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Synthego First to Offer Over 100,000 Genomes in Powerful New CRISPR Software

publication date: Jun 16, 2017
author/source: Synthego

New online tools make sophisticated CRISPR guide design fast and easy for all researchers

SynthegoSynthego, a leading provider of genome engineering solutions, announces powerful online CRISPR tools that make accessible over 100,000 genomes for fast and easy guide design for gene knockout. Consisting of a guide designer, a design validator, and the ability to seamless order world-class CRISPR guide RNA, Synthego’s software addresses gaps in the CRISPR design process by allowing new or experienced researchers to reduce the time it takes to create optimal designs from hours down to minutes.

A well designed CRISPR guide is a critical factor in achieving high efficiency gene edits with minimal off-target effects. However, to properly design a guide using today’s tools requires a significant amount of effort and time. Current design tools are very limited in the number of genomes available, and require multiple time-consuming steps across a complex user experience. As a result, researchers often invest significant time into learning and setting up tools, understanding sophisticated methods for choosing CRISPR targets, and then manually curating CRISPR guide RNAs through multiple steps in a sub-optimal design process.

With Synthego’s new CRISPR guide design tool, researchers can select a desired gene of interest from a curated list of over 100,000 genomes representing more than 9,000 species, compared to fewer than 100 genomes and 50 species offered in today’s tools. The Synthego tool then uses several built-in algorithms to instantly generate guide designs and recommendations for the most efficient guides with low off-target effects and highest likelihood to knock out the function of a gene. Finally, the user experience, which complements the tool’s power, has straightforward workflows for all CRISPR researchers, including first-time users.

Additional features of the new Synthego software include the ability to easily validate, share, and even purchase synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA). Guides designed using other tools can be vetted with Synthego’s design validator to leverage its built-in algorithms and check for optimal target choice. Furthermore, easy sharing with peers is enabled using the simple yet unique feature of direct links to guide design results. Finally, when a researcher is ready to begin their CRISPR experimental workflow, purchasing high efficiency synthetic sgRNA is a streamlined process in the Synthego software.

“The Synthego design tool is another key step towards accelerating the adoption of CRISPR research across all of biology,” said Dr. Rich Stoner, Chief Science Officer at Synthego. “Making more than 100,000 genomes available in an easy-to-use interface allows both experienced and new CRISPR researchers to effortlessly design and seamlessly order optimal guides for experiments.”

Synthego is known worldwide for its market leading synthetic gRNA for CRISPR - helping researchers achieve up to 90% gene editing efficiency in over 32 countries. Now, with the new CRISPR tools, Synthego once again has set the benchmark and continues to help scientists accelerate CRISPR research around the world.

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