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Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd


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All articles from Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

  Infinity XE 60, PEAK Scientific’s cost-effective alternative to nitrogen gas cylinders for your lab

PEAK Scientific introduce the latest addition to the Infinity series of compressor-free nitrogen generators for analytical labs, the Infinity XE 60. Designed as a versatile solution for a range of applications including LC-MS, ELSD, Sample Evaporation, NMR and FT/MS, Infinity XE 60 delivers nitrogen at flow rates ranging from 10-520 liters per minute, and purity between 95-99.5%, depending on flow rate....


  The smallest hydrogen gas generator for GCFID is now available for orders in North America

Precision Hydrogen SL, PEAK Scientific’s award-winning hydrogen gas generator for GC-FID, is now available for orders across North America. Precision Hydrogen SL has been recognized for its desirable compact size, ease of use and safety features, ranking among the top 15 innovations in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards....


  PEAK Scientific launches new Green initiative

PEAK Scientific have partnered with eForests, a not-for-profit organization who are creating and restoring woodlands throughout the UK, to fulfil their commitment to plant one tree for every PEAK gas generator sold from the 1st April 2021. The initiative is part of their continued efforts towards a more sustainable future which will complement their gas generators which already offer a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option to workplaces around the world...


  Peak Scientific unveils new cost-efficient nitrogen gas solution for Shimadzu high-flow LC-MS/MS systems

Peak Scientific, the global leader in laboratory gas generation, has launched its latest innovation designed to provide a long-term cost-effective gas solution for Shimadzu high-flow LC-MS/MS systems, including the latest LCMS-8060NX. Modelled on the market leader’s best-selling Genius XE nitrogen gas generator, Peak Scientific’s all-new Genius XE SMZ offers Shimadzu customers a tailored solution in a compact unit....


  Peak Scientific wins British Exporter of the Year Award

Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation systems for analytical laboratories, was awarded ‘British Exporter of the Year’ at the 2020 British Business Awards held at the Shanghai Jinjiang Tomson InterContinental Hotel on the evening of October 29th. This is Peak Scientific’s second BBA accolade, after winning Best New Exporter to China award in 2016. The newly-appointed British Ambassador to China and Patron of the BBA 2020, Caroline Wilson CMG attended the awards dinner and delivered a speech....


  Peak Scientific introduces new gas generator & bench solutions for the SCIEX 7500 LC-MS system

Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for laboratories, has introduced its latest nitrogen gas generator innovations with the launch of a new suite of products engineered to support SCIEX’s newly released Mass Spectrometry platforms. Developed in collaboration with and exclusively for SCIEX, the new suite of products comes in three variants, each tested and validated by SCIEX, for use with the new SCIEX Triple Quad™ 7500 LC-MS/MS System...


  Peak Scientific releases new Total Organic Carbon generator, the TOC 1000

Peak Scientific, market leader in laboratory gas generators, released its latest gas solution specifically for TOC analyzers, the TOC 1000. Based on tried and tested technology from Peak’s previous series of TOC generators, the TOC 1000 delivers improved performance for the latest TOC analyzers available on the market today. The TOC 1000 gas output contains <1ppm of CO2, <0.05ppm CH4 and <0.1ppm CO, SOx and NOx delivering TOC grade air and is intended for use with TOC analyzers being used for...


  Expansion Leads to Office Move for Peak Scientific Singapore

Laboratory gas generation specialist, Peak Scientific, has relocated to a new bespoke office facility in Singapore. The move came following the global company’s recent plans for introducing increased capacity to support growth in its Asian markets. Peak Scientific first launched its office in Singapore with the aim to provide enhanced support to its Asian market through its sales, technical support and after-sales channels....


  Peak Debuts Modular MS Bench System with Integrated Gas Supply for SCIEX LC-MS/MS

MS Bench systemPeak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for laboratories, has unveiled its latest innovation at the 67th Annual ASMS Conference in Atlanta with the launch of the all-new MS Bench system. Developed exclusively for SCIEX, Peak’s MS Bench SCI product line provides a modular workstation with integrated gas generation and a sound-dampening vacuum pump enclosure....


  Peak Scientific commits to the Armed Forces Covenant

Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for analytical laboratories, has pledged to honour the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces Covenant. As a global company, headquartered in Scotland in the UK, Peak Scientific is approaching 500 employees worldwide, with over 200 employees situated in the UK. Many of the company’s UK employees have come from military backgrounds, are military spouses or are Armed Forces Reservists....


  Peak Scientific has Launched its First High-Flow Hydrogen Carrier Gas Generator

Peak Hydrogen Trace 1200ccPeak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for analytical laboratories, has introduced a new hydrogen gas solution to the market, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 1200. The Precision Hydrogen Trace was on display at JASIS on the 5th of September at the Peak Scientific booth 7A-601, and is designed primarily for GC carrier gas use. The versatile new generator can also...


  Peak Scientific Underlines its Position as the Leader in Nitrogen Systems for Single Quad LC-MS

Genius SQ 24Peak Scientific, the global leader in gas generation for analytical laboratories, has introduced a new nitrogen gas solution to the market, Genius SQ 24. A standalone plug & play nitrogen generator, Genius SQ 24 is a cost-effective solution specifically designed for single quad mass-spectrometers which require up to 24L/min of analytical grade nitrogen gas....


  Peak Scientific unveils an exceptional new gas generator

PEAK SCIENTIFIC, the global leader in laboratory gas generation, has launched its latest innovation at the 66th ASMS Conference in San Diego, CA. Designed specifically to provide on-demand gas for high performance analytical applications, such as triple-quadrupole LC-MS, GENIUS XE offers variable flow of analytical grade nitrogen gas of up to 70 liters per minute, and at purities up to 99.5%.


  FlexFlow - The gas cylinder, reinvented

Peak Scientific, a global leader in on-demand gas solutions for laboratories, recently launched their innovative nitrogen gas subscription service, FlexFlow.

This unique monthly subscription gives customers a new alternative to high pressure cylinders, without the need to purchase and maintain generator equipment. FlexFlow is designed for those with LC-MS instruments in their laboratory who are looking for a more convenient and cost-effective solution for instrument gas....


  New Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 Offers New Solution for GC Carrier and Detector Gas

New Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 offers new solution for GC carrier and detector gas.

Precision Hydrogen Trace 250 generatoPeak Scientific is thrilled to be able to bring you news of the latest addition to our GC dedicated Precision series gas generators, the Precision Hydrogen Trace 250. This hydrogen solution has been created as a more cost-effective solution for labs with lower flow rate requirements, for example, those operating one or two GCs. The new Hydrogen Trace 250 features new innovations in trace dryer technology that ensures ultra high purity performance...


  Trade-in your CFH or PH and upgrade to Precision!

If you own or use an old PH or CFH series hydrogen generator from Peak Scientific, there’s never been a better time to upgrade to a next generation Precision series hydrogen model with our trade-in scheme.

Peak ScientificHaving now been discontinued, the venerable CFH and PH series hydrogen generators are no longer available directly from Peak Scientific, although we do continue to support existing customers with spare parts, maintenance and continuing [Peak Protected]™ service plans. However we cannot guarantee the long-term availability of spare parts into the future, and increasing running costs with age are always a risk... As is increasing likelihood of an unexpected breakdown.


  Peak Scientific and AB SCIEX Invite You to Experience the MASS-tastic Voyage 2014

AB SCIEX, Phenomenex, and Peak Scientific have assembled a complete, mobile LC/MS/MS laboratory, bringing our solutions and scientists right to your neighbourhood.

tourThe MASS-tastic Voyage 2014 will bring a state of the art mobile LC/MS/MS laboratory to the doors of scientists across Europe. Attendees will encounter the latest innovations from Peak Scientific and AB SCIEX in action. This unique tour will feature...


  Scottish Company Peak Scientific offer solutions to the world Helium shortage

Recent international studies have confirmed that the world will run out of helium gas in 25 years if current usage remains unchecked. As well as concerns for the future the gases scarcity has seen its price rise by 70% in recent years

Peak ScientificUsed in a multitude of applications such as cryogenic applications, purging/pressuring, welding cover gas and controlled atmosphere testing, demand for helium gas is literally outstripping supply. Around 32% of all helium is used in chromatography laboratory applications specifically the cryogenic category, meaning that cryogenics are the heaviest user of helium gas...


  Mobile Laboratory on European MASStastic Voyage Tour to Roll in 2013 with Analytical Tools from AB SCIEX, Phenomenex and Peak Scientific

Free breakfast seminar on board at each stop to showcase scientific technologies for a wide variety of applications in Europe

European MASStastic Voyage TourAB SCIEX, Phenomenex and Peak Scientific today announced the start of the 2013 tour of the European MASStastic Voyage, featuring a state-of-the-art mobile laboratory traveling across Europe.  This lab-on-wheels will provide “open house” opportunities for anyone interested in using mass spectrometry and separation science to solve analytical challenges.  Kicking off next week in Holland, the tour will now include a free breakfast seminar on board the mobile lab at each stop in over 20 European cities...


  Introducing the NM-3G Nitrogen Gas Generators NM- 3G Nitrogen Gas GeneratorsOur new Genius range of Gas Generators is smoother, quieter, safer and more efficient than anything on the market. The Genius range offers superb technical performance in the lab and comes with our ‘world class' after sales service as standard...


  Introducing the NM-3G Nitrogen Gas Generators Peak NM 3G Nitrogen Gas GeneratorsThe NM-3G Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically for use with any LC/MS instrument. This Premium model offers safeguards that are unique to Peak Scientific generators and effectively deliver reassurance and confidence for critical functions...


  Nitrogen Gas Generator NM32LA - We have nothing to declare but our Genius Peak Scientific NM32LA Nitrogen Generator Our new Genius range offers superb technical performance in the lab and comes with our ‘world class' after sales service as standard. The ‘NM32LA' Nitrogen Generator has been specifically designed to operate LCMS manufactured by Waters Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Shimadzu, Bruker and similar, producing the required flow rates, purities and pressures to cater for the requirements of this application...


  Official Launch of Peak Scientifics’ Genius2 Range @ ASMS Peak Scientific Genius 2Peak Scientifics' latest range of gas generators the "Genius2" range now produce the highest output yet in their internal compressor based systems. After a rigorous testing period the Genius2 official launch will be held at ASMS (The American Society for Mass Spectrometry) in Denver, California on the 5th-9th of June...


  Peak Scientific Win the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2011 Peak ScientificPeak Scientific Instruments Ltd, Scottish manufacturers of nitrogen, hydrogen and air generators have been awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2011, the most prestigious business award in the UK...


  Peak Scientific Launch New Genius2 Range of Nitrogen Gas Generators PEAK SCIENTIFIC LAUNCH NEW GENIUS2 RANGE OF NITROGEN GAS GENERATORSPeak Scientific, leading the way in the development of laboratory gas Generators, are now delighted to announce the launch of the NEW Genius2 range. The range consists of three cutting edge Nitrogen Generators. The 3010, 3020 & 3030...


  Life is a gas at Peak Scientific these days! Peak Scientific laboratory gas generators Since 1997 our dynamic company has reshaped the landscape for laboratory gas generators by stimulating Peak design engineers into some remarkable product developments. These clever people not only greatly improve the performance of any new gas generators, but further ensure that well- established and much loved products can stand the test of time.


  A touch of Genius. Peak’s 3G Range Peak Scientific have enjoyed a buoyant year fueled by a desire to improve its products and become a ‘best of breed' manufacturer, taking huge steps in improving the quality and functionality of their generators. The new range overall includes four models. ‘Genius NM32LA' is the smarter brother of the NM30LA. The new model meets the requirements - pure nitrogen - for almost all LCMS Models available in the market today


  Peak Scientific Introduce New SC-TOC-A Gas Generator Peak Scientific, a pioneer in the development of laboratory gas generators, are proud to introduce the SC-TOC-A. This generator has been specifically designed to operate TOC-Analysers, producing the required flow rates, purities and pressures to cater for TOC Analysers.


  Peak Scientific is proud to introduce the ABN2ZA and AB-3G Nitrogen Generators. Both the ABN2ZA and the AB-3G Nitrogen Generators are specifically designed to operate LCMS Instruments manufactured by Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex. These new products produce Nitrogen and Dry Air through 3 independent outputs in the required flow rates, purities and pressures to cater for the requirements of all available Applied Biosystems/ MDS Sciex LCMS Models.



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