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PEAK Scientific launch upgraded brand identity

publication date: Aug 29, 2023
author/source: Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd



PEAK Scientific unveiled their new branding at their annual, global company Communication Day. The rebrand aligns PEAK Scientific more closely with the PEAK Gas Generation brand to create a stronger bond between the two entities. While the values and mission of PEAK Scientific remain firmly rooted in a customer first approach, the new PEAK logo will reinforce the company’s purpose and story.

The new branding for the company consists of three inter-dependent elements which each reflect the company’s purpose: green to represent better sustainability, orange to represent better outcomes, and blue to represent better communities.

PEAK are aiming to help customers to lessen their impact on the environment and enable labs to work more productively and in a safer way while acting as a socially responsible employer, creating worthwhile jobs and reinvesting profits in local causes. These aims are all reflected in PEAK’s rebrand with the use of the triangle signifying that every element relies on each other to remain balanced.

The three elements also reinforce PEAK’s brand story, signifying innovation, service and a customer first culture. These elements show that PEAK’s true brand strength relies on all three pillars together.

Jonathan Golby, PEAK Scientific’s CEO, said of the rebrand, “The rebrand of the PEAK logo is a fantastic way for us to create a bolder visual identity which also reinforces the key tenets that underpin PEAK Scientific as a company.

The use of the pyramid split into three elements was a conscious choice to convey the importance of each element. If you remove one, the entire pyramid falls. It takes innovation, customer focus and exceptional service to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and without all of these elements PEAK would not be able to continue to grow.”

While PEAK Scientific shifts away from their old logo, they are not distancing themselves from their core values and company purpose of keeping customers at the heart of everything they do. By introducing the newest iteration of their brand, they are grounding these values into the heart of their brand; continuing to put customers first and delivering exceptional service to everyone.


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About Peak Scientific

PEAK Scientific produces market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems mainly for the fields of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography). What differentiates us is our world-class technical support and ongoing service care throughout the generator’s lifespan, wherever you may be in the world.


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