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Scipio Bioscience scRNAseq Webinar - Fresh-cell transcriptome, The ultimate Gold!

publication date: Feb 1, 2023
author/source: Thistle Scientific



Most single-cell technologies today require cells to be manipulated one way or another, either by being frozen, fixed, or physically squeezed into microchannels or nanowells. Those requirements compromise the transcriptome with the cell altering gene expression in response and drifting further away from the physiological conditions. But novel solutions such as Asteria™ now enable fresh cells to be processed to preserve their transcriptome and thus the accuracy of the single-cell data.

Join Dr. Nicolas Fernandez, Director of Innovation, and Dr. Barbara André, Director of Bioinformatics, for the first half of this webinar to learn the impact of single-cell preparation on the transcriptome of your cells and how it can be prevented with the intuitive Asteria™ pipeline for fresh cell samples.

In the second half, Prof. Bertrand Blondeau will showcase his research using Asteria™ on fresh pancreatic islets tissues towards the understanding of Type 1 diabetes and the development of therapeutic treatments.


During this webinar will be discussed:

  • Why processing fresh single-cell samples is better than fixed or frozen methods
  • How to process fresh single-cell samples immediately in your lab
  • Single-cell, single-tube, single-software: how to simplify your scRNA-seq experiments
  • The application on pancreatic cell sample towards the understanding of Type 1 diabetes



scipio-bioscience-scrnaseq-webinar-freshcellNicolas Fernandez, Director of Innovation

Nicolas Fernandez has 10+ years of experience in soft matter physics and led the development of several DNA analysis consumables. Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole des Ponts alumnus, he received his PhD on suspension rheology from ETH Zürich (Switzerland).




scipio-bioscience-scrnaseq-webinar-freshcellBertrand Blondeau, Full Professor, Sorbonne University

With a career focus on diabetes, nutrition and endocrinal pancreatic development, Prof. Bertrand Blondeau has worked at the research center of the Cordeliers, taught at Pierre and Marie Curie University, has published 40 scientific articles so far and is now leading research on Type 1 diabetes in the Lipodystrophies, Metabolic and Hormonal Adaptations, and Aging Group of Prof. Bruno Fève at the Center for Research of Saint-Antoine, Paris, France.




scipio-bioscience-scrnaseq-webinar-freshcellBarbara André, Director of Bioinformatics

Barbara André has 10+ years of experience in software R&D for biomedical applications. With an engineering background in computer science and applied mathematics, she received her PhD in medical image computing from Mines Paris Tech. She contributed to innovative prototypes and led the development of sustainable software products for the industry, especially in the domain of genetic analysis.




scipio-bioscience-scrnaseq-webinar-freshcellWilko Duprez, Head of Communications

With a PhD in medicinal biochemistry and research experience in France, Australia & the USA, Wilko Duprez worked as a scientific journalist and director in the UK, Japan and Denmark before joining Scipio bioscience as Head of Communications.



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