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Advances in Bio-Separations - ChromSoc release Preliminary Programme

publication date: Feb 9, 2015
author/source: The Chromatographic Society

Biologics characterisation from cradle to grave 12th – 13th May 2015 MedImmune Cambridge

ChromSoc LogoComplete characterisation of proteins and peptides is essential across a wide range of industries and applications. The emergence of protein based bio-pharmaceuticals has resulted in increased reliance on the chromatographic and spectrometric techniques used to determine the key quantitative and qualitative attributes of such complex therapeutic entities.

This meeting aims to highlight key advances in the separation and detection techniques used to analyse peptides and proteins, and we are engaging with speakers whose expertise lies in the following broad themes

  • Analytical requirements for characterisation and regulatory filing of proteins / mAbs / ADC’s
  • Chromatographic and mass spectrometric information available at the protein, peptide and amino acid level
  • Advances in Ion Exchange chromatography for the detailed characterisation of charged variants (use of pH v’s buffer gradients etc.)
  • High performance size exclusion chromatography for analysis of fragments and aggregates
  • Coupling Size Exclusion chromatography with MS – the future?
  • Techniques for biosimilar chacterisation
  • High peak capacities for protein sequencing – how fast can we go?
  • Reversed phase chromatographic techniques for protein characterisation
  • Top down versus bottom up protein characterisation
  • Advances in the analysis and characterisation of glycans / glycopeptides
  • Characterisation and analysis of antibody drug conjugates - advances
  • Advances in the analysis of important post translational modifications
  • Affinity chromatography for process monitoring – is speed king?
  • Preparative bio-chromatography – recent advances, biggest challenges
  • Modern solutions for the analysis of oligonucleotides
  • Modern MS techniques in protein characterisation – CID / ETD / ECD and H/D exchange techniques
  • HILIC and HIC chromatography in protein analysis – tomorrow or yesterday
  • High resolution, High Mass accuracy techniques in protein characterisation

Lecturers, Titles, Abstracts & Exhibiting Companies

  • SPEAKERS (with tentative titles)
  • Dr Alexander Makarov (ThermoFisher Scientific, Germany) Bio-Chromatography with Orbitrap detection: past, present and future
  • Prof Gary Walsh (University of Limerick, Ireland) Bio-similar characterisation for regulatory approval
  • Dr Koen Sandra (Research Institute for Chromatography, Belgium) Chromatographic and mass spectrometric information available at the protein, peptide, amino acid and glycan levels 
  • Dr Davy Guillarme (University of Geneva, University of Lausanne, Switzerland) Size exclusion and Ion Exchange chromatography for bio-molecule characterisation
  • Dr Alistair Kippen ( Medimmune, Cambridge) Introduction to Biopharm Development & Characterisation of Biologics
  • Dr Vivian Lindo ( Medimmune, Cambridge) Mass Spectrometry and the Characterisation of Biologics
  • Stuart Phillips (Shimadzu, Milton Keynes) Supporting biologic molecules development using the latest separation and mass spec techniques
  • Dr Milena Quaglia (LGC group) An experimental design protocol for hydrogen deuterium exchange mass spectrometry experiments and the role of chromatography
  • Dr. Nadim Akhtar Analytical strategies for synthetic oligonucleotides
  • Dr. Rok Sekirnik Recent advances in purification and analytics of biomolecules using monolith chromatography
  • Mark Comber (Phenomenex) Title to be announced
  • Dr Tony Taylor (Crawford Scientific) Title to be announced





  • Table top exhibition stand & 20 mins lecture time integrated into the programme
  • 3 free delegate admission places


  • Table top exhibition stand & 10 mins lecture time integrated into the programme
  • 2 free delegate admission places


  • Table top exhibition stand and 1 free delegate admission place


Member of the Chromatographic Society or affiliated societies (BMSS, ELRIG or RSC) £150.00

Promotional rate for non-members which includes ChromSoc membership for remainder of 2015 £170.00

Non members £180.00

Bona fide student £75.00

NOTE: VAT at 20% is additionally charged on all prices

For Sponsorship, Lecture Content & Exhibition Stand Enquiries please contact Dr. Chris Bevan and / or Tony Taylor or Carol  McNair


The Chromatographic Society: Founded in 1956, is an internationally connected organisation and UK registered charity devoted to the promotion and dissemination of knowledge on all aspects of chromatography and related separation techniques.



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