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  BOC Sciences Launches Peptide Bioconjugation Service for Chemical Research, Diagnostics, and Therapeutic Industry

Earlier this month, BOC Sciences announced to launch its peptide bioconjugation service for researchers involved with medicinal chemistry, diagnostics and therapeutic study. Previously, the company has already released conjugation services for various biomolecules, including antibody, protein, enzyme, liposome, PEGylation, and nano to macro particles. As clients’ requirements vary from each other, these bioconjugation services are often tailor-made accordingly...


  BOC Sciences Rearranges Chemical Analysis and Purification Service for Drug Discovery Projects

In response to the ever-increasing demand in new drug discovery and development, medicinal chemistry has progressed at a fast pace during the last ten years. To obtain a better understanding of the chemicals that are being researched, more efforts are paid to the analysis and purification of numerous compounds or polymer-bound compounds. As a professional medicinal chemistry expert as well as a leading practitioner, BOC Sciences....


  BOC Sciences Launches Fluorescent Labeling Service of Proteins for Science Community

With the concerted efforts of its scientists, BOC Sciences recently released fluorescent labeling service to facilitate the research work in the scientific community, adding to its already existing service portfolio encompassing custom synthesis, process R&D, bioconjugation, carbohydrate synthesis, and more. Fluorescent labelling is the process of covalently binding fluorescent dyes to biomolecules such as nucleic acids or proteins so that they can be visualized by fluorescence imaging....



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