDER presents its new generation of MKx series climatic test chambers. Expanding the scope of natural environmental simulation, these novel climatic test chambers set new standards in research and development, quality assurance, and materials testing: They are totally reliable and incorporate the latest technical advances.


  BINDER Gas Supply Set

External cylinder switchover set for BINDER C and CB Series

Anybody who works in laboratories and uses incubators with a gas supply is familiar with the scenario: A gas supply indicator shows that a gas bottle will have to be changed either over the weekend or during the night. This is an aggravating situation for any employee. But now BINDER offers a solution



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