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Carbolite Gero Limited

Carbolite Gero Limited

Carbolite Gero Limited


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All articles from Carbolite Gero Limited

  Ashing Furnaces for a wide range of materials

ashing-furnaces-wide-range-materialsCarbolite Gero's ashing furnace range covers one of the most common applications for laboratory chamber furnaces: To heat combustible samples in order to analyse the resulting ash residue. As there is no single solution for all requirements, different furnaces tailored to ashing and burn-off applications are available. Carbolite provide a comprehensive overview of the ashing process with tipps & tricks on their website...


  New Tube Furnaces Cover A Huge Variety Of Processes

Carbolite Gero’s versatile new TF & TS tube furnace range up to 1600°C incorporates high-quality heating elements and innovative thermal insulation design to achieve first class performance while maintaining both reduced case temperatures and power consumption. Investigations have shown that the power consumption is 40% lower than comparable products. This tube furnace range has been designed with flexibility in mind...


  Ashing Process Optimisation & Safety Webinar

Join the team from Carbolite Gero and Retsch for a FREE 45-minute webinar on Wednesday 4th May starting at 11:30 British Summer Time. The panel for this short webinar will explore safety and process optimisation in an Ashing Furnace including tips & tricks for sample preparation. Combining recorded video with live discussion this webinar is aimed at anyone involved with Ashing materials...


  NEW Range of Rotary Reactor Tube Furnaces

Carbolite Gero's versatile new TSO rotary / oscillatory reactor tube furnace range incorporates high-quality heating elements and innovative thermal insulation design. The TSO tube furnace body is split into two halves and pneumatically hinged to the rear. The ability to open the furnace makes it easier for operators to insert vessels, such as reactors, with end flanges that would make them difficult to insert into a non-split furnace...



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