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Introducing the New ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7

publication date: May 29, 2024
author/source: ZEISS


Your Microscope with Adaptable Automation for Advanced Workflows

Celldiscoverer 7 now features higher acquisition speed and supports more versatile experiments and new applications. Here's what's new...


Easy Access to Fast, High-Quality Imaging

You don't have to become a microscopy expert to acquire high-quality data. Automatic calibration routines ensure optimal conditions and reproducible results. The system finds and keeps the focus, spherical aberrations are corrected automatically to always deliver best contrast and resolution. For demanding long-term imaging, Celldiscoverer 7 gives you automated water immersion and integrated incubation.


Adaptable to Demanding Experiments

Optimized for explorative high-content applications, Celldiscoverer 7 gives you experimental freedom with a range of imaging modes that can be freely combined to tailor data acquisition to individual requirements. Go for fast widefield and multi-fluorescence imaging, add unique transmitted light contrast methods and confocal imaging with LSM 900 and Airyscan. Combine all these possibilities in customized workflows and let the built-in intelligence work for the benefit of your research.


Reliable in Multi-User Environments

Once a workflow has been set up with Celldiscoverer 7, it can be executed repeatedly, even if the system has been used for other experiments in the meantime – no manual recalibration is needed. The robust design of the system enables stable long-term operation and prevents unwanted user intervention. Predictive service offers lasting and optimal instrument performance for increased system uptime and reliable results from automated imaging.


ZEISS Celldiscoverer 7

Here is what's new


  • Higher Throughput
    Enjoy up to 9 times faster widefield and up to 1.8 times faster confocal image acquisition.
  • New Light Source
    Shorter exposure times enable more sensitive imaging, reducing phototoxicity and bleaching.
  • Broader Spectral Range
    Seven excitation lines including 735 nm far red give you maximum flexibility in the choice of dyes.
  • New Cameras
    Get higher sensitivity, signal to noise, and speed with ZEISS Axiocam 807 mono and 820 mono.
  • Advanced Workflows
    Full support of auto-immersion objectives significantly improves Guided Acquisition workflows.
  • Cyclic Imaging
    Include different sample carriers in an experiment to acquire advanced time series.
  • Scanning Area
    A new sample holder maximizes the travel range for full coverage of chamber slides.
  • Shading Calibration Manager
    Let individual users apply their custom shading corrections to different samples.
  • Data Evaluation
    A new viewer introduces more options for observing and comparing data in multi-well experiments.
  • System Uptime
    Excessive endurance testing and preventive service options ensure reliable long-term operation.


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