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Linkam Scientific Instruments announces new NEXUS software

publication date: Nov 16, 2022
author/source: Linkam Scientific Instruments Limited



Linkam Scientific Instruments, experts in sample characterisation, has launched a new software, NEXUS, revolutionising the way Linkam stages are used. It is used to precisely control and record all aspects of heating, cooling, vacuum, humidity, and other environmental conditions in a Linkam stage with optional optical measurement capabilities.

NEXUS Core is the main NEXUS platform that introduces a range of new specifications to enable a greater degree of experiment control. Users can easily monitor the status of their experiment with the live display feature, quickly creating observations and adjustments that alter the data collection process. The upgraded software ensures precise synchronisation between samples through the live status display in parallel with a real-time temperature chart.

The new optional NEXUS Image Capture Module facilitates automatic image capture at specific points during an experiment. Each image can be stamped with current temperature and other parameters to make offline analysis a straightforward process. Rewind and review capabilities offer a highly detailed analysis and can be used during live data recording.

Other optional modules build upon the strong foundation of features available in NEXUS Core. These include:

  • Extended Measurements Module – fully calibrated measurements, annotation tools, and the ability to burn measurements and annotations into the image for quick analysis.
  • Reporting Module – automates the export of charts and images into a user customisable Microsoft Word document.
  • TASC Module – Thermal Analysis by Surface Characterisation (TASC) measures multiple microscopic locations across the sample, making it ideal for studying sample inhomogeneity.
  • 21CFR11 Module – the compliance module for NEXUS provides simple access to control requirements and enables audit trail creation.

Clara Ko, Sales and Marketing Manager at Linkam commented: “With the increasing focus on automation making it critical for researchers to stay up to date with modern, sustainable experimentation techniques, our new software extends the existing functionalities of Linkam stages to keep users at the cutting edge of technology. Automated, real-time measurements are crucial to the digitisation of experiments. The new NEXUS software release supports our most popular stage families, with new stages being added on an ongoing basis.”

NEXUS is compatible with Windows, and will initially support the THMS, HFS, LTS, TS, HS, CCR, and PE families of the Linkam stages, with expected regular compatibility updates for other stages. Linkam has developed NEXUS to support its T95 and T96 controllers, which are the standard universal controller support for Linkam stages.

To learn more about Linkam’s NEXUS software, download the brochure.


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About Linkam Scientific Instruments

Linkam develops and manufactures a broad range of temperature and environmental control stages for both OEMs and end users. From high to cryo temperatures as well as humidity, electrical connections, gas purging, vacuum and pressure, for enhanced sample analysis. Linkam stages are used with light microscopes and a wide range of analytical techniques including Raman, FTIR, SAXS-WAXS and many more to visualise and characterise the properties of materials. Linkam stages are found in thousands of laboratories worldwide with the most successful microscope heating stage, the THMS600, selling over 6,000 units alone.

Linkam is the market leader in temperature-controlled microscopy.


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