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Nickel-Electro Ltd.

Nickel-Electro Ltd.

Nickel-Electro Ltd.


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All articles from Nickel-Electro Ltd.

  See the latest products from Nickel-Electro at Lab Innovations

Among the products on offer are the popular NE1D water baths, which provide a digital bath at an analogue price without compromising quality. The NE1D comes in 4, 14 or 22 litre capacity with display showing actual or set temperature in 1°C increments and designed for immersion of flasks, bottle and racks in a highly stable temperature environment....


  Nickel-Electro Create a Splash with the release of the new Ne3 Range Nickel-Electro Nickel-Electro is delighted to announce the release of its specialist but affordable NE3 water baths that comprise the latest addition to its range of leading, temperature control equipment. The baths are available in a variety of sizes, from 4, 8, 14 and 28 Litre capacities, and are supplied complete with a conveniently hinged, lightweight, clear polycarbonate gable lid, which can be angled back to enable clear access to the water bath...


  NICKEL-ELECTRO INTRODUCE THEIR COOLEST TECHNOLOGY WITH THE LAUNCH OF THE NE040 SERIES REFRIGERATED CENTRIFUGES Nickel-Electro, the leading manufacturer of temperature control equipment, has the pleasure of announcing the release of the NE040 Series of Refrigerated Centrifuges.


  NICKEL-ELECTRO LAB ARMORTM – SO COOL IT’S HOT! Nickel-Electro, manufacturer of the popular Clifton range of temperature control equipment, is now offering the revolutionary Lab ArmorTM range, specifically designed to keep substances at temperature wherever they are in the lab.


  THE HEAT IS ON WITH NEW CLIFTON DRYING OVENS Nickel-Electro is pleased to announce a new range of Clifton Fan Assisted and Natural Circulation Drying Ovens in a comprehensive choice of sizes each providing a temperature controlled environment in a high grade stainless steel chamber, sealed by a solid door.


  About Nickel Electro Nickel-Electro is the UK-based designer and manufacturer of the popular Clifton Range of temperature controlled equipment and instrumentation. Trading since 1941 a continuous programme of investment and development has established Nickel-Electro as a leading manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation.





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