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A Dynamic Approach to Educating Industry-Ready Nanotechnology Technicians

publication date: Jul 9, 2015
author/source: Malvern Instruments Ltd

Hub for Industry-Driven Nanotechnology Education

Seattle’s Hub for Industry-Driven Nanotechnology Education (Seattle, USA), an imaginative educational body with a flexible and highly productive model for nanotechnician training, has identified dynamic light scattering particle sizing as an essential analytical technique, investing in a Zetasizer Nano from Malvern Instruments.

“At SHINE we train the next generation of technicians to directly meet the needs of the nanotechnology industries in the Pacific North West,” said Peter Kazarinoff, Managing Director of SHINE. “A vital part of this is giving our students access to the analytical techniques and systems that they will use when employed.  The simplest reason we chose a Zetasizer Nano is that it is the instrument most widely used for nanoparticle and protein size measurements within our region. We now benefit from the same ease-of-use, reliability and expert support that our industrial customers enjoy.”

SHINE serves students, educators, the local community and most of all industry, training primarily high school graduates for direct employment in the flourishing nanotechnology sector. Measurements of nanoparticle size directly support the development and manufacture of industrial nanoparticles, innovative drug delivery vehicles, and new protein based drugs. Zetasizer Nano is a robust, stable fully automated platform for size measurement in the 0.3 nm to 10 µm. 

Kazarinoff explained, “The robustness of the Zetasizer Nano is crucial as our equipment works hard. Local companies can hire out the lab facilities, and our students, to access new analytical techniques and undergraduates use the equipment for their research projects. We also loan some analyzers out to high schools and local colleges to enliven lessons and inspire students. The Zetasizer looks like it will be one of the instruments that is tough enough to go out on the road in this way.”

SHINE is one of six Advanced Technological Education Centers and will this year host the group’s annual Micro Nano Tech Conference, which will take place on 24-26 June at North Seattle College, drawing together 100-150 nanotechnology educators, industry members and students in attendance. Each delegate will receive a vial of non-toxic particles, which they will be able to have analyzed on the Zetasizer, getting an up-close demonstration using their very own sample. “The Zetasizer is set to become an integral part of our center and we are very excited to be able to demonstrate the instrument’s capabilities at this year’s conference.”

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