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Nickel-Electro, manufacturer of the popular Clifton range of temperature control equipment, is now offering the revolutionary Lab ArmorTM range, specifically designed to keep substances at temperature wherever they are in the lab.

The core product in the range is Bath ArmorTM - thermally efficient pellets that are both moisture and gas impermeable with high thermal conductivity. Designed for use in Water Baths and Blockheaters, the beads are smooth and rounded in appearance, reduce water consumption and are easy to wash or sterilise.

With Water Baths, Bath ArmorTM replaces the water in the bath itself and eliminates the need for racks,floaties or bottle weights. It also eliminates water borne contamination and protects the Bath from drying out. The beads make a Water Baths significantly more energy efficient. Water constantly evaporates during Water Bath operation, and cools as it evaporates. This evaporative-cooling effect means that Bath must heat more frequently and this obviously increases energy consumption. However, when using Bath ArmorTM a Bath will use over 4 times less energy when it is set to 65°C and over 2 times less at 37°C. An additional benefit is that a bead bath provides a more constant temperature and there are fewer temperature fluctuations during operation.

When used with Blockheaters, Bath ArmorTM replaces pre-drilled blocks and is used to fill the heating well, suiting all tube sizes. This is more convenient for the user as there are no blocks to switch out when incubating different sized tubes and provides a more flexible working system, as it allows a variety of items – a bottle, a petri dish and a multi-well plate for example - to all be incubated. The fact that there is no longer a need to buy any blocks provides valuable cost savings.

The Lab ArmorTM Chill Bucket is a revolutionary ice bucket that works without ice, it chills whilst keeping the contents dry with no risk or contamination from wet ice. The Chill Bucket effectively eliminates the risk of melted ice, puddles, floating tubs and wet or contaminated samples.

The Chill Bucket is simple to use – the Bead Bag and Chill Bags just need to be cooled in a refrigerator or freezer from 4°C to -20°C. It will then deliver up to 8 hours of constant cooling on two ice packs or with a handful of dry ice pellets. Every Chill Bucket Kit includes a durable polyurethane laboratory bucket and lid, two gel packs and a mesh sack containing 1.5 litres of metallic thermal beads.

The Lab ArmorTM Walkabout Scoop Tray has proven insulative properties, keeping samples and reagents at temperature when they are moved around. At just a quarter the size of a traditional lab bucket, the Walkabout Scoop Tray is literally the first incubator you carry around with you and can help reduce temperature fluctuations in your air-filled lab equipment.

Melvin Dickson, Managing Director of Nickel-Electro says: “We are all very excited about the Lab ArmorTM range because it offers a range of benefits that genuinely makes a difference in the lab .”

For more information about these and all Nickel-Electro products visit their website at: or contact Melvin Dickson direct on 01934 626691.

All products in the Clifton range come with a 3 year warranty.

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