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IKS International

IKS International

IKS International


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All articles from IKS International

  Middle East Expansion for IKS International IKS Middle EastFollowing successful discussions at Arab Health 2012, IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) has secured its first major contract in the UAE, to supply a XiltriX® laboratory monitoring system to an IVF laboratory in Dubai. According to IKS Managing Director Stephen Tierney, a recommendation from an existing Xiltrix user in Belgium was instrumental in securing the contract...


  New Particle Counter Extends Scope of Lab Monitoring XiltriX® real-time laboratory monitoring systemIKS International have now added airborne particles to the parameters that can be monitored by their market-leading XiltriX® real-time laboratory monitoring system. Each Calypso Particle data transmitter can support up to ten particle counters for continuous, automatic particle counting in clean rooms, IVF laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities and anywhere that airborne particulates are a potential problem...


  Science Meets Speed IKS Mervyn RacingIn a new venture, IKS International, the Netherlands based laboratory monitoring specialist and equipment supplier, has stepped outside its science comfort zone to set up a motorcycle racing team. Rising young Dutch star, Mervyn Verploegen will be the team's rider in theDutch National Talent Cup. According to IKS Managing Director Stephen Tierney, this is not just the usual sponsorship arrangement: IKS will be applying the expertise accumulated in over 20 years of laboratory monitoring to improve racing performance...


  New Advice Service on Laboratory Monitoring IKS consultancySample security is vital in any laboratory working in a regulated environment and relies heavily on equipment selection and implementing an effective laboratory monitoring system. This can be a complex process with impacts on many functions and disciplines. A new consultancy service from IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) has been created to make that process as straightforward and economical as possible, drawing on the organisation's many years of experience in this field...


  Incubators give Maximum Security with Minimum Gas Usage IKS incubatorsThe IVS-9000GC & IVS-9160GC triple gas incubators from IKS (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) have been praised by IVF users not only for their performance but also for their very low CO2 and N2 consumption. Many IVF laboratories have moved to lowered oxygen environments to improve embryo viability, and low gas usage not only offers substantial financial savings - thousands of euros a year in some cases - but also reduces the risk of running out of gas when the laboratory is unmanned...


  Laboratory Monitoring = Peace of Mind in the IVF Lab Dr Nadir CirayThe sample storage and security system recently commissioned at the new BAHCECI Fulya IVF centre in Istanbul has been commended by the centre's lead embryologist, Dr Nadir Ciray. The system, supplied by IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands), in a joint project with their Turkish distributors Gonagen, includes 17 IKS controlled-atmosphere incubators (CO2/O2 and CO2), integrated with IKS' state-of-the art XiltriX® monitoring, logging and alarm system


  A New Low Cost Route to High Quality Laboratory Monitoring XiltriX monitoring systemsNewly launched by IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands), Xiltrix®Lite packages provide a low cost, easy introduction to laboratory monitoring with savings of up to 25% compared with systems configured from individual modules. With these fully integrated packages, installation and commissioning is simple and easy.


  New Flexibility in Laboratory Monitoring Xiltrix® monitoring systemMonitoring the storage and security of precious and vulnerable samples is an essential part of Good Laboratory Practice, often requiring a solution unique to the individual laboratory. IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) have developed two new communications modules to make their market-leading Xiltrix® monitoring system even more flexible, reliable and easier to install.


  New Turkish IVF Lab Equipped by IKS IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) has supplied all the sample storage and security equipment at the new BAHCECI Fulya IVF centre in Istanbul following a highly successful joint project with their Turkish distributors Gonagen.


  New Compact Autoclaves with Advanced Functionality A new range of compact, bench top autoclaves from IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) offers functionality normally only found in larger equipment. Features such as a built-in steam generator, water cooling, vacuum pump, a sensor to measure the temperature of the load and a steam ballast facility to facilitate...


  Laboratory Monitoring Supplier Expands The ever-increasing demand for monitoring systems in laboratories and hospitals has prompted supplier IKS International (Rosmalen, The Netherlands) to expand its operating base with the opening of a new office in Belgium. The new office opened on March 1st and will provide a one stop solution for monitoring, equipment, service and advice on the company's XiltriX® laboratory monitoring system.


  Your Laboratory Samples IVS-1203 Personal Incubators from IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) are small and low cost, so individual laboratory workers can store their samples at their workplace, under personally selected conditions.



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