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Astell Scientific Ltd

Astell Scientific Ltd

Astell Scientific Ltd


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All articles from Astell Scientific Ltd

  Features to consider when purchasing a Pass-Through autoclave

A double door, or pass-through autoclave provides a pathway for objects into a room. Anything entering or leaving via this portal is sterilised. This is especially useful when either trying to keep biologically hazardous materials inside or out of a room. However, not all pass-through autoclaves are equal. Let’s have a look at some of the features you should consider when purchasing a pass-through autoclave...


  Astell Scientific explain Load Sensed Process Timing, with special offer for Lab Bulletin Subscribers.

Astell Scientific are offering all Laboratory Bulletin subscribers the special offer of a free LSPT Probe with each new Astell Autoclaves. Autoclave sterilisation works by heating objects to the temperature at which all biological matter is either killed or deactivated. Assuring objects in your autoclave have reached the required temperature for the correct length of time is therefore essential to ensure sterilisation....


  Two Chambers can be Better than One

Duaclave twin chamber rangeIf your laboratory is facing an increase in demand for sterilised items but has little or no space to accommodate a larger autoclave, Astell Scientific can provide a solution with its innovative ‘Duaclave’ twin chamber range. A ‘Duaclave’ is made up of two autoclaves stacked one above the other, built in to one frame, to provide a secure and stable unit with twice the capacity of an autoclave occupying the same floor space. Each of the circular chambers can...


  Astell Introduces Closed Door Drying Benchtop Autoclaves

Benchtop Autofill closed Astell Scientific has launched a new range of medium capacity benchtop autoclaves which feature a closed door drying function and chamber accessories suitable for sterilising wrapped and unwrapped instruments of the kind typically used in veterinary hospitals, regional care centres and large dental clinics. Available in three sizes of 33, 43 and 63 litres, each unit is supplied with a PED/ASME approved stainless steel chamber, two wire...


  Astell releases new autoclave and EDS product guide

Astell Scientific is pleased to announce the release of a new full-range product catalogue containing autoclaves, effluent decontamination systems (EDS), steam generators and more. Comprising 36 colour pages, the catalogue includes two new model ranges as well as listing all circular and square section autoclaves, from 33 litre benchtop to 1200 litre pass-through. It also includes explanation of important options for cooling, vacuum and direct steam – to name just a few....


  Integrated Hoist for Astell Vertical Autoclaves adds Loading Safety and Versatility

main top-loading circular section autoclave rangeAstell Scientific has added a new lifting hoist to the options available on its main top-loading circular section autoclave range. The electrically powered hoist can raise and lower loads of up to 40kg and provides a safe way to manage tall, heavy or bulky items, mitigating the potential for personal injury or accidental damage. The hoist comprises of a 3-position boom arm which can be lowered and folded for storage, a durable electronic winch motor...


  Astell Scientific to showcase new products at Achema

Leading autoclave manufacturer Astell Scientific is participating in the forthcoming ACHEMA 2018 exhibition and World Forum for the process industries, representing its comprehensive range of sterilizers. Visitors will be able to see examples of Astell’s ‘plug and play’ self-contained small capacity autoclaves, available with front loading circular chambers in sizes from 33 to 63 litres, or in top loading form with 63 litres capacity....


  Astell Scientific

Astell Scientific is pleased to announce it is introducing a range of circular chamber sterilizers fitted with sliding doors to complement its comprehensive range of square section models. The new range offers all the features of Astell’s popular front loading ‘Swiftlock’ machines but removes the hinged door, improving access and reducing required floor space. Available in five chamber sizes, from 120 litres up to 344 litres in capacity, the sliding door circular autoclaves are fitted with...


  Astell Scientific launches dedicated Effluent Decontamination Systems website

Astell Scientific, the leading UK manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves, is delighted to announce the launch of a new website and brand name covering its range of aqueous Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS). Under the name AstellBio, the Kent based company will offer custom built sterilization systems designed to treat waste water from BSL level 3 laboratories and other specialist research and high containment facilities...


  Astell Scientific Releases Remote Access /Network Connected Autoclaves

latest Remote Access /Network ConnectivityAstell Scientific, leaders is sterilization since 1884, is delighted to announce the release of its latest Remote Maintenance/Diagnosis product option.

The feature enables secure network connectivity, remote access, and diagnostics on any of its compatible circular or square section autoclaves. Codenamed ‘RDM101’, the option is available on all new-build autoclaves featuring the latest version Astell colour touchscreen controller...


  New Video Tutorials for Astell

Astell Scientific, the UK’s leading autoclave manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of a new section of its website dedicated to hosting video.

astellThe first area of focus is that of Astell’s advanced colour touchscreen controller, with a selection of seventeen video tutorials available to explain common functions and setting adjustments, making it easy for owners of Astell sterilizers to find the perfect setup. Each clip provides a walk-through of steps....


  Astell Introduces Autoclave Controller Software that Meets the Guidelines of FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Astell Scientific, the UK’s leading autoclave manufacturer, is pleased to announce the launch of a new software option that enables its full range of autoclaves to meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature regulations.

FDA 21 CFR part 11 software for Astell’s autoclave rangeThe software is targeted towards customers operating in the pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industries, but can bring benefits to a much wider range of applications should traceability be of key importance when specifying a sterilizer....


  Astell and JW Lees - A Little Bit of History

Leading autoclave and steriliser manufacturers, Astell Scientific, has a proud history dating back to 1884, but even they were slightly taken aback when Manchester brewers JW Lees asked them to replace their Astell laboratory autoclave: it was 30 years old!

AMA large toploader edit widerJW Lees has been brewing since 1828 and produces a range of cask ales including CAMRA award-winning Moonraker dark ale, and limited edition seasonal cask ales, as well as lagers and smooth beers. The laboratory monitors the microbiology of the brewing process from wort to final packaging....


  Astell Scientific to present new-look autoclave range at ARABLAB 2017

UK manufacturer and ‘Leaders in Sterilization’ Astell Scientific will be exhibiting at ARABLAB 2017 to represent its latest products, including a new-look range of autoclaves and steam sterilizers.

Astell AutoclavesThe new range of circular chamber autoclaves is available in sizes from 33 to 344 litres in capacity, as benchtop, compact, and free-standing units, and with options of top and front loading chambers. All benefit from improvements in design, operation and functionality, as visitors to the show will be able to see first-hand....


  Astell Helps the Fight Against Cancer

Astell Scientific, the UK’s leading supplier of autoclaves, is helping to ensure the safety and reliability of laboratory work at Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London

Loading Astell square autoclaveA Cancer Research UK Centre of Excellence, Barts research is directed at preventing cancer and developing better diagnostic techniques and treatments to increase patient survival rates. All the media, instruments, pipettes, tubes and blades used by the researchers in their experiments must be sterilised before use to ensure the scientific integrity of results....


  Astell Scientific

Astell Scientific, leaders in sterilization since 1884, are pleased to announce the launch of their new website.

Website Swiftlock screengrabFollowing recent corporate branding changes and the release of a new-look autoclave range, the new website combines these elements into a dynamic online platform suitable for browsing on modern digital devices. The website employs a bold and simple site structure designed to enhance navigation and showcase the full range of sterilization products available to customers....


  Astell Roll Out Latest Colour Touchscreen Controllers for New Autoclave Range

Following more than 12 years of success with colour touchscreen controllers, Astell Scientific is introducing its latest version controller as standard fitment to all models in the range.

Astell Controller Edit CycleIncorporating new innovations in control system technology, the Astell controller consists of a wipe clean touchscreen measuring 5.7 inches which is based on an industrial PLC system, combined with a number of analogue and digital input/output modules....


  New Look Autoclave Range from Astell Scientific

Astell Scientific, the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of autoclaves, steam generators and effluent decontamination systems is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved range of autoclaves.

swiftlock narrow right closedThe new range of circular chamber autoclaves is available in various sizes, as benchtop, compact, and free-standing units, and with options of top and front loading configurations. Each benefit from a number of improvements designed to enhance the look, operation and functionality, ensuring Astell remain the first choice for laboratory autoclave supply....


  No Drain? No Problem!

If you are looking for a new autoclave, some manufacturers will tell you that it is essential to have a drain, a compressor and a suitable power supply.

Autofill Autoclaves

This is a common situation when looking to purchase a small autoclave for laboratory use - but how practical is it to locate your autoclave near a drain? Often autoclaves are benchtop mounted, or the preferred location (from an ergonomic perspective) is an area where no such facilities exist. For many autoclaves the solution can be far from practical: the building infrastructure may need alteration, or alternatively the autoclave ends up being positioned in a room that has the necessary drainage requirements, but is far from ideal. In addition, small autoclaves that require compressors in order to operate....


  Astell Multi-media cooling system saves up to 60% sterilizing time

Astell AutoclavesAstell Scientific, the UK's leading manufacturer of autoclaves and sterilizers has introduced advanced cooling technology. CYCLON COOLING system can cut sterilizing and cooling times of large bottled loads such as culture media by up to 60%. This is a major benefit in microbiology laboratories where large quantities of culture media need to be processed quickly. A reduction in cycle time means that more loads can be processed during normal working hours, improving efficiency and reducing costs...


  CAT 3 & CAT 4 Effluent Decontamination Systems Astell Effluent and Waste Water Decontamination system Astell manufacture a wide range of aqueous liquid Effluent Decontamination Systems (EDS) to service any Category 3 or Category 4 facility. These systems are particularly suited to High Containment Facilities or High Risk Veterinary laboratories as well as Bio Containment facilities. Effluent (or waste) decontamination is necessary in laboratories or containment areas where waste water and effluent cannot be allowed into the drainage system without first being treated...


  Are you remotely interested? Astell remote wireless support system Astell Scientific's latest ground-breaking innovation is a new 3G remote wireless support system which ensures that technical assistance can be provided by experienced technicians as and when required for your autoclave/sterilizer. This means that any autoclave programming or adjustments can be addressed quickly and efficiently...


  A shaggy dog story A shaggy dog storyLeading autoclave supplier Astell has supplied two 216 litre capacity Square Section Sterilisers to the new Willows Veterinary Centre. The Solihull practice is one of the largest and best-equipped purpose-built private small animal hospitals in the UK


  The essential autoclave from Astell Scientific Astell, the leading autoclave manufacturer has launched a new "E" range, the essential autoclave for the cost conscious microbiology laboratory, providing efficient sterilisation of glassware, culture media, discard and similar items.


  The Astell LogiColor Controller The Astell LogiColor control system provides the precision, accuracy and flexibility that are essential in today's most demanding medical and laboratory environments. The controller is fitted to all Astell autoclaves from the smallest 30L benchtop to the largest Square Section models.


  Astell gets logicolor-ful Astell, the leading autoclave and sterilizer manufacturers, are now fitting their world class LogiColor controller to all their autoclaves from the smallest 30L Benchtop units to the largest Square Section models.


  The WORLD-CLASS ASTELL LogiColor CONTROL SYSTEM Now fitted on all Astell autoclaves, from the smallest 30L Benchtop units to the largest Square Section models, the Astell LogiColor controller provides the precision, accuracy and flexibility that are essential in today's most demanding medical and laboratory environments.


  Alfa Medical gets Astell Distributorship Alfa Medical Equipment of Westbury NY has been appointed as North American master distributor for Astell, Europe's leading manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves and sterilizers.


  Astell unbeatable at Beatson As one of Cancer Research UK's largest core-funded centres, The Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow has a huge sterilisation load so, when they refurbished their Central Services Facility, they turned to Astell to supply new autoclaves.


  Astell wins the space race Astell, the leading autoclave and steriliser manufacturers, have solved the eternal problem of how to double your laboratory's autoclave capacity without increasing the equipment footprint


  Astell Novel Space Saving Duaclave

Space can be an issue when it comes to supply of equipment in laboratories or sterilizing facilities. Astell has recently assisted a UK University with their on site space restrictions with a two chambered autoclave from our range of Duaclave autoclaves.



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