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Stratlab Limited

Stratlab Limited

Stratlab Limited


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All articles from Stratlab Limited

  Stratlab is now a distributor for Filtros Anoia (FA) Filter Manufacturer with a 100 year track record

Filtros Filter Lab now avaiable at

Filtros Anoia, SA has now partnered with UK based laboratory sales company Stratlab Ltd to offer their huge portfolio of filtration products to the UK.

These include laboratory papers and membranes for analysis, chromatography, testing, drying, pH, lens cleaning etc; industrial use filters and general use filters and papers. Many of the products offered carry the trademark Filter-Lab. Prioritizing quality at all times, respect the environment and health of people....


  How Intelligent is your GC column?

Let your GC column protect itself without the need for connectors and guard columns. Protecting your GC column is now even easier with an Intelligent Retention Gap

Download GC Column Catalogue PDF ~ 3 MbThe selection of •red (dot-red) branded GC columns has always been extensive, a large range of phases lengths and diameters. This range can also be supplied with Intelligent Retention Gaps (IRG), extending column life and reducing column noise. These can be included on all capillary column types including the MS phases, chiral and high temperature (HT) phases....


  Are You Confident in Your Autoclave / Sterilisation Process?

In using a sterilisation process from an autoclave on the lab bench, dentist, pharmacy, vet, tattooist etc. or another process like radiation, ethylene oxide, dry heat or hydrogen peroxide during manufacture or waste treatment there is one thing in common. You need to know that the process works efficiently. What is the best way for you? Is a Bowie and Dick test enough?

StratlabSterilisation and autoclaving is such an important factor for many industries or laboratories. Whether for regulation or plain old piece of mind the effectiveness of these process in all of these industries should be monitored. Common validation methods like the Bowie and Dick tests and chemical indicators (colour changing dots/stickers) simply indicate that the autoclave or steriliser has actually done the job it has been built to do. They do NOT prove that the job has been effective at killing particular bacterial cultures / spores...


  New range of

Seeing is believing, but how just how confident are you in your results?

StratlabAnalytical procedures to measure result accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of data are only as good as the STANDARDS used. A new range of •red® (dot-red) calibration standards are now available for global delivery from Stratlab Ltd. The catalogue of calibration materials is fully compliant with CEN, NIST and other widely used standards...


  New range of Syringe Filters available through Stratlab Ltd

Ease, quality and value are the three words the •red (dot-red) brand stand by and their range of syringe filters is no exception

dot-red Syringe FilterNow stocked by Stratlab Ltd. in the UK •red brand syringe filters are a welcome addition to any laboratory. Covering all major materials to ensure they are chemically suitable for your application, at common pore sizes and diameters.
With a fresh take on a laboratory staple, this range of filters adds value to your laboratory, without adding to the cost.


  Cost, quality and availability, three reasons to buy

Full range of Deuterium / UV lamps available to order online

StratlabStratlab has just published its definitive list of •red® (dot-red) branded deuterium (D2) lamps for UV, UV/Vis and HPLC detectors on its webshop. Dozens of manufacturers of UV spectrophotometers / HPLC UV detectors are supported, including ABI, Agilent / HP, Beckman, Cecil, Gibson, Hitachi, Jasco, Perkin Elmer, Thermo, Varian and Waters. For hundreds of instrument models. All lamps are guaranteed for a specified number of hours...



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