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Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG

Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG

Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG


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All articles from Verder Scientific GmbH & Co. KG

  RETSCH GmbH honors pioneering research projects as part of the Scientific Challenge

With the Scientific Challenge, RETSCH, a leading manufacturer of laboratory mills and sieve shakers for the preparation and characterization of solids, has invited scientists from all over the world to present their research projects in areas such as recycling, green chemistry, materials development or life sciences. The only condition: ball mills are used in the project and the research is aimed at improving environmental and living conditions...


  Microtrac and Mark & Wedell partner to offer integrated online particle size analysis solutions

Microtrac MRB, a leading provider of particle size and shape analysis instruments, and Mark & Wedell, a global supplier of automated representative sampling systems and project management services, announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership to distribute Microtrac's Camsizer Online products worldwide as part of Mark & Wedell's JAWO sampling business unit...


  Ashing Furnaces for a wide range of materials

ashing-furnaces-wide-range-materialsCarbolite Gero's ashing furnace range covers one of the most common applications for laboratory chamber furnaces: To heat combustible samples in order to analyse the resulting ash residue. As there is no single solution for all requirements, different furnaces tailored to ashing and burn-off applications are available. Carbolite provide a comprehensive overview of the ashing process with tipps & tricks on their website...


  Automation Options for Elemental Analysis

High-capacity automated sample loading is becoming an increasingly important factor for fast and reliable analysis of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in solid samples. ELTRA has now launched a new autoloader for the ELEMENTRAC ONH-p 2 analyzer which features a sample carousel with 32 crucible positions, as well as a magazine for up to 100 crucibles. With ELTRA’s new autoloader, you can load a batch of graphite crucibles and effortlessly install a fully loaded sample carousel in one swift movement, thus ensuring fast and efficient operation...


  New Tube Furnaces Cover A Huge Variety Of Processes

Carbolite Gero’s versatile new TF & TS tube furnace range up to 1600°C incorporates high-quality heating elements and innovative thermal insulation design to achieve first class performance while maintaining both reduced case temperatures and power consumption. Investigations have shown that the power consumption is 40% lower than comparable products. This tube furnace range has been designed with flexibility in mind...


  New Planetary Ball Mill Streamlines Sample Pulverization

RETSCH’s latest addition to their extensive ball mill range, the Planetary Ball Mill PM 300, is equipped with advanced features to streamline daily lab work. The PM 300 has a maximum speed of 800 rpm, generating high energy for fast sample pulverization down to the nanometer range. The benchtop unit accommodates up to 4 stackable grinding jars, allowing for processing up to 440 ml of sample material in one run...


  VERDER Group Acquires ERWEKA

The Verder Group is proud to announce the successful acquisition of ERWEKA, a highly regarded German company renowned for its development and manufacturing of premium tablet testing equipment. With this acquisition Verder Scientific further strengthens its position and accelerates the growth trajectory in targeted niche markets with high state of the art equipment...


  Verder Group Acquires Particle Characterization Specialist Formulaction S.A.

As part of the group’s Scientific Division Formulaction will be integrated into Microtrac MRB, a leading manufacturer of Particle Characterization Systems. Formulaction is a recognized innovator in the field of laboratory equipment for analyzing Dispersion Stability & Shelf Life, Curing and Drying processes and Rheology. The addition of Formulaction to the Microtrac MRB portfolio will create a comprehensive suite of instrumentation for materials characterization practitioners...


  Versatile ball mill for mixing, pulverizing and cell disruption

With the new Mixer Mill MM 400 RETSCH has developed an extremely versatile bench-top unit which combines easy and safe handling with maximum flexibility for your sample preparation process. It is used for dry, wet and cryogenic grinding of small sample volumes up to 2 x 20 ml. The MM 400 covers a huge range of applications: from mixing and pulverizing to cell disruption for DNA/RNA- and protein extraction and mechanochemical processes...


  Looking for flexibility in your elemental analysis?

Compared to elemental analysis of carbon (including TIC and TOC), sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen concentrations with spectrometric methods, combustion analysis offers several advantages, including the ability to measure a wide concentration range from 1 ppm up to 100%, short analysis times, easy operation of the analytical instruments, and highly reliable measurement results...


  Maximize Your Sorption Analysis!

Optimize your lab space, accuracy and flexibility with Microtrac's BELSORP MAX X, the latest model in the BELSORP MAX series. This high-precision gas / vapor adsorption analyzer can measure up to four samples over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. BELSORP MAX X covers a broad array of analysis capabilities from specific surface area, pore size distribution, gas and vapor adsorption to chemisorption. Thanks to its compact design, it fits on any lab bench...


  Surface area and pore size distribution analysis of up to 4 samples

Microtrac MRB’s BELSORP MINI X allows measuring specific surface area, pore size distribution and total pore volume. It shows outstanding features resulting into the world’s highest repeatability with significantly reduced measurement time. The instrument features up to 4 sample measurement ports and new high-throughput functions including multi-device control...



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