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Promega UK Ltd

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All articles from Promega UK Ltd

  CRISPR-Cas9 Knock-In Efficiency Enhanced Using Small-Molecule Inhibitor Pair, Study Shows

Promega scientists contribute to new research to improve precision and efficiency of groundbreaking gene editing technique. A new study published in Nature Communications demonstrates how small molecule inhibitors can be used to improve the precision and efficiency of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. The results demonstrate how this groundbreaking technique can be enhanced by using two inhibitors to boost insertion rates and reduce off-target effects...


  DNA-Encoded Libraries (DELs) and NanoBRET™ Target Engagement Assays Accelerate Drug Discovery

A new study demonstrates how the combination of DNA-encoded libraries (DELs) and NanoBRET Target Engagement technology can accelerate early-stage drug discovery. Reported in Cell Chemical Biology, researchers from Promega Corporation and WuXi AppTec generated new chemical probes from molecules identified through a DEL screen. This research opens new opportunities to develop novel NanoBRET Target Engagement Assays aimed at many understudied classes of proteins, rapidly accelerating “hit to lead” efforts in identifying new potential therapeutics...


  Promega UK Announces Winners of the 2023 Helix Sustainability Awards

The Life Sciences Company based on the University of Southampton Science Park in Hampshire, has announced the winners of this year’s Helix Sustainability Awards. The awards are in their sixth year and celebrate the sustainability efforts made by leading academic, clinical, and commercial customers in the Life Sciences Sector. Helix is an onsite RFID (Radio Frequency ID) laboratory product storage system, used to support scientists with their research...


  New Promega Chemistry Will Enable Forensic DNA Labs to Solve More Challenging Cases

New chemistry for DNA analysis will empower forensic laboratories to overcome common challenges including degraded and inhibited samples. PowerPlex® 35GY System, launched by Promega Corporation, is a first-of-its-kind eight-colour DNA analysis kit that helps forensic laboratories get more information out of their most challenging samples. The kit works in tandem with Spectrum CE System, a capillary electrophoresis instrument launched by Promega in 2022...


  Wastewater Testing Labs Can Automate Sample Processing for High Throughput With All-In-One Kit

Wastewater testing labs can now scale up their infectious disease surveillance using two reliable technologies in a single kit. The new system released by Promega Corporation pairs the company’s Maxwell HT chemistry® with Ceres Nanosciences’ Nanotrap® particles, an established technology for capturing and concentrating low-abundance analytes such as viral particles. Together, these technologies empower labs to purify pathogen nucleic acids from wastewater samples in high-throughput workflows...


  Promega Launches Sanger Sequencing Chemistry Compatible With All Capillary Electrophoresis Platforms

Research labs performing Sanger sequencing can now use Promega chemistry on any capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform. The ProDye™ Terminator Sequencing System, launched by Promega Corporation, can be implemented on any CE instrument, including the benchtop Spectrum Compact CE System. More than 40 years after its invention, Sanger sequencing remains the gold standard for DNA sequencing....


  Applications of Bioluminescent Research Tools Showcased at Global Seminar Series

Life science and drug discovery researchers interested in bioluminescent tools will have the opportunity to hear from global thought leaders on the possibilities and applications of luciferase technologies during the upcoming Discover Glo 2021 virtual seminar series. Hosted by Promega and held September 13-16, the series will advance understanding in important therapeutic areas such as Targeted Protein Degradation and Kinase Biology...


  Wastewater Testing Labs Can Detect SARS-CoV-2 in Less Than Four Hours with New Methods

A complete workflow developed by Promega Corporation enables wastewater testing laboratories, including public health organizations, to quickly assess the health of entire communities from a single sample. The Maxwell® RSC Enviro Total Nucleic Acid Kit and Wizard® Enviro Total Nucleic Acid Kit join a growing portfolio of products that support wastewater surveillance to monitor the spread of SARS-CoV-2....


  Promega launches XpressAmp

Promega Corporation has released XpressAmp™ Direct Amplification Reagents that facilitate RNA extraction-free sample preparation that is automation-friendly. With this innovation, laboratories testing for COVID-19 have a new tool that enables them to skip the potentially bottlenecked RNA extraction step of the workflow and move directly to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification....


  Promega Launches Spectrum Compact CE Benchtop DNA Analysis Instrument with Hitachi High-Tech

Promega has launched its benchtop capillary electrophoresis (CE) instrument, the Spectrum Compact CE System, developed in collaboration with Hitachi High-Tech. The personal CE system is an integrated DNA analysis instrument that enables life scientists in laboratories of all sizes to perform Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis at the bench. The instrument supports applications such as microsatellite instability analysis, mixed sample analysis, forensic STR analysis, and cell line authentication....


  New Promega Microsatellite Instability Molecular Test, OncoMate

A new CE-IVD marked diagnostic test for microsatellite instability (MSI) in solid tumours, the OncoMate™ MSI Dx Analysis System (OncoMate™ MSI) by Promega, offers UK clinicians a new option for testing for Lynch Syndrome....



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