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Priorclave Launches Global Autoclave Website

publication date: Feb 6, 2020
author/source: Priorclave Ltd


Priorclave, a leading British laboratory autoclave design and manufacturing company, has launched a new autoclave website.


The new site includes details on more than 60 standards laboratory autoclaves and reflects the true status of this dedicated autoclave manufacturer. Its sterilisers, from small benchtop to large rectangular chamber machines, are in use in virtually every country around the world.

What’s different is an insight into the many and varied industrial sectors to which the company has and continues to win major contracts for laboratory autoclaves. The site shows the company’s growing importance as a key supplier to laboratories in diverse industrial sectors including food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, water and waste, agricultural, healthcare as well as research and education.

The site’s simple global navigation structure enables potential customers to gain quickly an insight into Priorclave’s comprehensive range of laboratory autoclaves and research grade steam sterilizers.

One of the most versatile laboratory autoclave ranges featured is the front-loading QCS range. Established energy efficiency and proven reliability make the Priorclave QCS range of horizontal cylindrical chamber autoclaves one of the most popular series of steam sterilizers currently available.

The QCS range includes laboratory autoclaves with 100, 150 and 200 litre stainless steel sterilising chambers. Each model has a larger diameter sterilising chamber, larger than found in other cylindrical chamber designs yet Priorclave has been able to achieve a compact overall build, keeping footprint to an absolute minimum. This gives organisation with limited floor space the opportunity to invest in a fully featured laboratory autoclave and take advantage of the potential for savings on energy and water usage, key for those where stringent budgetary control is essential.

View the full range on Priorclave’s new web site. The company has created a standard laboratory autoclave range that includes benchtop, compact, top loading, front loading, pass-through, powerdoor and stackable designs. And with a range of accessories and options Priorclave is confident it can supply a steam steriliser that matches the exacting demand of any laboratory or research organisations. When standard won’t do the company also has the in-house expertise to design and build a unique machine.

In addition to manufacturing robust laboratory and research grade autoclaves that offer superior sterilising performance, are extremely energy efficiency and reliability they also provide first-class customer service. This includes pre-sales advice to ensure customers purchase the best autoclave for their need plus dedicated on-going global support.


View the new website

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