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Introducing New Autoimmersion Module for ZEISS Axio Observer 7

publication date: Feb 6, 2023
author/source: ZEISS



Automated water immersion for safe and reliable long-term imaging

For high-resolution imaging, immersion media between the sample and objective is required. This can be a challenge for some experiments using water as immersion media. One application of immersion media might not be sufficient as the sample moves to different locations and water evaporates over long periods of time. Manual addition risks loss of data points, microscope damage, and is tedious and inefficient.

The Autoimmersion Module for ZEISS Axio Observer 7 widefield and confocal systems is a new automated, easy-to-use solution for maintaining immersion media for water immersion objectives – resolving these typical challenges.


How it Works

The ZEISS Autoimmersion Module automates the application of immersion media for water immersion objectives. Water is pumped between the sample and the objective. A pipette attached to a universal holder guides the water directly to its destination. Only a few microliters are used per application and a built-in water protection system guarantees safe operation.


Minimize Experiment Risks

Fully controlled by ZEISS ZEN software and the ZEISS Axio Observer 7 touch screen, application of water for immersion media is completely hands-free, minimizing potential risks to your experiment, such as disturbing your specimen or losing your plane of focus, and protecting your microscope from any mishaps.


Increase Your Efficiency & Throughput

Long and complex experiments require multiple applications of immersion media over many hours. During daytime hours, you no longer need to hover near the microscope to reapply immersion media. Dedicate your time and focus to other projects while the Autoimmersion Module maintains the immersion media. Increase your throughput even further by setting up data collection for overnight.


Fully Integrated for a Seamless Experience

The seamless integration of the Autoimmersion Module into ZEISS ZEN imaging software as well as the control touch screen for ZEISS Axio Observer 7 means simple and intuitive operation with minimal – even remote – user interactions. Apply immersion media on demand during manual or remote imaging experiments or at pre-programmed intervals during automated imaging experiments, all without touching the microscope.


Easy Installation, Broad Compatibility

The ZEISS Autoimmersion Module is easy to install and compatible with many ZEISS water immersion objectives. No tools are needed to move components between objectives. The pipette can be switched from one objective to another within seconds. Installation of the module is a straightforward task even with difficult set-ups such as a microscope with a nontransparent XL incubator.



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