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New Compact Gel Documentation System from Syngene is aptly named PXi (pronounced Pixie)


It may be small, but the PXi (Pixie) gel doc is perfect for imaging Western blots (chemiluminescence and mulitplex fluorescent secondary antibodies) 1D gels and even 2D gels!

Syngene is a world-leading manufacturer of gel documentation system.  The PXi, Syngene's newest addition to its product portfolio,  is a new high resolution, multi-application image analysis system. This powerful system is currently the best in its class for scientists that want a compact, one-click method for accurately imaging chemiluminescent and fluorescent blots, as well as 1-D gels (up to 10cm x 12 cm) stained with any type of fluorescent dye. The system sports 6.3 megapixel goodness and unparalleled sensitivity for a variety of mulitfunctional and mulitplex applications.

The innovatively designed compact PXi, with its high resolution camera and large fixed aperture "fast" lens can quickly image even the faintest bands. It is easy to fit a range of lighting including IR (infrared) lighting and filter options inside the PXi system and by using Syngene's intuitive GeneSysimaging software, the PXi can be rapidly set up to automatically select the  est conditions. Scientists can generate perfect images of chemiluminescent blots, as well as 1-D gels (up to 10cm x 12cm) stained with any fluorescence and IR commercial dyes time after
time, with just one-click.

GeneTools, Syngene's accurate image analysis software, which comes with the PXi saves valuable time by automatically producing results in seconds, including; 1-D lane analysis,  molecular weight and quantity calculations.

Laura Sullivan, Syngene's Divisional Manager stated: "Syngene is well known for its imaging innovation and using the technology from our popular G:BOX, we have really pulled out all the stops by developing a unique high performance imaging system. The system is so compact, yet produces exceptional images of every type of chemi blot, as well as fluorescent blots  and gels."

New England BioGroup is excited to be able to offer this newest gel documentation system from Syngene.  Researchers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Vermont will all have an opportunity to work with the latest , cutting edge gel documentation system technology. 

Contact Syngene to learn more about the PXi or other Syngene gel documentation systems.  We work closely with researchers to ensure we are helping them find a gel doc system that fits their needs and budget.

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