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BMG LABTECH Exhibits at Europe

publication date: Sep 30, 2015
author/source: BMG LABTECH

BMG LABTECH showcases its wide range of microplate reader at the Biotechnica in Hannover.

PHERAstar FSVisitors of booth D05 have the possibility to see readers and accessories for use in life science, drug discovery and other research areas.

BMG LABTECH shows its multimode microplate reader CLARIOstar® with new Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU). The CLARIOstar® multimode microplate reader is equipped with BMG LABTECH’s unique LVF monochromatorTM technology, filters, and an UV/Vis spectrometer. The triple technology offers high performance for a variety of applications in all detection modes. With its outstanding LOD specifications for Fluorescence Polarization and Fluorescence Intensity the CLARIOstar® has again been proven to be the most sensitive monochromator-based microplate reader on the market. Together with the new Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) the CLARIOstar® is able to provide the physiological environment for any cell type, making cell-based assays more biologically relevant. The ACU is entirely integrated into the reader control software. Carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2) regulation can be easily managed via the intuitive and easy to understand user interface. Measurement results and gas concentrations curves are displayed together over the time.

In addition BMG LABTECH presents its Gold Standard microplate reader for High-Throughput Screening, the PHERAstar FS. The PHERAstar FS is the ultimate multimode microplate reader for High-Throughput Screening, combining the highest sensitivity with the fastest read times. Thanks to the unique optic module system, simultaneous dual emission, UV/Vis spectrometer, and dedicated AlphaScreen® and TRF Lasers the PHERAstar FS will perform any application with ease and speed, even in 3456-well microplates.

Visitors who are searching for an absorbance reader have the chance to see BMG LABTECH’s innovative microplate reader SPECTROstarNano.The SPECTROstarNanohas the flexibility to perform assays quickly and easily in both microplates or via the built-in cuvette port. This spectrometer-based absorbance microplate reader captures a full UV-visible spectrum in less than 1 sec/well. Its speed, simple push button operation, and capacity to store individual assay protocols make the SPECTROstarNanothe ideal microplate reader for absorbance measurements.

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