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Kinesis Ltd

Kinesis Ltd

Kinesis Ltd


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All articles from Kinesis Ltd

  Kinesis Receives the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce Global Awards for Export Growth

St Neots based Kinesis is celebrating after being named the winner of the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce Global Awards for Export Growth. 

kinesisThe awards were presented at the Global Leaders Lunch on Friday 10th June at Downing College, London.  Guest speaker Harriet Fear, UKTI Business Ambassador and Chief Executive of One Nucleus shared her distinguished perspective of the global marketplace in a fascinating keynote address. The Global Awards covered four categories, Excellence in Staff Development, Achievement in New Markets, Overall Growth in...


  Kinesis Receives a Queen's Award for Enterprise

St Neots-based Kinesis is celebrating after being named a winner of the UK’s highest accolade for business success - The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

kinesisThe awards are made annually by HM The Queen, and this year coincide with Her Majesty’s 90th birthday on April 21st. Kinesis are one of the select businesses recognised as winners of the 2016 Queen’s Award, which the company has received due to their outstanding success in International Trade. The award was made in recognition of achieving continuous growth in export sales over the last six years of...


  MarvelX Next Generation UHPLC Connection Technology

Kinesis is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the status of Global Distributor for the IDEX Health & Science MarvelX™ range of UHPLC Connection products.

KinesisMarvelX UHPLC Connection Systems have been expertly designed for easy routing throughout your instrument, while providing consistent performance and superior re-usability. Built with convenient, removable stainless steel fittings and changeable, precision-cut flexible tubing, MarvelX can be used up to 200 times! MarvelX uses patented technology to automatically adjust to various port depths, with standard 10-32 coned...


  Kinesis SureStop Vials

Kinesis SureStop® Short Thread Vials are designed with an overwind-barrier that provide an optimal seal and compression between the cap, septum and vial. 

kinesisThe sealed vial offers the sealing and performance characteristics of a crimp top vial and the versatility and convenience of a threaded vial. This is achieved by incorporating a definite stop point into the design of the vial, preventing over tightening of the cap. SureStop Vials remove all doubt about the degree of tightening necessary for optimal sealing. SureStop Vials offer a consistent seal, independent of the amount of torque...


  Kinesis Extends Partnership with Trajan for SGE Distribution in the US

Kinesis and Trajan Scientific and Medical (Trajan) are pleased to announce Kinesis as an approved distribution partner for the SGE Analytical Science (SGE) range of Chromatography Consumables in the US.

kinesisSGE is a Trajan brand, established in 1960 and integrated into Trajan in 2013. The SGE brand is well known for its diamond syringe quality and is the global market leader in niche areas such as autosampler syringes and GC inlet liners. Trajan’s focus is on developing and commercializing technologies that enable analytical systems to be more selective, sensitive and specific for biological, environmental or food related measurements especially...


  25% Discount on all SGE GC Capillary Columns!

Kinesis are pleased to offer you a 25% discount on the entire range of SGE GC capillary columns.

kinesisWe have highlighted a few commonly used phases and some of the popular unique phases from our comprehensive range, but remember that this fantastic offer is valid for all GC capillary columns from SGE! BP5MS - Optimised Silphenylene content for general purpose MS analyses. BP5For general purpose analyses.BPX5 - Extremely inert, suitable for general purpose analyses. Ideal for trace analysis.HT5 - Unique phase for high temperature...


  Kinesis launches TELOS MicroPlate

Kinesis has launched the new TELOS MicroPlate™, a versatile 96-well plate for the extraction of drug molecules from small volume biological fluid samples.

TELOS MicroPlate versatile 96-well SPE format for small volume biological fluid samplesAvailable as either loose wells or populated plates, the TELOS MicroPlate is available in 5 and 10mg sorbent masses and allows analyte elution in as little as 50µl. The full range of TELOS neo Generic SPE Sorbents (PRP, PCX, WCX, PAX and WAX) are available in this novel format. The TELOS MicroPlate supports both high throughput assays (populated plate) and also those assays with varying sample numbers (loose wells), where the user can populate a plate to individual needs...


  Kinesis has launched KX Syringe Filters

Kinesis has launched its own range of syringe filters.

KX Syrine FilterAvailable in a wide choice of membranes and diameters, KX Syringe Filters reliably and reproducibly filter all sample types from small volume biological fluids to large volume environmental samples. Choose from the following membranes, Glass Fibre, Nylon, PES, Polypropylene, PTFE, Hydrophilic PTFE, PVDF, Mixed Cellulose Esters and Regenerated Cellulose for all aqueous and non-aqueous samples...


  Extraction of Metaldehyde, Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol from Water

Kinesis has published a new Application Note: Extraction of Metaldehyde, Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol from Water

TELCO SPE Application Note

The latest TELOS® SPE Application Note from Kinesis highlights the extraction of Metaldehyde, Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol from Water. Metaldehyde is a molluscicide whose use has markedly increased in recent years as a result of changing agricultural practices. Geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol (MIB) are naturally occurring alicyclic alcohols which possess potent earthy/musty taste and odour tainting properties. They can occur in raw and potable waters as metabolites derived from various micro-organisms...


  Kinesis publishes new brochure: Products for Flash Chromatography, Synthesis & Work-up

Kinesis has published a brand new catalogue containing products and services for the organic and medicinal chemist.

Telos-Flash-Brochure-CoverThe new catalogue contains:

  • Three TELOS Flash Column formats
  • TELOS Bulk Sorbents for dry loading
  • A versatile column holder for flexible dry loading
  • Aqueous work-up columns and 96-well plates
  • KX Microwave Reaction Vials for microwave synthesis


  Introducing OmniSep Packed Columns by Omnifit Labware

OmniSep™ packed columns are cost-effective turnkey chromatography labware that save technicians the time-consuming, manual labor step of packing delicate, low-pressure liquid chromatography (LPLC) media in reusable glass columns

Introducing OmniSep™ Packed Columns by Omnifit™ LabwareOmniSep™ media are manufactured to be commercially equivalent to leading agarose- and dextran-based media. OmniSep™ performance in the lab yields patterned results which will enable researchers to maintain existing protocols. For example, OmniSep™ D-25 media is manufactured to be commercially equivalent to Sephadex® G-25. When packed into 5 mL LPLC columns and tested side-by-side, OmniSep™ D-25 produces separations which are equivalent to Sephadex® G-25....


  Kinesis launches new website; new brand identity

Kinesis, the largest independent supplier of chromatography consumables in the UK, has announced a corporate re-brand

Kinesis WebsiteNow in its 15th year, Kinesis felt that the time was right to re-brand with a new logo and fresh look. “We wanted to create an image that reflected where the Company is going today as well as in the future” says Group Managing Director, Jamie Gallifant. “Kinesis has developed strong relations with suppliers and customers over the past 15 years, and there is an association with the current branding that we were mindful not to lose. However, we also wanted to emphasise that we are a global company and our new brand enables us to have a unified image worldwide. Our re-brand tagline “Same company, new look” emphasises that while we may have changed our look, it is business as usual at Kinesis, but better!”...


  Kinesis releases new HPLC & UHPLC columns The Kinesis Group, industry leading specialists in the supply and support of Chromatography and Liquid Handling Consumables, has announced the release of its new range of TELOS® Columns for HPLC and UHPLC designed specifically for analytical and high speed analytical separations.

Telos HPLC columnsThe new TELOS brand high-performance columns are the marriage of the advantages of the best commercially available high purity silica's with the proprietary unique bonding chemistries employed to produce a family of bonded phases. This results in columns with a high degree of reproducibility, unique selectivities and high efficiency designed to permit the separation of varied and difficult compounds...


  Diba Industries Names Kinesis Ltd Worldwide Distribution Partner Omnifit® LabwareFluid handling specialist Diba Industries has further expanded into the global scientific analysis market by naming Kinesis Ltd. its worldwide distribution partner. The appointment allows a higher level of technical and logistical support for current and potential customers of Diba's Omnifit® Labware and DibafitTM Fitting Systems...


  New Catalogues: Kinesis Solid Phase Extraction Products Kinesis Solid Phase Extraction ProductsKinesis is pleased to announce the extension of the TELOS® Sample Preparation Product Range to include Silica- and Polymer-based Solid Phase Extraction Products...


  New Catalogue: Kinesis Premium Quality Chromatography Vials, Caps & Closures New Catalogue: Kinesis Premium Quality Chromatography Vials, Caps & ClosuresKinesis Ltd has published its latest Chromatography Vials, Caps & Closures Catalogue. The increasing demands of today's HPLC, LC/MS and GC analyses make the choice of consumables increasingly important. Kinesis Vials, Caps & Closures are made to the most exacting standards, ensuring contamination free sample handling and complete autosampler compatibility...



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