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All articles from Jenway

  Day in, day out spectroscopy just got easier with the new Jenway

Cole-Parmer is pleased to announce the launch of its new Jenway® 74 series spectrophotometers. The 74 series spectrophotometers, equipped for the first time with CPLive technology, are Jenway’s most intuitive and user-friendly spectrophotometers yet....



cole-parmerCole-Parmer Ltd announce that Jenway®, a leading UK manufacturer of analytical laboratory instruments, is launching its new micro-volume spectrophotometer, the 7415 Nano. This announcement follows the showcase of the 7415 Nano at ArabLab 2018...


  Cole-Parmer to preview new products at Lab Innovations 2017

Cole-Parmer Ltd, today announced that it will be exhibiting a brand new rotary evaporator and spectrophotometer at Lab Innovations 2017.

coleparmerThe event, taking place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham on 1st-2nd November, is the UK’s only dedicated event for laboratory professionals. Returning to the event with a stand twice the size as previous years, Cole-Parmer will be showcasing many of its products, old and new, from Jenway, Techne, PCRmax, Stuart and Electrothermal


  Jenway Launches New Genova Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer

Cole-Parmer Ltd announced today that Jenway®, a leading UK manufacturer of analytical laboratory instruments, has launched the new Genova Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer.

Genova Bio PRThe Genova Bio, a UV/visible spectrophotometer, has been designed for fast and easy use in life science applications, whilst having a low-price point. It is ideal for molecular biology laboratories, biotechnology, biochemistry and cell biology applications.....


  Cole-Parmer Implements Environmentally-Friendly Packaging across its Key Lab Instrument Products

Cole-Parmer Ltd announced today that as of May, its key brands, including Stuart, Electrothermal, Jenway, Techne, and PCRmax, will be using Kite Packaging’s Wrap and Hold system to pack the majority of their products.

cole-parmerThe Wrap and Hold system offers an environmentally friendly, high-performance and cost-efficient alternative to standard packaging. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to minimise their impact on the environment as factors such as climate change and...


  Jenway Launches New UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Cole-Parmer Ltd has announced that Jenway®, a leading UK manufacturer of analytical laboratory instruments, has launched the new 7205 UV/Visible spectrophotometer.

The 7205 has been designed for fast and easy use in analytical chemistry, routine analysis and education laboratories. With its broad wavelength range, it is suitable for a variety of applications in fields as diverse as quality control, life sciences and food testing....


  Bibby Scientific Showcases its Latest PCR, Spectrophotometer and Automatic Melting Point Products at Lab Innovations 2016

Bibby Scientific Ltd is offering an exclusive 10% discount to visitors to their stand, G5, at Lab Innovations.

PCR maxBibby Scientific will showcase the latest products from Jenway, Electrothermal, PCRmax, Stuart and Techne. Lab Innovations 2016 is the UK’s only event dedicated to lab professionals and returns to the NEC, Birmingham, from the 2nd to the 3rd of November after five consecutive years. The new PCRmax Alpha Cycler 2, dual block thermal cycler, will be revealed at the event.....


  New 7200 Scanning Spectrophotometer from Jenway

Jenway are proud to announce the launch of the new 7200 visible scanning spectrophotometer.

7200_spectrophotometerThis spectrophotometer is the first in the Jenway range to leverage diode array technology to produce fast results. With a scan speed of less than 5 seconds across a wavelength range of 335 to 800nm, this spectrophotometer is an ideal addition to any laboratory. The clever design of this spectrophotometer encompasses....


  Exceptional Fast Scanning Spectroscopy

Coming soon to the Jenway range is a new 7200 visible spectrophotometer that measures the entire wavelength range in one measurement using advanced diode array technology.

7200 visible spectrophotometerIt has been designed for simple, fast and robust use in routine analysis, research and education laboratories. With its diverse range of measurement modes, it is suitable for many different applications, including food and beverage, quality control and industrial testing. This latest addition to Jenway’s comprehensive range of spectrophotometers uses advanced diode array technology, which helps to improve accuracy and reliability....


  A Spectrophotometer For Every Application

Jenway offer four ranges of visible and UV/visible spectrophotometers which have been designed to suit a wide range of budgets, industries and applications.

Jenway_SpectrophotometersThe 73 series range of spectrophotometers includes two basic models for simple photometrics and concentration; two advanced models with the addition of spectrum scanning, quantitation curves and kinetics; and two models which are dedicated to life science analysis, including the Genova Nano, which is ideal for micro-volume samples.


  Introducing two new portable pH meters to the Jenway range

Jenway®, are pleased to announce the addition of two new portable pH meters, models 550 and 570, to the range. These new pH meters can be used in the field to perform accurate measurements, removing the need to take samples back to the laboratory, providing immediate results.

Jenway Portable pH metersJenway’s new portable pH meters have been designed to readily withstand a diverse range of environments, whilst accurately and reliably measuring pH levels for a variety of sample types. Both models offer 2-point pH calibration and automatic buffer recognition, and come with a market-leading 2-year warranty.


  Special Offer on Jenway Spectrophotometers!

For a limited time only Jenway are offering a scanning spectrophotometer for the price of a non-scanning spectrophotometer.

Jenway_7315_USB_SpectrophotometerModels 7310 and 7315 are scanning visible and UV/Visible spectrophotometers with measurements modes for absorbance, % transmittance, concentration, spectrum scanning, kinetics and quantitation. Both models can save results and methods to a USB memory stick, making it easy to set up multiple instruments with the same parameters.


  Pierce 660nm protein assay using the Jenway Genova Nano

The Jenway Genova Nano is preprogrammed with parameters for a number of protein assays, several of which can be adapted for use with the micro volume accessory. Performing scaled-down reaction volumes has a number of advantages including reduction in reagent and sample volumes and use of fewer consumables such as cuvettes.

Nano-4This application note describes the use of the Pierce 660nm protein assay kit (Thermo Scientific #22662) using the Genova Nano. The assay is prepared in a microtitre plate using just 10μl of test sample and has a linear range of 50-2000μg/ml. The assay is very simple and quick to perform and is compatible with reducing agents and some detergents....


  Limited Time Sale from Bibby Scientific Offers Savings of up to 15% on all Laboratory Equipment

The Bibby Scientific Web Shop is offering exclusive savings of up to 15% on all products.

bibby saleUntil 28th February 2015, purchasers can take advantage of discounts on products from Bibby Scientific’s Techne, Electrothermal, Stuart and Jenway brands. This unique opportunity allows laboratories to purchase top quality instrumentation at limited prices, including heating mantles, melting point analysers, vortex mixers, pH meters, block heaters and thermal cyclers. As well as money-saving offers and fast delivery, everyone purchasing from...


  Reliable Chlorophyll Measurement from Jenway 67 Series Spectrophotometers

Bibby Scientific demonstrates how users of the company’s popular Jenway 67 series spectrophotometers can implement them in assessments of chlorophyll in water samples.

jenwayWhen it comes to these crucial analyses, the quality optics installed in the instruments reliably deliver results to the level of precision required to meet strict water testing requirements. Within this application note, Bibby Scientific explores how mixtures of chlorophyll a and b within samples can be distinguished by their spectra using a Jenway 6715 spectrophotometer with a narrow band width. Chlorophyll a is a crucial indicator of...


  New Micro-Volume Probes from Jenway Allow Analysis of Samples as Small as 150?l

New micro-volume probes from Jenway are designed for the accurate and reliable measurement of solutions in volumes as low as 150μl.

jenwayThe micro-volume probes are available in two variants - the 4mm probe with a 120mm reach and the 6mm probe has a 180mm reach. The specific designs of each of the probes ensure their suitability for use in test tubes and small vessels, while the small shaft diameters allow for accurate readings in sample volumes as small as 150µl and 200µl respectively. Both probes are made from glass and can be used with any of the bench conductivity meters supplied by Jenway...



Jenway offers an extensive range of laboratory meters for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity, which are all covered by a three year warranty.

pH_Meter_3520Jenway’s advanced pH and conductivity laboratory meters have automatic standard recognition to ensure accuracy of results and can be calibrated using 1, 2 or 3 calibration points. The laboratory conductivity meters have additional modes for salinity and resistivity, adding to the flexibility of these advanced meters. The 3520 dynamic pH/mV meter offers research grade specifications with a comprehensive range of features and functions, making it suitable for the broadest range of research, general laboratory, QC and GLP based applications...


  New Spectrophotometers dedicated to life science applications

Jenway have launched two new spectrophotometers dedicated to life science analysis – the Genova Plus and the Genova Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer.

Genova NanoBoth spectrophotometers are pre-programmed with methods for the measurement of ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA and oligonucleotide concentrations. The instruments are also pre-programmed with methods for measuring protein concentrations including Bradford, Lowry, BCA and direct UV assays. These protein measurement modes allow up to 12 standards, with 3 replicates of each standard, to be measured to create the standard curve....


  Entry-level spectrophotometers narrow the bandwidth and the footprint!

Jenway’s new 73 series spectrophotometer range provides entry-level instruments with a narrower spectral bandwidth of 5nm and an improved absorbance range of –0.3 to 2.5A, all within an innovative space-saving design.

Jenway_SpectrophotometerThe design of the 73 series cleverly minimises the overall footprint of the instrument by incorporating the large graphical display into the instrument’s lid. The easy to read display is ideal for demonstrations and enables live spectrum and kinetics scans to be clearly viewed. The instruments have the additional option of an integral printer, for further space saving – an important benefit in situations, such as teaching laboratories, where bench space is at a premium.


  Focused new microsite delivers all you need to know about Jenway spectrophotometers

Jenway, a brand of Bibby Scientific, has launched its newly designed microsite. The unique site, dedicated exclusively to Jenway’s innovative series of spectrophotometers and accessories, brings everything instrument users need to know into one convenient location.

Spectrophotometer from JenwayBy devoting the site solely to its spectrophotometer range, Jenway provides visitors with targeted information that meets their specific application and product needs. It features comprehensive product details on all the latest instruments, supported with additional videos and downloads. Through the microsite, visitors can also access product specific manuals, application notes and safety data sheets that reside on the main Jenway website...


  Proven Bibby Scientific range delivers instrumentation and support for reliable food testing

With issues of food integrity and safety currently in the spotlight, and demand for testing continuing to rise, only the highest standards are acceptable

Food Safety, Bibby Scientific products here to helpAs an established supplier to the industry, Bibby Scientific offers proven products from the Techne, Electrothermal, Stuart and Jenway brands that provide laboratories with a choice of instrumentation and equipment to support rapid testing and the delivery of consistent, reliable results. Techne Prime thermal cyclers, Stuart homogenisers and microcentrifuges, and Jenway pH probes and meters are all popular choices in the food testing environment...


  New videos from Jenway provide Genova Nano users with remote training

Jenway has released four new videos that demonstrate the features of the Genova Nano Micro-volume spectrophotometer

Genova Nano Micro-volume spectrophotometerThe videos can be accessed on the Bibby Scientific YouTube page and lead viewers through the use of the Genova Nano. Three of the videos demonstrate how perform a standard measurement, remove the micro-volume accessory and add a printer. Users can therefore achieve best practice from the start and be sure of getting the maximum value from the spectrophotometer by ensuring accurate and reliable results. The final video introduces and explains the features of the Genova Nano, assisting prospective customers with purchasing decisions...


  Bibby Scientific will demonstrate instruments at Fisher Activate Science around the UK

Bibby Scientific is pleased to be participating in the Fisher Activate Science roadshow in October and November 2012

Bibby Scientific will demonstrate instruments at Fisher Activate ScienceThe show aims to help attendees advance their research by introducing them to the latest scientific equipment and consumables. There will be interactive demonstrations of instruments from Bibby Scientific’s Stuart, Jenway, Electrothermal and Techne brands. These will include the Techne 3Prime and 3Prime G thermal cyclers, Jenway’s Genova Nano spectrophotometer, Stuart’s SCT1 temperature controller and undergrad hot plate stirrer setup as well as the Stuart SM5 mini stirrer. Bibby experts will be on hand to answer questions on how the instruments can meet the individual needs of laboratory users...


  New application leaflets available from Bibby Scientific

Bibby Scientific has produced a series of application leaflets showcasing elite products from the company’s Stuart, Jenway, Electrothermal and Techne brands

New application leaflets available from Bibby ScientificThis completely new set of literature focuses on key areas of expertise, such as pharmaceuticals, food and drink and biochemistry. The leaflets describe the specific benefits and features of the Bibby equipment within each sector. With useful links to videos, technical support and telephone numbers for technical experts, the leaflets are a go-to resource for making informed product choices from Bibby Scientific. The addition of the application leaflets expands Bibby’s already broad range of customer service materials...


  New videos for Jenway 73 series spectrophotometers help customers get the most from their system

In order to assist customers in the use of their 73 Series Spectrophotometers, Jenway has published online a set of videos for demonstration and training

Bibby Jenway_SpectrophotometerThe Jenway 73 series are entry level spectrophotometers with icon-driven software and a user-friendly navigation system, making them ideally suited for teaching laboratories. The online videos clearly demonstrate how to navigate the instrument, which is especially useful for users unfamiliar with spectrophotometers, and they make remote training easy and accessible. In many situations, when a customer has purchased one of the optional accessories for example, and wishes to know how to fit it, videos are often easier to follow than written instructions...


  Two new application notes from Jenway demonstrate accuracy and precision of the Genova Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer

Two new application notes from Jenway demonstrate how the Genova Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer produces fast, accurate and reproducible results

Jenway dropletThe data presented shows how precise the instrument is when measuring DNA in terms of absorbance measurement both within and between instruments. With its ability to measure sample volumes as low as 0.5 µl the Genova Nano is shown to be ideally suited for DNA, RNA and protein measurements in life science laboratories. The application notes, ‘Accuracy and precision of the Genova Nano' and ‘Pierce 660 nm protein assay using the Genova Nano', are available for download...


  Host of new Bibby Scientific products heading for ACHEMA 2012 Genova-groupBibby Scientific is the home of four famous brands - Jenway, Stuart, Techne and Electrothermal, all with reputations for product quality and exceptional performance. At Achema 2012 Bibby Scientific will be showcasing a multitude of new products. The Jenway spotlight will be focussed on the new Genova Plus - a  spectrophotometer dedicated to life science analysis, the new Genova Nano - Jenway's first ever micro-volume spectrophotometer and the 6850 - a variable spectral bandwidth double beam spectrophotometer...


  Genova Nano Jenway's Genova NanoJenway launches the highly versatile Genova Nano, a 3-in-1 life science, standard and micro-volume spectrophotometer. With all the same features and benefits of the Genova Plus life science instrument, Genova Nano includes a micro-volume accessory for highly accurate measurement of DNA, RNA and protein in sample volumes as low as 0.5µl...


  Jenway Jenway 6850 SpectrophotometerThe 6850 UV/visible spectrophotometer is Jenway's first double-beam instrument with a variable spectral bandwidth - of 5nm down to 0.5nm. This new instrument has highly stable optics and is particularly well-suited for use in laboratories where compliance to multiple regulatory agencies is required...


  Jenway pH electrode range covers routine to research applications

The extensive range of Jenway pH electrodes includes general purpose, application-specific and advanced performance electrodes, complementing Jenway's versatile portfolio of portable and bench pH meters.

Bibby Conductivity pH Meter

In order to provide the ideal electrode for almost any temperature, application, sample type and volume, over thirty different Jenway pH electrodes are available. From life science to environmental, industrial and food-related applications, there are electrodes designed with the exact characteristics required for convenient and accurate pH measurements....


  Entry-level spectrophotometers narrow the bandwidth and the footprint! Jenway's new 73 series spectrophotometer rangeJenway's new 73 series spectrophotometer range provides entry-level instruments with a narrower spectral bandwidth of 5nm and an improved absorbance range of -0.3 to 2.5A, all within an innovative space-saving design. The design of the 73 series cleverly minimises the overall footprint of the instrument by incorporating the large graphical display into the instrument's lid...


  Jenway Jenway Spectrophotometer 6800UVFor the first time, Jenway's Model 6800 spectrophotometer is available with comprehensive IQ/OQ documentation, satisfying the requirements of customers, particularly those in the pharmaceutical sector and other regulated industries. Installation qualification documentation enables customers to ensure that they install their equipment correctly, in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines...


  Bibby Scientific brands take centre stage in Singapore Bibby SingaporeFollowing the recent opening of Bibby Scientific's new sales office for Asia, the company's main dealer in Singapore, Advantech, hosted a two-day seminar presenting Jenway®, Stuart® and Techne® products. The first day of the Bibby Scientific event was attended by 19 different dealers covering the Asia region, who were briefed on a wide range of Stuart benchtop science equipment, Jenway analytical instrumentation and Techne products for life science and industrial applications...


  Bibby Scientific Ltd Acquires Electrothermal Engineering Ltd Bibby-ElectrothermalAs of May 17th 2011, Bibby Scientific Ltd., one of the UK's leading broad based manufacturers of laboratory products, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Electrothermal Engineering Ltd. from Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science...


  Bradford students measure success with Jenway spectrophotometers Bradford University’s Biomedical Sciences facility The new teaching floor of Bradford University's Biomedical Sciences facility accommodates up to 200 students, with Jenway 6300 and 6305 spectrophotometers chosen as standard equipment across the super lab...


  Jenway Jenway’s easy-to-use electrochemistry metersJenway offers an extensive range of meters for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity, which are all covered by a three year warranty. The Jenway meters range from basic portable units which are water resistant, have 500 hours battery life and are supplied with a free carry case; to advanced combined pH and conductivity laboratory meters...


  Accurate, user-friendly UV-visible spectroscopy

Jenway’s 67 series spectrophotometers offer high quality split-beam optics and a cutting-edge user interface for fast, intuitive operation.

Jenway’s 67 seriesExcellent data portability and secure multi-user operation add to the versatility of these advanced instruments. The 67 series spectrophotometers are covered by a three year warranty which includes the xenon lamp. Both models 6705 and 6715 facilitate measurements from 190nm to 1100nm using a pulsed xenon light source. Model 6715 has an ultra narrow bandwidth of 1.5nm providing even better scanning resolution


  Jenway, Stuart and Techne customers benefit from rapid-response technical support Bibby Scientific LimitedBibby Scientific supports all Jenway, Stuart and Techne equipment with comprehensive technical advice from a specialist team based on the manufacturing site. Whether users require technical advice on a product or an application, a team of trained scientists with many years' laboratory experience in research and industrial environments are on hand. Immediate advice is available by email or phone, and the aim is to respond to all enquiries within one working day...


  Super Lab selects Jenway spectrophotometers Super Lab selects Jenway spectrophotometersLondon Metropolitan University's Faculty of Life Sciences boasts the biggest wet teaching lab in Europe. With 280 individual workstations, the Super Lab offers an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, including 16 Jenway 7315 spectrophotometers.


  Jenway signals confidence in quality with new market-leading 3-year warranty on products Jenway signals confidence in quality with new market-leading 3-year warranty on productsAll Jenway chloride meters, colorimeters, flame photometers, hotplate/stirrers, conductivity meters, pH meters, dissolved oxygen meters and ion meters now come with a 3-year warranty. In addition, the guarantee on spare parts increases from six months to one year


  Jenway 73 series spectrophotometers can be prescribed to measure aspirin concentration Commonly included in chemistry courses to demonstrate the principle of using light to measure concentration, analysis of aspirin tablets can be carried out accurately by two different methods using Jenway's 73 series spectrophotometers.


  DNA measurements using the TrayCell One of the most common applications of a UV/Visible spectrophotometer is to measure the concentration of nucleic acids. Often there is very little sample available and the researcher may not wish to dilute it further in order give sufficient volume for measurement in a standard quartz cuvette. There are ultra-micro quartz cuvettes available which will allow as little as 20μl of sample to be measured directly, however they can be quite difficult to use to achieve reproducible results. An alternative, if the sample is of a sufficient concentration, is to use a TrayCell.


  New CEO heads up Bibby Scientific Bibby Scientific makes a major appointment, announcing Dr James Heffernan as the new Chief Executive Officer from 17 May.


  Entry-level spectrophotometers narrow the bandwidth Jenway's new 73 series spectrophotometer range provides entry-level instruments with a narrower spectral bandwidth of 5nm and an improved absorbance range of -0.3 to 2.5A, all within an innovative space-saving design.



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