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PEAK Scientific GC Hydrogen Generator Added to Agilent Technologies Corporate Price List

publication date: Sep 18, 2023
author/source: Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd


PEAK Scientific is pleased to announce its continued and growing partnership with Agilent with the addition of the Precision Hydrogen Trace 500cc model to the global Agilent corporate price list (CPL) on 8th September 2023. The Precision Hydrogen Trace generators are the only hydrogen generators which have been tested, validated and approved by Agilent for use with their GC/MS single quadrupole and triple quadrupole products.

Helium is the traditional carrier gas used with GC and GC/MS, but major disruptions in supply have impacted labs around the globe. Agilent has worked closely with PEAK Scientific to add the Precision Hydrogen Trace to help support labs wishing to switch from helium to hydrogen carrier gas for GC-MS applications. This enables users of existing systems to convert to hydrogen, or when they are adding new GC/MS systems to their lab.  

Jennifer Gushue, Associate Vice President of Mass Spectrometry Marketing at Agilent, said, “Helium is still the preferred carrier gas, but many users need an alternative to ensure productivity in the lab. Offering the Precision hydrogen generators in combination with the Agilent HydroInert Source provides a solution that delivers reliable performance that meets the needs of many applications.”

As a result of the continued global pressure on the supply and resulting increasing price of helium, Agilent developed the HydroInert Source, a GC/MS ion source for single and triple-quad systems. Upon introduction in 2022, Agilent commented, “The introduction of HydroInert Source allows customers to explore hydrogen as a viable alternative to helium as a carrier gas for GC/MS with minimal impact on performance and minimizing dependence on helium as a non-renewable resource.”

With increased price and pressure on the helium market, laboratories need a more sustainable alternative to helium in the form of hydrogen carrier gas. The benefits of hydrogen in gas chromatography are widely accepted, as it can be generated in the lab in a cost-effective manner, and in many instances produces faster chromatography and higher sample throughput.


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About PEAK Scientific

PEAK Scientific produces market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems mainly for the fields of LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry) and GC (Gas Chromatography). What differentiates us is our world-class technical support and ongoing service care throughout the generator’s lifespan, wherever you may be in the world.


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