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Ocimum Biosolutions

Ocimum Biosolutions

Ocimum Biosolutions


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All articles from Ocimum Biosolutions

  Ocimum Biosolutions offers new solutions in microRNA microarray technology Ocimum Biosolutions now offers a wide range of miRNA microarray kits and assays including human, mouse, rat and other systems, that are available immediately on Ocimum’s proprietary OciChip™ platform. The epoxide coated microarray slides are spotted with probes which target the miRNAs available in the latest (April 2010) mirBase Release 15 as well as many putative miRNAs. Apart from miRNA microarray chips, Ocimum also offers a complete range of customized services, from miRNA probe/chip design to suit specific experiments to end-to-end chip-to-analysis services.


  Ocimum Biosolutions launches the Software as a Service version of its Biotracker Biobanking LIMS Ocimum Biosolutions has announced that it has launched Biotracker™ for Biobanking SaaS, the Software as a Service version of its LIMS for biorepositories.Biotracker™ Biobanking is a fully scalable, configurable, customizable, complete biobanking solution and is now available as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Biotracker™ Biobanking SaaS offers the benefit of a full featured Biobanking LIMS over the Internet to small and medium biobanking labs which previously would only be available within large enterprises


  Ocimum Biosolutions to provide BioIT Consulting for Life Sciences R&D industry Ocimum Biosolutions has announced that it would provide BioIT Consulting Services to enable R&D for organizations in the life sciences industry. Ocimum’s BioIT Consulting will help streamline and extend business processes through software development, systems integration, custom application services and data analytics for the pharma, biotech, agriculture, diagnostics and food & nutrition industries.


  Ocimum Biosolutions develops Sulfolobus solfataricus microarrays for SulfoSYS In a project coordinated by Prof. John van der Oost, Ocimum Biosolutions constructed the genome microarray for Sulfolobus solfataricus – the archaeal model organism of choice for a systems biology approach to study the evolution and characteristics of central cellular functions in living cells.


  Ocimum Biosolutions launches mass spectrometry services in India

Ocimum Biosolutions has launched its mass spectrometry services using MALDI-TOF (Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation-time of flight) system in India. MALDI-TOF system provides reliable mass information with higher sensitivity and throughput, and also reduces the need for individual assay optimization for molecular identification and characterization.



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