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publication date: Oct 27, 2021
author/source: Scientific Laboratory Supplies


Scientific Laboratory supplies (SLS), the UKs largest independent supplier of scientific products are pleased to now provide rapid and automated sample preparation technology from InnovaPrep®. The Concentrating Pipette (CP Select™) is a disruptive technology providing laboratories with a faster, easier, and more effective means of sample collection and concentration for their microbiological and virological samples.

Not all sample processing products are created equal, but the InnovaPrep® technologies are unique. This exciting advancement makes microbiology & virology processes faster, easier, and more efficient compared to conventional methods by using an automated, rapid bio-concentrator for concentrating bacteria, parasites, moulds, fungal spores and fragments, whole cells, and viruses. No centrifugation, no incubation, and no transfer steps are required for most sample types.

The innovative range of FluidPrep™ and AirPrep™ products provides increased sensitivity compared to that of traditional equipment, providing a more efficient means of delivering the most highly concentrated sample possible for subsequent analysis for a variety of applications from Public Health monitoring to monitoring contamination in liquid foods and beverages.

Research has found that conventional sample enrichment can take 8 – 24 hours whereas Innovaprep® will take 5 minutes in comparison. For 150 years laboratories have been using the same basic processes which are time consuming, labour intensive and take up a great deal of space.  The Innovaprep® CP Select features an automated push-button control system with a one touch operation feature making sample processing faster and easier than ever before. It takes up very little space and fits directly into a biosafety cabinet for improved safety.

Here's how it works. Pathogens can be present in our drinking water, foods and consumer products, and in our wider environment. These threats, including bacteria, moulds, parasites, and viruses are often present in extremely low, though dangerous concentrations. By using a robust filtration system, followed by a rapid automated flush using a patented process called Wet Foam Elution ™, trapped pathogens are recovered and concentrated, improving the speed, ease, repeatability and limit of detection for any analysis method.

InnovaPrep® concentration technologies are used by water and wastewater treatment plants, commercial testing labs, and public health groups for fast and easy concentration of indicator organisms and waterborne pathogens including bacteria, phage, viruses, and protozoa. The Concentrating Pipette (CP) Select™ is an incredible asset where detection of trace contamination is of the highest importance. Other applications include COVID-19 environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring, beverages and brewery, animal health and aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, bio surveillance, drinking water, food safety and clinical research.

InnovaPrep CP Select™ was recommended in a recent webinar sponsored by Qiagen and GT Molecular as the go-to sample concentration method for wastewater-based epidemiology. The method offers faster, easier, and better concentration of viruses from difficult matrices such as raw influent. Public health labs, testing services labs, universities, and the military have used wastewater to detect the emergence or spread of COVID-19 outbreaks which has proven to be a significant epidemiological method to help determine where to mobilise resources and determine the degree and duration of intervention needed.

The CP Select™ effectively concentrates SARS-CoV-2 from raw and primary wastewater influent faster, easier, and better than other methods by improving the limit of detection, reducing inhibition, simplifying workflow, and reducing labour requirements. The system’s ease of use and ability to deliver exceptionally high concentration factors make it an ideal approach for the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater.

The system uses dead-end filtration on high-flow single-use pipette tips to capture target particles with an automated recovery process (Wet Foam Elution™) to enable efficient extraction of the particles from the filter membrane in seconds and can administer very precise and controlled amounts of foam that produce filter elution volumes as low as 200 microlitres. The process maximizes concentration of the target thereby exponentially improving the limit of detection for trace pathogens. The Concentrating Pipette pairs perfectly with most molecular methods including PCR and sequencing. Users report efficient concentration of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) using either the 0.05 um tips (items INP1024 and INP1020) and the Ultrafilter tips (items INP1026 and INP1022) depending on processing methods.

The InnovaPrep’s® applications are so wide ranging they aren’t just limited to this world. NASA astronaut Ricky Arnold inside NASA's U.S. Destiny laboratory module on the International Space Station has also tested the Innovaprep® technology, adapted for zero gravity, with success.

The full InnovaPrep® range of products are available exclusively from Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS) in the UK and Ireland. SLS has grown to become the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals and consumables. They are unique in their approach to sourcing and supplying the highest quality, best value products and brands, providing precisely what you need, exactly when you need it. Order your InnovaPrep® concentration technology from SLS today to allow a faster, easier, and more effective means of sample collection and concentration for a variety of applications.

The InnovaPrep® range will be on the SLS Pavilion at Lab innovations stand E40.


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