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Porex Corporation

Porex Corporation

Porex Corporation


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All articles from Porex Corporation

  Diagnostics made simple with POREX

With its “Collection to Detection” diagnostics solutions, POREX® aims to both place power in the hands of the patient and cut operational costs for clinicians. By carefully engineering smart, enabling porous materials designed to speed fluid transfer, POREX® has created a product line that lends itself well to rapid, reliable testing and mobile diagnostics geared toward the future....


  Offering Unmatched Biomedical Capabilities, POREX

Faster diagnostics, ultra-pure liquid handling and optimized chromatography solutions are among the innovations and technologies POREX® will be showcasing at this year’s Analytica 2018 event (April 10-13; Munich). A lot has changed at Porex since its last appearance at Analytica. The recent acquisition of Essentra Porous Technologies equips the company with an unmatched portfolio of capabilities and a combined 50 years of expertise...


  POREX Showcases New Innovations in Diagnostics, Liquid Handling and Wound Management at MD&M West 2018

Porex Corporation will showcase advanced solutions for laboratory and medical professionals that speed fluid transfer of diagnostics, improve accuracy and purity in liquid handling, and enhance wound management and improve clinical outcomes. These innovations, offering new unmatched capabilities for a wide range of life science applications, will be  demonstrated at Booth #1539....


  Novel Membrane for Protein Precipitation Plates introduced by Porex Corporation Porex Corporation ("Porex"), a proven market leader in porous media solutions for the healthcare, industrial and consumer markets, has introduced POREX® PE Solvent Support Membrane, an innovative PE based solvent support media solution designed to retain low surface tension organic solvents for extended periods of time without plugging, leakage or breakthrough. 

POREX PE Solvent Support MembraneUsed in applications like protein precipitation, high speed automation, protein purification, bio analytical analysis and drug discovery; the membrane helps retain acetonitrile and methanol for extended incubations without solvent leakage thus eliminating time-consuming centrifugation and transfer steps. Available in sheets or rolls, the POREX PE Solvent Support Membrane is chemically inert, hydrophobic, oleophobic, contains no leachables and is cost effective as compared to standard polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane.


  POREX Chromatography and SPE Media POREX Chromatography and SPE MediaPorex Corporation, a proven market leader in porous media solutions for the healthcare, industrial and consumer markets, has enhanced its comprehensive line of POREX Chromatography and SPE Media solutions with versatile, high-performance porous materials and filters designed to endure the most challenging chromatography applications. POREX Chromatography and SPE Media exemplify the critical design standards and precision molding required for today's technological products and can be used in a wide variety of demanding life science filtration, separation, extraction and purification applications including drug discovery, protein precipitation and dissolution...


  Porex Corporation Launches Pure Porex Certification Program porexPorex Corporation ("Porex"), a proven market leader in porous media solutions for the healthcare, industrial and consumer markets, announced it has successfully completed a comprehensive technical performance and media certification program. To help educate the healthcare and life science markets on the advantages of using certified Porex products, the company has launched "Certified Pure Porex"...



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