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  New accessories make lab washer loading a breeze

Miele’s latest range of laboratory washer accessories make loading times shorter, helping to save valuable research time. The EasyLoad collection, for Miele’s under-bench PG model washers, also has the added benefits of being flexible and robust. Water is pushed out through the sides of the injector tip, as well as vertically, so items are cleaned effectively even if glassware is resting on the top of the injector.  This saves loading time and makes it much simpler to train staff on operation....


  New SlimLine lab washers are big on capacity, but small on space

The new SlimLine range from Miele provides maximum capacity with a minimal footprint and is set to make daily laboratory tasks easier and safer. The freestanding SlimLine glassware washers not only have a width of just 650mm – which is 250mm narrower than existing Miele lab washers with similar capacity – they are designed with ease-of-use in mind, offering a wealth of features and benefits to help labs in all sectors run efficiently....


  Miele Offers Best Care for Laboratory Glassware

DURAN laboratory glassware in a Miele glasswasherHigh quality glassware is essential to reliable and accurate laboratory results, and requires appropriate reprocessing to ensure continued performance and a long service life. Miele, a global leader in washing equipment, is delighted to partner with DWK Life Sciences by supporting training initiatives in glassware use and becoming its recommended brand for laboratory washer disinfectors....




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