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All articles from Gilson

  Gilson and Acumium Collaborate to Improve Data Collection in Cell Culture Laboratories

Gilson and Acumium announce their collaboration to develop contemporary technologies and tools for academic and industrial cell culture laboratories. The partnership aims to bring scientists new digital solutions for managing cell culture protocols, data collection and maximizing data use. Both companies see these advances to be of particular importance to pharmaceutical research and the burgeoning cell-based cancer therapeutics arena...


  New Gilson Benchtop Instruments, The Perfect Complement to Your Workflow

Gilson has launched a brand new range of benchtop instruments that perfectly complements their pipetting systems and laboratory workflows. The new benchtop instruments feature a variety of advanced technologies for mixing, temperature control, and centrifugation that improve lab productivity and save valuable time. For a limited time, Gilson are offering an introductory 15% discount across the Benchtop range....



  VERITY 3011 Isocratic Pump Achieves Nearly Pulse-free Flow Rates for Improved Efficiency

Gilson, industry leader in liquid handling, purification, and extraction laboratory instruments, announces an expansion to its chromatography systems product offering with the introduction of the VERITY® 3011 Isocratic Pump. The new VERITY 3011 Pump broadens the depth of the VERITY purification systems portfolio with advancements over existing pumps including a convenient quick-connect pump head design and intuitive touchscreen control of the instrument....


  Gilson Officially Opens Its New World Class UK Centre Of Excellence Facility

Gilson, an industry leader in Manual and Automated Liquid Handling instruments, officialy opens its new world-class, purpose built UK Centre of Excellence in Dunstable.

GilsonAt an exclusive Grand Opening Ceremony, Andrew Selous, MP for South West Bedfordshire and Peter Tudor, Gilson European Director, officially unveil the new building. Gilsonā€™s continued growth within the UK and commitment to excellence has fueled their demand and need to relocate to a larger and more modern premises.....


  Download Gilsonā€™s new PCR and ELISA Brochures

Gilson have released two new brochures for PCR and ELISA applications, highlighting the latest technology and products that help researchers enhance throughput.

Gilson CataloguesGilsonā€™s PCR brochure introduces the new qPCR pipetmaX, a simple and complete solution for reproducible qPCR sample preparation workflows for 10ā€™s and 100ā€™s of samples.Ā  Their range of pipettes, Starter Kits and manual 96 channel pipetting systems help streamline PCR protocols for accurate, dependable results. Download the PCR brochure for the latest product information and special offers, including 25% off PlateMaster....


  Gilson celebrates 40 years of Pipetman

A milestone is fast approaching for Gilson as it celebrates 40 years of delivering innovation

PIPETMAN pipetteFour decades ago, the PIPETMAN pipette was created as the first continuously adjustable volume pipette on the market with its patented volumeter registered in 1972. Today, it is still one of the most popular pipettes in labs worldwide. Since then, Gilson has focused on launching new, innovative products based around the reputable PIPETMAN...


  HPLC & Automated Tablet Dissolution Testing Come Together The Gilson 241 Automated Double Dissolution System (ADDS) The Gilson 241 Automated Double Dissolution System (ADDS) was developed with a Major Pharmaceutical company to address the growing need for increased dissolution testing by HPLC. The system controls the sampling and HPLC analysis of active drug components in dissolution media. With the Gilson system, the dissolution media is circulated in a closed loop system by means of a Gilson Minipuls peristaltic pump and samples are taken at the specified time intervals through the use of an innovative flow-through HPLC vial...


  The Gilson PLC 2020 Purification System is Simply 'HPLC in a Box' Gilson PLC 2020Gilson UK presents the PLC 2020, a personal liquid chromatography system for reverse and normal-phase HPLC with FLASH purification capabilities. This complete system was developed for chemists, to provide them with an easy-to-use, self-contained instrument specific to their purification needs on a more personal level. The system is ideally suited for low throughput, high and low-pressure purification to support the individual or a group of chemists...


  Gilson Launches New Pipetman with Volume Locking System Gilson PIPETMAN LGilson has launched PIPETMANĀ® L, an adjustable volume pipette that features a patented volume locking system. Designed to meet the needs of intensive pipette users, PIPETMAN L provides accuracy and precision without sacrificing comfort. Once the thumbwheel is locked, the operating rod is no longer in contact with the counter assembly, which is responsible for changing the volume. This means that the volume cannot be changed accidentally...


  Gilson Launches Pipetman Lifetime Warranty The Gilson Lifetime Warranty programme Gilson has launched a lifetime warranty for PipetmanĀ® pipettes in the UK, which guarantees its products will continue providing precise pipetting solutions for many years, even for the entire career of the user. This comes after several reports of Gilson PipetmanĀ® pipettes still in service after 40 plus years...


  Gilson PIPETMAN G now available through SLS Gilson PIPETMANĀ® G  now available through SLSNow available through SLS and a new addition to the PIPETMANĀ® range is PIPETMANĀ® G which offers the lowest pipetting forces in the market. Unlike the other manual pipettors in the PIPETMANĀ® range which utilise a dry-seal piston, Pipetman G incorporates a completely redesigned and lubricated piston system. This has resulted in pipetting forces being reduced by upto 50% vs PIPETMANĀ® Neo whilst maintaining Gilson's reputation for robustness...


  ASPEC ā€“ Automated SPE for Food Analysis Gilson UKThe Gilson GX-271 ASPECTM and GX-274 ASPECTM Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) systems, automate positive pressure SPE and are suitable for all applications. Whether your application is pharmaceutical, clinical, forensic, or environmental, SPE has become the technique of choice for sample cleanup, sample prep, and trace analyte enrichment due to its inherent versatility, selectivity, speed and low solvent usage...


  Major Research Centre Reduces PCR Setup Costs with the Nanodrop Nanodrop II The Innovadyne Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express liquid handlers from IDEX are market leaders in low volume, non-contact sample handling. These instruments can aspirate and dispense both samples and reagents across a wide range of biological applications. The Nanodrop has a wide dynamic volume range from 50nl to 500Āµl allowing procedures to utilize both small and large volumes without compromising accuracy or precision. Because of their unique combination of syringes and patented microsolenoid valves, samples are isolated, providing a valve-free fluid pathway that eliminates cross-contamination concerns...


  The Innovadyne NanoDrop ā€“ Reduce Running Costs with Miniaturized PCR

The Innovadyne Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express liquid handlers from IDEX The Innovadyne Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express liquid handlers from IDEX are market leaders in low volume, non-contact sample handling. These instruments can aspirate and dispense both samples and reagents across a wide range of biological applications. The Nanodrop has a wide dynamic volume range from 50nl to 500µl allowing procedures to utilize both large and small volumes without compromising accuracy or precision...


  Introducing the New Gilson LCMS Purification System Gilson LCMS Purification SystemGilson has taken the Trilution LC platform, a software package specifically designed for preparative purification, and added the FLEXAR Single Quad MS as a detector to trigger mass based fraction collection. Conditional logic collection of Trilution LC allows for utilizing UV, DAD, and up to seven target masses with up to 3 adducts per target mass in SIM or SCAN with Extracted Ion modes...


  PIPETMAN M ā€“ A new ergonomic motorized pipette from Gilson Gilson Pipetman MIntroducing the new PipetmanĀ® M, a logical evolution of the PipetmanĀ® which has been the world pipetting standard for over 35 years. Lightweight and extremely comfortable, Pipetman M is fully motorized and requires virtually zero pipetting force. Pipetman M looks, performs, and feels like the original Pipetman, offering advanced ergonomic features and enhanced user-friendly functionality...


  Gilson announce Seal of Assurance for UK Customers Gilson UKGilson has today launched a new stamp of approval for its official sales and support centres within the UK by introducing the ā€˜Gilson Seal of Assurance' scheme. The Gilson Seal of Assurance confirms customers will receive the true Gilson experience, support and commitment that they expect from the leading manual liquid handling manufacturers. All products are guaranteed to be genuine, sourced directly from Gilson and fully supported by the manufacturer's warranty and technical expertise...


  Mass Based Purification Simplified with Gilson LC/MS Purification System Gilson LC/MS Purification SystemPresenting the first practical mass-based purification system from Gilson. Developed for chemists to provide a simple, fast and flexible solution, this unique and usable purification system combines world class MS technology with existing industry leading preparative HPLC solutions...


  Gilson Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump Now Available to Purchase Gilson UKGilson Minipuls 3 peristaltic pump and accessory range is now available to purchase online at Gilson UK's website. All of the listed accessories, pump heads and tubing are easily accessible and are also available to order online. The Gilson Minipuls 3 peristaltic pump has been specifically designed for laboratories with demanding liquid handling needs...


  Gilson Forms New UK Operation for Full Product Sales & Support Gilson UKFrom the beginning of 2011 Gilson will be closer to you, providing full sales, service and support on all products from a newly formed UK operation. Gilson UK combines existing Automation and HPLC sales and logistics with an experienced Pipette sales and service team. Anachem Instruments have a long history in supporting Gilson products in the UK. From 1st February 2011, Anachem Instruments Ltd became known as Gilson Scientific Ltd, and became part of Gilson's Direct Worldwide sales and support network selling the complete Gilson product range


  Gilson - Closer to you Gilson UKGilson in the UK is now closer to you. Gilson will provide full sales, service and support on all their products from a newly formed UK operation, becoming the only pipette manufacturer operating directly in the UK.


  The New Gilson PLC 2020 Purification System is Simply ā€˜HPLC in a boxā€™ Anachem Instruments Ltd are proud to unveil the New Gilson PLC 2020, a personal liquid chromatography system for Reverse and Normal Phase HPLC with FLASH purification capabilities. This complete system was developed for chemists, to provide each with an easy-to-use, self-contained instrument specific to their purification needs on a more personal level.


  Newly launched SLS catalogue includes the latest market leading brands and products Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) launched their brand new catalogue on 10th June 2010 during their Scientific Laboratory Show at the East Midlands Conference Centre. SLS who are the leading independent distributor of laboratory supplies in the UK, have restructured key sections of the catalogue creating a more user friendly reference document and making it easier for customers to find the products and brands that they need.


  Flexus Crystal IMP brings a Breakthrough in Structural Biology

The only licensed Automated Instrument for Cubic Phase in meso Protein Crystallography.Ā 

The Flexus is a highly flexible platform that provides complete automation for a wide variety of liquid handling applications. The latest model to be unveiled by Anachem Instruments Ltd is the only licensed automated instrument for Cubic Phase in meso Protein Crystallography using the technology cited in the literature1.


  Gilson Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump Now Available to Purchase From Anachem Instruments Ltd Online Anachem Instruments Ltd is pleased to announce that under the terms of the new agreement with Gilson Inc, the company will continue to sell the Gilson Minipuls 3 Peristaltic Pump and accessory range to the U.K. and Irish Market


  SLS Announce New Gilson Agency for Manual Liquid Handling Products As of January 1st, Gilson have appointed Scientific Laboratory Supplies as distributor for their specialist manual liquid handling products in the UK. Gilson has been the UK's favourite manufacturer of pipettes for over 30 years and are committed to providing the highest quality unique products. This new partnership aims to maximise efficiency and improve customer support throughout the supply chain.


  Anachem September Mailer New produts and offers from Anachem


  Anachem Liquid Handling News Autumn 2008 Latest news and offers from Anachem



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