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Mass Spec Certification

publication date: Apr 29, 2014
author/source: Worldwide Glass


Worldwide Glass Resources, Inc now offers a variety of Mass Spec certified vials, lined closures and convenience kits.


Our certified vials begin by manufacturing a maximum lot size of 50,000 vials.  The smaller manufactured lot size mitigates variables that could potentially be found during long manufacturing cycles.  Each lot is assigned a number that is unique and traceable to the specific MS data.

Sampling occurs at the beginning, middle and end of the manufacturing run to ensure that the vials were not exposed to any organic contaminants during the entire manufacturing run.  Part of the process includes the annealing of the vials at temperatures exceeding 500C.


HPLC/MS Certified for low background

  • Mobile Phase (Methanol/Acetonitrile/Water)
  • Vials tested filled with 1ml of mobile phase
  • Finnegan MAT Triple Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (Model TSQ 700) used under Negative Ion Electrospray conditions
  • Masses of 50-650 were scanned

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