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Nitrogen Gas Generator NM32LA - We have nothing to declare but our Genius

Peak Scientific NM32LA Nitrogen Generator Our new Genius range offers superb technical performance in the lab and comes with our ‘world class' after sales service as standard.

The ‘NM32LA' Nitrogen Generator has been specifically designed to operate LCMS manufactured by Waters Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Agilent Technologies, Shimadzu, Bruker and similar, producing the required flow rates, purities and pressures to cater for the requirements of this application.

Extensively tested under supervision of Peak and LCMS Manufacturers, the ‘NM32LA' has been approved to supply Nitrogen to their LCMS Applications.

The ‘NM32LA' generates Nitrogen through the application of ‘Membrane Technology'. Nitrogen membranes separate gases by the principle of selective permeation across the nitrogen membrane wall. "Fast" gases permeate through the nitrogen membrane wall more readily than "slow" gases, thus separating the original gas mixture into 2 streams. The purity of the desired streams can be adjusted depending on operating conditions.

Internal air compressors further make the ‘NM32LA' a stand- alone, self- sufficient Nitrogen Generator, independent from external air sources.

Features & Benefits 


Peak Scientific has more than 10 years of experience in the development, production and service of laboratory gas generators


Products operate within Health & Safety Standards

No requirement to replace dangerous gas cylinders

Simple Installation

Designed as a Plug & Play System


More cost effective than gas bottles or cylinders


Easy to fit into your laboratory environment


No more worries about running out of gas


Extensively tested to ensure reliability and longevity of generator

Every generator is tested to its specifications before dispatch from factory

Electronic Control System facilitates compressor cycling, resulting in longer compres­sor life

Indicators for Preventative Compressor Maintenance ensure maximum uptime

Alarm function aids fault finding and prevents unnecessary downtime


Manufactured with highest quality components

Produced by trained and skilled staff at UK Head Office


Conformity with Low Voltage Directive EEC, EMC (EN61326), CAN/CSA and UL ap­proved WEEE and RoHS compliant

Peak or Peak Approved Support

A variety of preventative maintenance plans are available from Peak Scientific

Easy access to a network of authorized partners and Peak Global Support

Being designed to cater for the requirements of typical LCMS applications, the ‘NM32LA' was developed to provide a reliable source of nitrogen in the laboratory. The ‘NM32LA' is unique in that it features internal air compressors, while offering a low noise, low vibration solution for the laboratory without emitting excess heat.

Nitrogen is generated from ambient air. The internal air compressors feed the air through a nitrogen membrane which separates gases by the principle of selective permeation across the nitrogen membranes wall. For nitrogen polymeric membranes, the rate of permeation of each gas is determined by its solubility in the nitrogen membrane material, and the rate of diffusion through the molecular free volume in the nitrogen membrane wall. Gases that exhibit high solubility in the nitrogen membranes, and gases that are small in molecular size, permeate faster than larger, less soluble gases.

‘Fast' gases permeate through the membrane wall more readily than ‘slow' gases, thus separating the original gas mixture into two streams. With nitrogen being a slow gas, it passes through the membrane, while other gases contained in Air (CO2 and O2) permeate through the membrane wall and are vented back to atmosphere.

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