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All articles from Stuart


cole parmerCole-Parmer Ltd announce that Stuart®, a leading UK manufacturer of laboratory instruments, is launching the SCF3 Microcentrifuge. Succeeding the SCF2 Microcentrifuge, the new device boasts a significant increase in maximum speed – now up to 15,000 RPM from 13,500 RPM – as well as a reduced weight and lower noise levels. Like its predecessor, the SCF3 is able to spin a variety of tube sizes and...


  Cole-Parmer Implements Environmentally-Friendly Packaging across its Key Lab Instrument Products

Cole-Parmer Ltd announced today that as of May, its key brands, including Stuart, Electrothermal, Jenway, Techne, and PCRmax, will be using Kite Packaging’s Wrap and Hold system to pack the majority of their products.

cole-parmerThe Wrap and Hold system offers an environmentally friendly, high-performance and cost-efficient alternative to standard packaging. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to minimise their impact on the environment as factors such as climate change and...


  Stuart Automatic Melting Point - Introduction video

Get closer to the recently launched Stuart SMP50 Automatic melting point by watching our new introduction video.

SMP50-PRSee all of the features of the latest technology in automatic melting point detection in one short video. The New Stuart Automatic Melting point incorporates high resolution video technology combined with an intelligent melt algorithm to determine the melting point of up to three samples, simultaneously and automatically


  Bibby Scientific Showcases its Latest PCR, Spectrophotometer and Automatic Melting Point Products at Lab Innovations 2016

Bibby Scientific Ltd is offering an exclusive 10% discount to visitors to their stand, G5, at Lab Innovations.

PCR maxBibby Scientific will showcase the latest products from Jenway, Electrothermal, PCRmax, Stuart and Techne. Lab Innovations 2016 is the UK’s only event dedicated to lab professionals and returns to the NEC, Birmingham, from the 2nd to the 3rd of November after five consecutive years. The new PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2, dual block thermal cycler, will be revealed at the event.....


  New Stuart Automatic Melting Point

The New Stuart Automatic Melting point incorporates high resolution video technology combined with an intelligent melt algorithm to determine the melting point of up to three samples, simultaneously and automatically.

SMP50-PR ShotThe SMP50’s digital camera also records the sample melt, providing confirmation of the automatically-obtained result and time-stamped video files that can be easily transferred to a PC for long-term proof of measurement and traceability. The latest addition to the Stuart range of Melting Point products can be trusted to measure sample melting points automatically, through monitoring and identifying small changes in the sample....


  Bibby Scientific Launches new SMP50 Automatic Melting Point with Digital Video Technology for Walk-Away Recording of Sample Melting

Bibby Scientific Ltd announced today that Stuart®, a leading UK manufacturer of bench-top laboratory equipment, has launched the SMP50, a new automatic melting point system that incorporates high resolution video technology combined with an intelligent melt algorithm to determine the melting point of up to three samples, simultaneously and automatically.

bibby scientificThe SMP50’s digital camera also records the sample melt, providing confirmation of the automatically-obtained result and time-stamped video files that can be easily transferred to a PC for long-term proof of measurement and traceability....


  Get your lab rocking and rolling with Stuart tube rollers

With both digital (SRT6D, SRT9D) and analogue (SRT6, SRT9) models available, Stuart tube rollers are recommended for mixing blood samples, viscous substances and liquid-solid suspensions where minimum aeration is required.

Stuart Tube Roller - SRT6DThe six roller unit has been designed with a small footprint and the units can be used in conjunction with the accessory stacking system SRT/STACK – ideal for labs where bench space is at a premium.  The nine roller unit has a higher capacity and both units can accommodate most sizes of tubes, Bijoux, Universals and bottles, up to 100mm diameter....


  For a Limited time only get 20% off the Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers from Stuart

With its range of innovative features, the Stuart range of Undergrad Hotplate stirrers already has a proven track record.

US152_faceFeatures including a mains independent hot warning light, which continues to function once the unit is switched off and even unplugged. Our unique LED temperature indicator which progressively illuminates to show the surface temperature. Compatibility with retort rods or stands, compact footprint and smart storage solutions.The entire range of Undergrad hotplates and hotplate stirrers are also compatible with the Stuart SCT1 temperature controller, enabling accurate sample temperature control....


  Bibby Scientific and Aske Stephenson bring molecular mixing to cocktail mixology

Aske Stephenson, a pioneering alcoholic beverage manufacturer, who will be using benchtop laboratory instruments from Bibby Scientific such as the Stuart® RE300 Rotary Evaporator to produce innovative pre-bottled cocktails.

StuartAske Stephenson specialises in developing hand-produced cocktails that are designed to introduce consumers to new and unusual flavour combinations, using a scientific approach that pushes taste boundaries. Bibby Scientific’s Stuart Rotary Evaporators are extremely reliable, safe and user-friendly instruments that are used widely in chemistry laboratories in universities and pharmaceutical companies. The Rotary Evaporators can also operate under vacuum, making them perfect for the unique distillation requirements of Aske Stephenson’s cocktail mixology....


  Introducing the Stuart Digital Water Baths, SWB6D, SWB15D, SWB24D

Three robust and reliable water baths, each with easy to clean stainless steel tank and sturdy metal outer casing.

Stuart Digital Water BathsStuart has been manufacturing high quality and reliable laboratory equipment for over 40 years. The knowledge and experience gained through a long heritage in the scientific equipment industry is reflected in the current range of Digital Water Baths. The Stuart range of Digital Water Baths consists of three robust and reliable water baths, each with easy-to-clean stainless steel tanks and sturdy metal outer casing....


  Bibby Scientific Announces Stuart Flexi Block Accessories

Bibby Scientific announced today that Stuart®, a leading UK manufacturer of benchtop laboratory equipment, has launched new Flexi Block accessories for use with the Stuart range of block heaters.

 Flexi Block The new Flexi Block accessories offer analytical and life scientists a revolutionary way to heat samples of any size. The new Flexi Block accessories are available in either double- or triple-width aluminium block inserts and include high-density ceramic beads as standard. The ceramic beads offer excellent thermal transfer and therefore allow for precise and uniform heating of the sample. They can be easily manipulated to accommodate any...


  Save 25% on all Stuart Agitation products!

Save 25% on all Stuart Agitation products!

Stuart has been designing and manufacturing reliable benchtop laboratory equipment for over 40 years. Stuart’s current range of products features agitation products to suit almost any mixing or shaking application, including:

  • Tube rollers
  • Rockers
  • Rotators
  • Incubators
  • Vortex Mixers
  • Shakers


  Bibby Scientific Announces Stuart Undergrad Hotplate Stirrer Kits

Bibby Scientific Ltd announced today that Stuart®, a leading UK manufacturer of laboratory benchtop equipment, has launched a new range of Undergrad hotplate stirrer kits that offer excellent value for money for a broad range of life science heating and stirring applications.

bibby scientificThe complete kit includes a choice of hotplate stirrer, the SCT1 temperature controller, stainless steel probe, retort rod and probe holder. The hotplate stirrer can be either a chemically resistant ceramic hotplate, or a more robust aluminium/silicon alloy hotplate. Both options are available with either analogue or digital control. All Stuart Undergrad hotplate stirrers are compatible with the SCT1 temperature controller, which works in conjunction...


  Limited Time Sale from Bibby Scientific Offers Savings of up to 15% on all Laboratory Equipment

The Bibby Scientific Web Shop is offering exclusive savings of up to 15% on all products.

bibby saleUntil 28th February 2015, purchasers can take advantage of discounts on products from Bibby Scientific’s Techne, Electrothermal, Stuart and Jenway brands. This unique opportunity allows laboratories to purchase top quality instrumentation at limited prices, including heating mantles, melting point analysers, vortex mixers, pH meters, block heaters and thermal cyclers. As well as money-saving offers and fast delivery, everyone purchasing from...


  New SI600C Cooled Shaking Incubator from Stuart opens up a new range of applications

The new SI600C cooled shaking incubator is the latest addition to the Stuart range of benchtop science equipment.

SI600C cooled shaking incubator Stuart range

The SI600C has all the features of the successful SI600 shaking incubator, with the addition of a separate recirculating chiller to extend the achievable temperature range. The original Stuart SI600 is a combined shaker and incubator, ideal for cell cultures. With the inclusion of a Stuart SRC4 chiller, (or one of an equivalent specification) the SI600C incubator can now run at 15?C below the ambient temperature of the room, to a minimum internal temperature of 5?C. The incubator can therefore be introduced into a whole new range of applications, such as cell-based protein expression, which often involves reduction of the culture temperature....


  Proven Bibby Scientific range delivers instrumentation and support for reliable food testing

With issues of food integrity and safety currently in the spotlight, and demand for testing continuing to rise, only the highest standards are acceptable

Food Safety, Bibby Scientific products here to helpAs an established supplier to the industry, Bibby Scientific offers proven products from the Techne, Electrothermal, Stuart and Jenway brands that provide laboratories with a choice of instrumentation and equipment to support rapid testing and the delivery of consistent, reliable results. Techne Prime thermal cyclers, Stuart homogenisers and microcentrifuges, and Jenway pH probes and meters are all popular choices in the food testing environment...


  New application leaflets available from Bibby Scientific

Bibby Scientific has produced a series of application leaflets showcasing elite products from the company’s Stuart, Jenway, Electrothermal and Techne brands

New application leaflets available from Bibby ScientificThis completely new set of literature focuses on key areas of expertise, such as pharmaceuticals, food and drink and biochemistry. The leaflets describe the specific benefits and features of the Bibby equipment within each sector. With useful links to videos, technical support and telephone numbers for technical experts, the leaflets are a go-to resource for making informed product choices from Bibby Scientific. The addition of the application leaflets expands Bibby’s already broad range of customer service materials...


  New heating mantles offer enhanced safety and durability Stuart's HM series of controlled heating mantlesStuart's HM series of controlled heating mantles have been completely redesigned. The new units are now constructed with a tough, lightweight aluminium casing, rather than plastic. An emergency cut-out feature, which will automatically trigger in the event of a spillage, has been added to all models in the range...


  Stuart The new SM5 Mini Stirrer from Stuart The new SM5 Mini Stirrer from Stuart packs the power to stir volumes up to 1 litre and even offers a choice of three stylish fascia designs. This versatile and economical magnetic stirrer is very simple to operate, providing stirring speeds of 350 to 2,000 rpm. The SM5 is lightweight yet strong, constructed from polypropylene with a chemically resistant polycarbonate top...


  Shaking incubators now with IQ/OQ Bibby Stuart IncubatorsStuart's SI500 combined shaker/incubator and the SI505 model for microtitre plates are now available with IQ/OQ documentation, meeting the requirements of customers in regulated industries such as the pharmaceutical sector. Installation qualification documentation helps users to install their incubator correctly, in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. Issues such as location of the unit, environmental requirements and initial set-up are covered in the IQ document, with provision for all stages to be recorded for audit...


  Stuart shakes up microtitre plate incubation Stuart® SI505, a combined incubator shaker Stuart® announces the SI505, a combined incubator shaker specially designed to reduce sample evaporation and provide fast, optimised mixing of very small sample volumes in microtitre plates and microfuge tubes...


  Bibby Scientific brands take centre stage in Singapore Bibby SingaporeFollowing the recent opening of Bibby Scientific's new sales office for Asia, the company's main dealer in Singapore, Advantech, hosted a two-day seminar presenting Jenway®, Stuart® and Techne® products. The first day of the Bibby Scientific event was attended by 19 different dealers covering the Asia region, who were briefed on a wide range of Stuart benchtop science equipment, Jenway analytical instrumentation and Techne products for life science and industrial applications...


  New colony counter lights the way for ease of use Stuart’s new SC6+ Colony Counter Stuart's new SC6+ Colony Counter adds PC and printer connectivity, as well as LED lighting for greater comfort in longer work sessions. Replacing the popular SC6 model and offering excellent new capabilities at no additional cost, the SC6+ is ideal for all microbiology applications, particularly in the food industry...


  Bibby Scientific Ltd Acquires Electrothermal Engineering Ltd Bibby-ElectrothermalAs of May 17th 2011, Bibby Scientific Ltd., one of the UK's leading broad based manufacturers of laboratory products, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Electrothermal Engineering Ltd. from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science...


  Jenway, Stuart and Techne customers benefit from rapid-response technical support Bibby Scientific LimitedBibby Scientific supports all Jenway, Stuart and Techne equipment with comprehensive technical advice from a specialist team based on the manufacturing site. Whether users require technical advice on a product or an application, a team of trained scientists with many years' laboratory experience in research and industrial environments are on hand. Immediate advice is available by email or phone, and the aim is to respond to all enquiries within one working day...


  SMP40 melting point Stuart’s SMP40 melting point apparatus Stuart's SMP40 melting point apparatus speeds up purity and identification testing by offering automatic, walk-away operation. The unit is available with optional full installation qualification and operation qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation, for regulated laboratories needing to comply with cGMP audit requirements.


  Stuart microcentrifuge keeps it compact and quiet The SCF2 Microcentrifuge from Stuart The SCF2 Microcentrifuge from Stuart fits a versatile set of features into a compact, easy-to-use design. Offering quiet operation, the SCF2 is a variable speed unit accommodating either a fixed angle rotor holding 12 tubes or a strip tube rotor. As well as pelleting of precipitates, applications include processes involving spin column kits for binding/washing, such as sample preparation, sample clean up and sample concentration.


  SMP20 ramps up melting point versatility Stuart's launch of the SMP20 digital melting point apparatus sets a new benchmark by offering 0.1ºC temperature resolution and an adjustable ramp rate in a cost-effective instrument.


  Stuart rotator keeps statutory fertiliser analysis work turning over Kent Scientific Services, a Public Analyst Laboratory, selected a Stuart STR4 rotator to meet the requirements of its fertiliser enforcement analysis work. The prescribed analysis methods for checking the nitrogen and phosphorus content in fertiliser samples require flasks to be mixed end-over-end at 35-40rpm, faster than many other rotators can achieve.


  New CEO heads up Bibby Scientific Bibby Scientific makes a major appointment, announcing Dr James Heffernan as the new Chief Executive Officer from 17 May.


  New online video starring Stuart shaking incubator All the excellent ease-of-use features of the Stuart® SI500 shaking incubator are featured in a new video, the first product demonstration video on the company's website. The compact benchtop SI500 combines orbital shaking and incubation, providing perfectly controlled and uniform conditions for biological growth.


  Microtitre plate incubator shakes up the life science market The latest shaking incubator from Stuart® is specially designed for use with microtitre plates to meet the needs of life science labs. Offering the ideal shaking action for mixing very small volumes in well plates or micro tubes, the SI505 also dramatically reduces sample evaporation and features state-of-the-art microprocessor detection, setting and control of temperature.



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