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Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry

Alfa Chemistry


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All articles from Alfa Chemistry

  Alfa Chemistry Releases Chemical Fluorophores for Bioanalysis, Environmental Monitoring, Clinical Diagnosis and Fluorescence Staining

Earlier this month, the management of Alfa Chemistry announced the launch of varieties of chemical fluorophores for researchers worldwide. Those newly released fluorophores, including BODIPY fluorophores, cyanine fluorophores, rhodamine fluorophores, and fluorescein fluorophores, can be widely used for bioanalysis, environmental monitoring, clinical diagnosis, fluorescence staining, as well as other application scenarios.


  Alfa Chemistry Unveils Food & Beverage Standards as GC Reagents and Reference Materials

As one of the most popular suppliers of analytical reagents, Alfa Chemistry has expanded its portfolio by introducing food & beverage standards, which is a strategy to adapt to the growing trend for safer eating and drinking. These high quality reference materials can be used in the testing of food, beverage and cannabis. For consumers, food safety is of top concern and this factor has become the first measurement in their purchasing decisions...


  Certified Reference Materials for Chromatography Are Now Available at Alfa Chemistry

Having been involved with the analytical standards industry for years, Alfa Chemistry recently announces earlier this month that certified reference materials for chromatography are now available. Previously, the company has already released a wide range of chromatography standards for laboratory researchers worldwide, including: clinical standards, environmental standards, food & beverage standards, forensic and veterinary standards, life sciences standards, petrochemical standards, pharmaceutical and drug standards and more.


  Alfa Chemistry Newly Releases Protection Reagents for Wide Use in Organic Synthesis

Alfa Chemistry, a trust-worthy chemical supplier, announces that it newly releases a portfolio of protection reagents for researchers worldwide, which will help solve one of the biggest difficulties in the multi-step synthesis of natural products. In organic synthesis, several sites or functional groups in a molecule may react with the reactants...


  Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab Releases Nano-products Safety Evaluation Services

Alfa Chemistry Testing Lab, a professional testing and analysis organization, announced to have released nano-products safety evaluation services for companies and agencies that are engaged with the development and application of nano-products. Nanomaterials exhibit unique physical and chemical properties in contrast with engineered materials. As more nanotechnology products have moved into the marketplace, especially in the public health-related areas such as food, cosmetics or drug...