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Nikon releases the

publication date: Mar 17, 2021
author/source: Nikon



Focus in comfort. Comfort in focus.

Nikon Corporation (Nikon) announce the release of the ECLIPSE Si biological microscope, which reduces the time spent on adjusting the light intensity when changing magnifications and which, by means of an ergonomic design, reduces physical strain during long hours of observations.

The challenges in educational and clinical settings include complex operations during microscopic observations and accumulation of physical fatigue due to long hours of observations. To address these challenges, Nikon has developed the ECLIPSE Si biological microscope that reduces physical strain during long hours of observations through improved operability. The ECLIPSE Si reduces the time spent on adjusting the light intensity when changing magnifications and is ergonomically designed to allow you to make observations in a natural posture. The ECLIPSE Si improves the workflow of a wide range of users, and helps you stay focused during long hours of observations.


1. Reduces the time spent on adjusting the light intensity when changing magnifications by approximately 40%*1 for an efficient workflow

Nikon has developed a new feature called Light Intensity Management (LIM), which saves the light intensity level adjusted for the magnification of each objective. Since the brightness set for each objective is automatically reproduced, the time spent on adjusting the light intensity can be reduced by approximately 40% compared to conventional products in observations requiring frequent magnification changes.

The focus knobs are located on both sides of the microscope. The focus knob and the stage handle can be operated with the same hand, allowing you to use the other hand to rotate the nosepiece and replace the specimen slide. As a result, you can observe a large number of samples more efficiently.

The ECLIPSE Si is designed with ease of use in mind, such as the screen on the front of the microscope showing the magnification and illumination status and the controls with illustrations for intuitive operability.

*1 The time required to change from a low-magnification objective (4X) to a high-magnification objective (40X) in 3 stages two times was compared with the conventional microscope ECLIPSE E200. With the ECLIPSE Si, the time was reduced by approximately 40% because it required no second adjustment.
ECLIPSE Si: 7.7 seconds (average), ECLIPSE E200: 13.2 seconds (average) (tested by Nikon)


2. Ergonomic design reduces physical strain

The ECLIPSE Si is ergonomically designed to allow you to make observations in a natural posture. The low stage, with a height of 135 mm, minimizes hand movements required to change the sample. The tubes, with an inclination angle of 45 degrees, allow you to check your sample on the stage without moving your head while maintaining the observation posture.

The LIM feature reduces eye strain when the magnification is changed. In addition, the blue light blocking filter (optional) can be used to reduce eye irritation.

The ECLIPSE Si helps you stay focused during long hours of observations by reducing physical strain.


3. Combine with a microscope camera for sharing images remotely

When the ECLIPSE Si is combined with the Digital Sight 1000 microscope camera (optional), images on the microscope can be displayed on the monitor for simultaneous observation by multiple people. It also supports the DS-Fi3 microscope camera (optional), which captures high-definition images of samples in their true colors. In addition, when it is connected to a PC with the (optional) NIS-Elements L imaging software installed, images can be shared with PCs and mobile devices. The ECLIPSE Si allows for sharing of images in real-time regardless of location, making it suitable for remote working.


4. Meets diverse needs with a wide variety of observation methods

The ECLIPSE Si supports observation methods including brightfield, phase contrast, dark-field, simple polarizing, and diascopic fluorescence using a high luminescent LED light source. The ECLIPSE Si meets the users’ diverse needs by providing a wide variety of options*2

*2 Observation methods other than brightfield require optional accessories, etc.


5. Online Guide provides quick instructions on how to use the microscope

The "Online Guide" is a web-based operation manual featuring video tutorials and images showing how to use the microscope, including various observation methods and points to consider. The ECLIPSE Si comes with a QR code*3 to attach to the microscope body, and you can access the Online Guide website by simply scanning the QR code.

*3 QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.


Learn more - the ECLIPSE Si




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