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All articles from Radleys

  A Look Back on Chemistry in 2019

2019 was an exciting year for science as it marked the 150th birthday of the periodic table of elements and as a result, the year was designated as the International Year of the Periodic Table. From an old invention to modern day discoveries, in this article Radleys take a look at some more recent advances in the field of Chemistry and the highlights of 2019....


  New Case Study - How Automation is Increasing Productivity within Labs

Radleys explores and looks into how automation is making a significant difference to labs, offering a variety of benefits. It is arguable that we are currently in the midst of an automation revolution. Most things are becoming digitised and everywhere you turn, it seems that technology is doing a job once reserved for a human. From the self-service checkout at the supermarket, to the maps app on your smartphone; some things are now so ingrained in our everyday lives....


  How To Increase Productivity & Efficiency In Laboratories

Lab work, as I’m sure you’re aware, comes with many pressures, and one of which is productivity.Streamlined efficiency and making your lab work as hard as possible can often be high up on the agenda. In this post, the experts at Radleys, offer actionable tips and advice on improving productivity. Whether it’s in advanced laboratories, schools or universities, the issue of productivity has long been the source of sleepless nights for chemists worldwide....


  Radleys’ Reaction Station Meeting Chemistry Demand

In May 2017 Radleys, UK based chemistry equipment and laboratory tools manufacturer, launched Mya 4, a brand new reaction station that has since benefited many businesses and laboratories with improved flexibility, efficiency and space-saving. Meeting the demands of the modern lab in over 14 countries, Mya 4’s introduction to the market has been hugely successful, making chemistry more productive than ever...


  How We Tackle Antibiotic Resistance Now

antiThe fight against antibiotic resistance is real and is something we all have a responsibility in tackling.

In fact, Antibiotic resistance kills an estimated 700,000 people each year and has fuelled the re-emergence of illnesses that had become a rarity in many parts of the world....


  Four Budgeting Tips for Saving Money in Your Lab

Formulating a budget should be the first thing that comes to mind when dealing with money.

Radleys lab budgetUnavoidable but essential, it is just as important in a lab as in other aspects of life; and while you don’t receive any more money simply by budgeting, it does allow you to make the most of the money you have. Radleys, a UK leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment, is here to help with a few tips to help with budgeting in the lab....


  Time to change the way we do chemistry as Radleys launch the Mya 4 Reaction Station

Chemistry is becoming more productive than ever before, as UK manufacturer Radleys launch their new Mya 4 Reaction Station.

Mya 4 Reaction StationMya 4 is a 4-zone reaction station that offers precise heating, active cooling, software control and data logging for 24/7 unattended chemistry. The new Reaction Station allows for multiple experiments with individual control in a single compact benchtop system....


  5 Unsung Heroes Who are Transforming the Environment Industry

Compiling a list of chemists isn’t that difficult, just open a text book.

radleysHowever, while we’re all aware of Marie Curie, Lois Pasteur and every Nobel Prize winner for chemistry, there are a large number of chemists who are changing the environment today, that you’ve probably never heard of. While you might not know their names, you certainly know their work....


  4 Ways to Create a More Eco-Friendly Lab

Climate change is happening and every workplace has a part to play in reducing our total carbon footprint. Individual laboratories and those in schools, universities and other institutions are no different. Labs are being held accountable more and more on how they manage energy, recycle waste and conduct experiments.

radleysThe good news is there a few steps every lab can take to create an eco-friendlier environment, without compromising results. Radleys, a leading provider of scientific glassware, is here to offer some top tips for creating a greener lab…


  Small innovations at Radleys are Making a World of Difference at Roche

Radleys Findenser Super Air Condenser has made a considerable impression at Roche, Switzerland after Daniel Zimmerli and his intern put ten of the innovative devices through their paces with Roche internal testing.

Roche Basel Switzerland He was able to confirm that the Findenser not only saves precious water, but also completely removes the risk of leaks and flooding in the laboratory. “If I had my way, good old water or intensive condensers would soon be a thing of the past” said Dr Zimmerli, speaking in an interview for the company magazine myRoche 2015/4, “this small, relatively inconspicuous laboratory device will bring about considerable improvements...


  Findensers Reduce Water Consumption at the University of Cardiff by 3000 Litres per Day

The chemistry teaching laboratories at the University of Cardiff were using expensive bespoke water condensers to trap the exhaust gases of rotary evaporator vacuum pumps.

Cardiff Uni FindenserSeveral were needed for their new teaching laboratory, so they decided to look at alternatives. They settled on the Findenser super air condenser, which requires no running water to operate. As a result, it is estimated that the labs will reduce their water usage by ~ 3,000 litres of water per day. This will reduce water purchase and disposal costs AND help the University of Cardiff meet its overall target of a 3% reduction in water usage per annum. The Chief Technician commented...


  Dart Neuroscience Switch to Reactor-Ready with AVA Lab Control Software

After a major investment in multiple systems with semi-permanently mounted vessels, each occupying a dedicated fume hood with a dedicated circulator, Dart Neuroscience switched to Reactor-Ready and Reactor-Ready Pilot systems with a selection of vacuum jacketed process vessels.

Dr. Jing Liu, Scientist III, Process ChemistryThe systems included software control, as valuable process data was not being recorded via manual methods. Radley systems have mostly replaced the previous brand in the lab and the user experience is much improved due to well-designed hardware:


  Carousel 12 Improves Productivity in a Busy R&D Lab

As the pace of innovation increases, many companies are switching from the traditional process of ‘one-at-a-time’ analogue synthesis, which is time consuming and highly labour intensive, to more efficient methods. 

Carousel 12 Plus Reaction SystemThis was the case in the small, space-limited R&D laboratory at the School of Pharmaceutical Science, Sun Yat-Sen University where they wanted to improve the productivity of experiments, consistency and safety. Using their existing setup of a simple water condenser, heated magnetic stirrer and glass flask for drug synthesis / combination reactions they experienced long reaction times and with limited space, project progress was always slow. After testing...


  Reactor-Ready Used for the Novel Manufacture of a Nano-Polymer for 3D Printing of Implantable Body Parts

Five years ago, few people had heard of 3D printing, but now computer-generated images are being used to create body parts.

Polymer Synthesis DevelopmentScientists at University College London are using 3D printing to create ears made out of polyurethane-type polymers, to be implanted onto children with severe disfigurements in the first clinical trial of its kind. The scientific team has been testing the process by implanting a 3D ear on a rat. The operation is a major medical breakthrough and could radically change organ transplants. Professor Seifalian’s Group at University College London...


  Findenser “a Fantastic Innovation” says University Of California Researchers

In 2014 the State of California was in the midst of an unprecedented drought with a big drive from the State of California University Office of the President to save water.

Professor Seth CohenProfessor Seth Cohen of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) says "Safety culture improvement is a high priority at UCSD. When I was introduced to Findenser, I immediately saw the opportunity to eliminate costly floods that result from condenser hose leaks. UCSD has also undertaken a campus-wide initiative to reduce energy and water consumption and Findenser is the perfect product for...


  NEW AVA Lab Control Software – Smart Automation, Tracking and Control

AVA Software, developed by Radleys (Saffron Walden), is a major step-change in lab control software to enable the scientist to work smarter and complete projects faster.

lab control softwareAVA is very easy to use and can control and log data from a variety of manufacturer’s laboratory equipment. It offers four software levels to suit the application and budget, controlling a single stirring hotplate up to a multi-device jacketed reaction system. For those who may be interested in the software, it can be downloaded for a FREE trial....


  Heidolph Rotary Evaporator Features in C4 Gadget Man Show

Ever fancied a clear smooth coffee with all the flavour and none of the bitterness? This is what Richard Ayoade, presenter of Channel 4’s, the Gadget Man, wanted in his restaurant of the future.

Gadget Man_HeidolphHeidolph-UK was able to achieve this using the Hei-VAP rotary evaporator which featured in Series 3 Episode 7 about Cooking and Dining Out. Finding new ways of enhancing familiar flavours and even creating new flavours is at the heart of great cooking and is the reason why rotary evaporators are found not only in laboratories but also in the kitchens of Michelin-starred restaurants. Operating at a very low atmospheric pressure, the...


  Radleys New 2014 International Product Guide

Radleys is a world leader in innovative chemistry tools for safer, cleaner, greener and more productive chemical research.

radleys product guide

Our unique blend of chemistry and engineering expertise has enabled us to develop equipment for chemical synthesis, process development, work-up and evaporation. With over 20,000 systems installed worldwide, our customers are the leading blue-chip, industrial and academic research facilities around the globe.


  Tornado hits Chinese labs

As growing numbers of Chinese pharmaceutical companies increase their investment in drug discovery, the adoption of technology to increase their chemical synthesis throughput is growing fast.


There has been considerable interest in the RadleysTornado and Carousel 6 system, which offers controlled parallel heating and mechanical stirring of up to 6 x 250ml flask within a compact benchtop footprint. Professor Chen Biqiang from the College of Life Science and Technology at the Beijing Institute of Chemical Technology recently invested in a Tornado system . He commented, “I am primarily engaged in the research of enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acid glycerides and previously used a water bath and mechanical agitation to deal with a sample...


  StarFish the multi-experiment workstation – small footprint, big work load

How many laboratories are short of space because of lots of individual set-ups – stirring hotplates, water baths and heating mantles, each requiring their own electrics, gas and cooling water supply?

 StarFishThe innovative StarFish from Radleys, really is a space AND cost saver. Using existing laboratory stirring hotplates and glassware, its small footprint can be configured to perform complex procedures in parallel, including synthesis, extraction, concentration and distillation, really improving productivity....


  Heidolph Distimatic “makes large scale solvent evaporation easy and saves money” says the University of Bristol

The new Distimatic, available from Radleys has made large volume, solvent evaporation easy for the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol.

Distimatic BristolDr. Luke Elliot and Professor Kevin Booker-Milburn from the School of Chemistry have invested in the Distimatic system to assist with the scale-up of photochemical reactions, a process that requires relatively dilute conditions. They reported “... we found solvent evaporation was becoming a major bottle-neck to further scale-up within the confines of a conventional lab fume-cupboard. Simply attending to the basic processes of evaporation, refilling and emptying flasks, required a surprising amount of time. All this time is saved by the Distimatic, since it fully takes over after pressing a few buttons. This allows more time to be spent focussing on the chemistry...


  Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor

The NEW Reactor-Ready Pilot from Radleys is a universal, pilot scale, jacketed reaction system designed for use with a range of vessels from 5 litres to 20 litres.

Reactor-Ready Pilot Lab Reactor

Developed following the success of the bench-top Reactor-Ready (100ml to 5 litre vessels), Reactor-Ready Pilot is ideal for process development, scale-up, pilot and kilo labs. This one reactor work station can replace multiple frameworks, saving fume hood space and costs on multiple set-ups. Radleys manufacture a range of interchangeable vessels with 1.25 to 1 ratio to mimic plant scale reactors. All vessels operate across a temperature range of -70°C to +230°C...


  Improving the productivity of your chemistry Radleys have chosen the forthcoming Achema 2012 to launch an extended range of jacketed reactors and parallel synthesisers designed to improve the productivity of busy medicinal and process chemistry labs.

radleysVisitors to Stand D36, Hall 4.2 will have the chance to see Radleys' range of jacketed lab reactors including the NEW Reactor-Ready pilot scale lab reactor. Radleys unique reaction systems offer process development chemists and chemical engineers the option of single or multiple jacketed or vacuum jacketed reactors from 100ml to 20 litres in a single system...


  Tornado Plus heats, cools and stirs viscous samples in parallel Tornado PlusThe Radleys' Tornado Plus System ( is the ideal synthesis solution for stirring both viscous samples and for the dispersion of delicate solids in solution; where conventional magnetic stirring is not suitable. Tornado Plus allows scientists to use a single overhead stirrer to simultaneously deliver high-torque mechanical stirring to six round bottom flasks from 50 to 250ml. The Tornado saves valuable fumehood space, money and increases the productivity of your work by up to 600%, when compared with conventional set-ups...


  Highly efficient tool for organic synthesis Radleys Carousel 12 Plus Reaction StationThe versatility, reproducibility and productivity needed by Contract Research or Synthesis Laboratories is provided by the Carousel 12 PlusTM Reaction Station - the proven industry standard for productive organic synthesis. The Radleys Carousel 12 Plus Reaction Station has been designed to provide busy contract research and synthesis laboratories with an easy to use tool that simultaneously heat or cools, stirs and refluxes up to 12 samples (1-20ml) under an inert atmosphere...


  Reactor-Ready Duo increases the productivity of synthesis at the University of Warwick Reactor-Ready Duo The Reactor-Ready Duo Lab Reactor from Radleys supports two jacketed glass reaction vessels of different or similar volume from 100ml to 5 litres, in series or parallel. Associate Professor, Stefan Bon, from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick has invested in four systems for use within his polymer research team ‘The Bon Polymer Colloids Group' (BonLab) The Bon Group are leaders in polymer research, focusing on the chemistry and physics of colloidal systems and more complex supracolloidal structures...


  New Carousel 6 Plus improves the productivity of your chemistry Radleys Carousel 6 PlusRadleys has announced a new and improved version of their popular Carousel 6 Reaction Station; the world's favourite parallel synthesiser. The Carousel 6 Plus Reaction Station has been designed to provide chemists with an easy to use productivity tool that simultaneously heats and/or cools, stirs and refluxes up to 6 round bottom flasks from 5ml to 250ml under an inert atmosphere. The Carousel 6 Plus is ideal for all popular solution phase and solid phase syntheses...


  NEW Huber Circulator & Water Bath Catalogue Huber CatalogueHuber UK, specialists in circulators, thermoregulators, chillers and water baths has published its 2011 ‘High Precision Thermoregulation' catalogue. With a range of over 500 products, offering precise temperature control from -120°C to +425°C, and cooling and heating power of between 0.1 kW and 130 kW - Huber offer a product for almost every thermal application and process...


  Improving the productivity of your chemistry... Improving the productivity of your chemistryRadleys has announced publication of Volume 6 of its International Product Guide - ‘Improving the productivity of your chemistry...' Radleys is the market leader for affordable personal chemistry tools, offering an unrivalled range of productive, high performance, chemical synthesis, work-up, evaporation and process development systems...


  Datalog and control your jacketed reaction system with ease Radleys’ new Control SoftwareRadleys' new Control Software ( allows chemists to datalog and control multiple devices including stirrers, circulators, balances, pumps, temperature sensors and other devices. The Control Software is designed to control jacketed reaction systems, including Radleys' Reactor-Ready, Reactor-Ready Duo, Lara CLR plus other popular reactor makes...


  Heidolph 2011 Catalogue HeidolphHeidolph UK is pleased to announce the publication of the NEW 2011 Heidolph Catalogue. The new catalogue details the full bench-top product range available from Heidolph including the Hei-Vap range of intelligent Rotary Evaporators and popular range of MR Series Stirring Hotplates...


  Perform 6 reactions at once, from 5ml to 250ml

The Carousel 6 reaction station from Radleys ( sets the standard for increasing the productivity of your bench-top chemistry.


  Making your chemistry safer, cleaner and faster…

The Heat-On range, available from Radleys, is an easy to use heating and stirring work station. Designed to accept standard round bottom flasks from 10ml to 5 litres, they are the safest, fastest most efficient way of heating and stirring a round bottom flask…


  Accelerating process optimisation in a busy chemical development lab... The new Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor from Radleys, UK ( provides an immediate benefit to a busy process development lab.


  Reactor-Ready Lab Reactor

Reactor-Ready is an affordable, bench-top reaction system with an innovative framework that accepts jacketed vessels from 250ml to 5 litres. Change vessels in minutes - not hours, scale your reactions up with ease, plus with a range of vacuum jacketed reactors you get excellent temperature control.



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